The Sim Only And Unlimited Data


What Does It Mean By The Sim Only Transaction?

In the case of SIM-only transactions, you have to pay for the new SIM card, and its usage only once a month. A SIM card is just a small chip that you can insert into your smartphone. The term SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module, which is used to verify the identity of the user.

It is a link to the plan of your provider through your smartphone. Till now 5G is only available in big cities like Manchester and London. However, the 5G network will soon be rolled to other cities as well. So if you are someone who travels a lot, you might not get the consistent 5G network.

Is Credit Bureau Check Important In Sim-only Transactions?


Although the Credit checks are only conducted for SIM-only transactions, they are likely to be accepted because the payment amount is usually less. As far as the provider is concerned, the risk is not high since the smartphone isn’t issued. Therefore the plan could be stopped without causing any loss to them.

Which Is The Best Deal?


Three UK: 5G plan for 12 months with unlimited data, minutes and text for £16 per month. Two reasons why you should choose Three UK is its data capacity and low price. At the same time, no other provider offers unlimited data, minutes and text for an affordable price of £16 and a yearly contract.

Vodafone, EE, and other network providers’ unlimited data sim cost about £25, lasting for around 24 months. However, Three UK has increased the reward level, and the users usually get free lunch or coffee coupons.

Is It Worth It?


If you are considering only the simulated transactions, you might have a smartphone or money to buy it directly. You need not spend money on buying SIM cards if you choose the right type of transactions. For instance, the cost of an iPhone 12 is £799 and the cost of 12-month unlimited data of Three UK costs around £991. For mobile phone contracts, three UK provides the 24-month plan. 

At present you can get a 6-month discount costing around £30 per month, however gradually it will reach £60 per month, and you will end up paying £1260. Moreover, you might have to pay an extra amount of £269. Thus it is generally better to pay for the phone directly. More importantly, you must calculate the total cost of every transaction.

This guide will help you to find the best SIM card contracts. You can opt the “pay as you go” feature specifically if you don’t want to sign any contract. You will not have to sign up for your provider’s 24 or 18-month plan; however you will have to pay for a particular amount of data, SMS or minutes.

If you have exhausted your data, you can add more money using the “add money“ options. It is perfect for people who don’t use mobile very frequently. In case you are a heavy user, contracts will be more profitable for you.

How Much Data Will You Need?


Suppose you are not a heavy data user but you use social media, emails, and browsers frequently then you might only need 2 to 5 GB per day. If you consider yourself an intermediate user, and stream TV shows, games or listen to music then you will need around 10 GB of data.

However, if you are a heavy user and use data for work and entertainment including sending many emails with several attachments, web browsing, streaming apps like Netflix, zoom calls etc. then you might require more than 20 GB of data which is unlimited data. Heavy data users are generally people who use data for both works as well as entertainment purposes.

It would help if you remembered that you could save data by downloading some content through the WiFi connection at their homes. Once the content is downloaded, you can use it anywhere you want.

If you still have no idea how much data you will need, you can check your current data usage on your provider’s website or application. A personal account on the provider’s app or website will let you know how much data you have spent in a month and how much is still left.

Is It Possible To Retain The Phone Number?


Yes, it is possible to keep the same phone number even if you want to change your provider. You will have to request a PAC, migration authorisation code from your previous provider and then pass it to the new provider. This way, you will not have to go through the hurdle of remembering the new phone number and sharing it with other people in your contacts.

Does Sky Deal With Sim-only?


Sky mobile does offer SIM-only. However, the company is known for providing numerous other services such as home phone, TV, mobile phone services and broadband. Generally, they try to lure the customers to sign up for all, one or more than one services.

This will mean that their existing customers can get a higher price to performance ratio through the sky mobile transactions. The company is also called the “virtual provider” as it uses the O2 network to provide phone services. Thus, it has around 99% 4G coverage in the entire nation with little to no impact on the 5G transactions.


The key thing to look for while searching for only SIM card transactions is whether you will be able to save money in the long run and whether it will be beneficial for some particular smartphone needs. The full amount of the smartphone is always mentioned on the website of the manufacturer. Every provider’s plan also includes key details such as contract terms and monthly fees.

It is worth spending some time comparing transactions with and without the equipment and then using a calculator to know the total cost. Although the unlimited data plan sounds good, if you don’t use much data on your mobile, you will find contracts such as 5 GB per month much cheaper.

Similarly, if you live in an area that doesn’t have proper coverage, 5G contracts will not be your best bet. Thus always check the area that your provider manages. It doesn’t make any sense to go for an unlimited data plan when you are not a heavy data user; it will fall heavy on your pocket, and you will gain less.