The Pleasure of Saying Things During Sex


When people think of tactics for good sex, they think directly of the physical aspects such as what positions to try. Even, for example, how you can touch a person to make them more aroused or how you can mutually have an exchange of caresses or the kind of sensual look that can arise from the desire to continue that moment of pleasure.

Keeping all these points in mind almost always leads to the success of having and giving pleasure without the need for much effort. It’s that old phrase, everyone gives what they have, and in sex it’s no different. In the intimate moment, each person reflects on their essence and many times the chemistry that exists with one person does not exist with another, as the clients of Skokka already know.

This is normal and totally understandable. Each couple has their own particular preferences and talking during sex may not work for everyone, but it never hurts to try that tactic. But it is true that there is a component that, although not essential at the time of sex, can considerably improve the quality of the sexual act, and that is the phrases spoken during sex. Those words that come unthinkingly from the most intimate part of these relationships.

Saying things in bed for the first time may seem strange for those who are not used to speaking out loud during sex. It is important to act according to the moment and try not to exaggerate or overthink so as not to lose the moment of pleasure. It is simply a matter of highlighting the sensuality that is spoken within four walls. And it doesn’t have to be dirty or vulgar at all, it can be simple words like “what do you want to do now?” or “I’ll do whatever you want” that sound extremely erotic when said in the right tone.

Saying or hearing erotically enunciated words stimulates sexual arousal. These are the kinds of words that can add strength to the emotional and physical intensity at that moment. However, as everyone is different and it is very difficult to know who is more shy or not in bed or between four walls, saying certain things during sex can depend on the heat of the moment and can be received with enthusiasm or can kill the mood depending on what has been said.

It is a fact that the more trust there is between the couple, the easier it is to act naturally and without shame, whether it is in attitudes, or with looks, or using phrases or words that show what the other person is feeling. When it comes to sex and there is a chemistry that matches this trust combined with the personality of the other person, it is time to dare and to further fuel the couple’s desires.

Relationships between men and women and phrases during sex


For women, it is even more difficult to know what to say during sex to their partner. Most women prefer to remain silent so as not to run the risk of appearing exaggerated or even ridiculous, which can cause them to miss out on even more passionate moments. This is also because society demands that women always be perfect, which directly influences attitudes in bed.

For her: before you think it may seem unnecessary or embarrassing, sensually saying what you think and what you want to do during sex will heat up the engines with men at the same time. And it will make sex even more spicy.

On the other hand, it is known that most men are stimulated by erotic communication, by all the sounds that reveal the pleasure and arousal of the partner. Sighs, heavier breathing, squeezing and moaning should always be present.

Men have a need to know that they are giving pleasure, that they are doing it in a special way, that they can go further than others may have gone before. It comes time for sex, a couple in bed and suddenly there is an urge to say something to heat up the moment even more. There are certain phrases that can override any good attitude or erection at the time of sex, killing the mood of the moment.

Some things you can say during sex to liven up the moment


There are two types of phrases that can be said during sex. One type is to express the feeling that is happening at the moment. The other is to want to know what can be done next.

They can also be said in a sensual way, but without any weight of sexual playfulness, such as dirty words, which drive many men crazy when accompanied by moaning and heavy breathing.

According to meetvipgirls, some phrases are quite common among couples and escorts in London, often said first by the men considering that women tend to be more shy. I love it when you do that: you don’t have to be afraid. Nothing better than showing what you want and making it clear that this moment can be repeated.

Continue: Regardless of the word used, the one who is about to reach climax can ask without any problem to continue like this, this increases the possibility of both of you reaching orgasm at the same time.

Faster or slower: another one of the best phrases to say during sex that determines the speed at that moment. It’s not always about whether a person wants it to be fast or slow.

Moan with a lot of horniness: It is good to confess pleasure although it is obvious that it gives even more excitement at the moment of sexual intercourse, both for the speaker and the listener.

And finally, the most awaited words:

I’m cumming: This is the most awaited moment for both parties. It is good to say that, who knows, you both may climax together and make this moment even more special.