Dating Apps Reveal Actual Desires of Men and Women

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As we traverse the internet seeking dating tips and hoping to secure hookups, one factor remains true. There is a load of nonsense regarding what men and women seek in their partners.

Furthermore, this nonsense comes from self-appointed gurus in marriage, dating, and divorce. There is little or no genuine information covering relationships.

When dating online was first introduced, it seemed like a joke and a hoax perhaps. Perceptions regarding web-based dating are changing, as legitimate dating apps reveal male and female desires.

This information highlights the deep-rooted desires of women and men as they seek partners. The same results may surprise many as women turn out to be interested in other factors aside from money.

Finding a Partner Online

When men and women jump onto online dating forums they have very specific goals. Some may be hoping for specific hookup types, while others want companionship.

Data from these sites reveal that some things remain constant, whether you register on or seek singles elsewhere.

What remains constant includes decent profile pictures, modes of communication, career paths, and profile detailing.

So what are the real desires of men and women concerning partners?

1. Profiling

Finding a Partner Online

As it is with employment and other sensitive matters, profiling is part of the process. In this case, profiles need to be detailed, yet not so much.

It means only highlighting relevant information, things that you desire in a partner, and writing a profile with others in mind.

This means stepping in other people’s shoes and understanding what attracts or distracts them. Therefore, clean profiles are more likely to attract a woman to make the first move. There are further details to consider too.

  • Young men in medicine, engineering, or real estate tend to receive more calls or texts. This doesn’t mean you should lie on your profile. These men also need to be below thirty for this statistic to remain true. Most dating sites have younger people seeking love. Subsequently, ladies of that age range will prefer men who seem grounded in terms of finances.
  • Ladies with well-paying jobs or high-flying lifestyles are also sought after. The idea of a fully independent woman strikes the right cords with men, both young and old. When these highly paid women made the first move to men, the men were euphoric and instantly aroused. On the other end of the spectrum, ladies working in education or public relations and communication were deemed extremely attractive to all men.

2. Positivity

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When detailing profiles, positivity is of utmost importance. This includes looks too. Profiles with clean-cut men or ladies with lustrous hair or decent grooming standards were liked instantly. This is what makes a profile stand out and lures members to your profile.

Another aspect worth considering is who makes the first move. True to traditional methods of courting, women still prefer men making that first move.

Whether rich or poor, tall or short, light-skinned or dark, it is preferred that men take the lead. Incidentally, how soon or excitedly the woman responds depends entirely on the vibe, not who makes the initial move.

On a side note, it might of importance to note that most people seeking long-term partners prefer stable folks. Places like Manhattan in New York seem quite popular for someone seeking companionship.

This might be translatable to other parts of the world where wealth and success are fundamental. The truth of the matter is that money is important, but having realistic goals and playing the part are equally important too.

Bottom Line

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Using the above factors as you peruse the web, it becomes easier to create profiles and to dismiss certain things. If your profile isn’t bringing the women it should, you may now have an answer.

Also, you may be in the wrong region for the type of relationship or status you seek.