How To Autonomously Resolve Customer Service Issues


The business world has come a long way. From a financial standpoint, businesses and in more specific, producers have changed their stance from a selling standpoint to a consumer standpoint. Consumer protection, consumer service and various other things of interest have made its way into the business world, making trade better and safer.

Customer service is the support that customers are offered in a way where interaction between the consumer and the representative of the company takes place.
Going the extra mile is quite important in ensuring that the end user gets the finest service from the respective company at hand.

It entails providing attentive solutions in a timely manner where the needs and requirements of consumers are met. Making sure that customers are happy is a very valuable asset for a company that is in the public eye as this helps in improving the overall standing and reputation of a business.

When the concern that a customer has takes a higher amount of effort to be solved, the impact on the satisfaction that they will receive will become negative and this basically goes to show that resolving issues quickly results in an overall better experience.

Issues related to customer service can be sorted out by using the right intelligence where the entire structure of a service provider works collaboratively to ensure that the customer is ultimately satisfied.

These problems that may be faced can be autonomously solved where automatic solutions of the issue are found before any notice is drawn towards it by the customer and big data techniques can be utilised to make sure that these issues don’t occur repeatedly. Visit Replicant AI to see how AI is changing the face of customer service and grievances.

What Is Customer Service?


Customer service is a process of relieving those customers or consumers of your product or service with a particular grievance or problem. These meetings that happen either over call, video, text or any other form can happen before, after or even during a sale transaction.

Customer service is vital for ensuring loyalty from the customer as it shows the consumers that their brands care about them. It shows them that your business does not only fixate on completing a sale. It is important for businesses to know that customer service is very important in the long run of the company’s future.

Apart from just being an interactive session, customer service adds value to the product or goods. The department that is responsible for all the doubts and grievances are usually fully equipped to handle situations like that.

Most people would like to speak to humans instead of AI entities due to the lack of emotional intelligence. It is hard for humans to convince a robot of their convictions and grievances which can be sometimes based on irrational thoughts.

Various Services And Softwares For Customer Service


The product quality does not matter in the long run. The way you treat your customers post the sale also matters a lot. If you have bad customer service, you will likely create a lot of problems for your organisation in terms of goodwill and word of mouth. There are various services that will help with consumer protection, doubt clearing and general service.

AI is slowly being equipped to understand how the human mind works. Although we have a long way to go, AI is being worked on a rudimentary basis and will end up learning faster than we think. Currently as of now, there are many artificial intelligence programs that are being used in customer service scenarios for rudimentary tasks.

Autonomously Solving Customer Grievances


If you manage customer service for your company, AI can make your life so much simpler. Let’s have a look at three different ways in which AI can improve the customer service experience. First case classification – An AI system that learns from your case history and automatically routes cases to the right agent.

Second article – Recommendations and next best action. AI that automatically recommends helpful articles to assist your agents and then presents them with relevant recommendations for their customers. and third, chat box and AI powered experience that can help your customers solve their own problems quickly and easily. Now let’s say that we’re the Acme widgets corporation.

Case Study Example


We’re known worldwide, not only for our high quality widgets but also the great support we provide to our customers. Today we received an email from one of our customers who’s having a bit of trouble with their series 7 widgets. Since this is an email, we don’t know too much about who this customer is.

Up to this point, we’ve had a whole division of Acme widgets context center dedicated to manually reading these emails and routing them to the appropriate agents. That’s a lot of time that could be spent actually providing customer support with case classification.

The AI can read this email and it finds that it’s a simple product question and routes it directly to our product support group. Now, the case gets into the hands of the right agent faster. Now let’s say that we have another customer who also has a series 7 widget.

This customer decides to call us instead of sending an email. Once the call is routed to the agent, what should that agent do? Well fortunately, our AI has learned which articles have solved similar cases in the past, so as the agent begins typing the information into the case, the AI will produce recommended articles and knowledge that can help our new agent solve the customer’s problem.

But wait. There’s more while we’re talking to the customer. We have a unique opportunity to make her an offer. Maybe she’d be interested in our new series eight widget. Next best action uses rules to figure out which offer she’s eligible for and makes predictions to figure out the one she’s most likely to take and it shows that best offer right on the agent screen.