8 Important Questions To Ask When Hiring House Movers – 2023 Guide

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Moving to a new home is tiresome, and oftentimes, a very long process. There are simply many things you have to take care of. You have to plan which items you will take with you, which ones you will leave behind, which you will donate, toss away, and so on. If you have a big family and young kids, this becomes even more complicated.

One of the many things you have to do is hire movers. Well, to ensure that everything goes smoothly and trouble-free, you have to find the best company in the area. Surely you have already done some research, but do you know which questions you have to ask before hiring them? In the following text, we will provide you with a list ohf these that will enable you to make a well-informed decision.

1. Are they certified?

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Unfortunately, nowadays, it is really easy to be tricked, especially when hiring a company online. The only way to avoid this is to ensure that they are licensed. When investigating potential movers, it is crucial to check if they have a proper license number. This can be done easily, so make sure not to skip this step.

In addition, they will be handling all your precious and probably expensive and valuable possession, which is why you have to make sure that they run a legitimate business. Many professional companies will share this information on their websites, but you should contact them to send you the documentation if you cannot find it online. If for any reason, they deny this request, it should be a red flag, and you should move on to another company.

2. Are they experienced?

As already stated, all your stuff will be in their hand, so you have to make sure that every single item is safe. Due to this reason, you should investigate their previous work, read reviews from other customers, and understand how experienced they are.

Similarly, you have to ask them whether they have already done your type of move. For example, you may be moving long-distance, or on the other hand, to a building that doesn’t have an elevator, meaning that there are numerous flights of stairs. Obviously, these conditions will make the entire process a bit more challenging, so make sure they can deal with it.

3. Is it a direct move?

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Oftentimes, they will take the stuff straight from your current location to the new home. However, sometimes, it will be necessary to move them from one truck to another. Obviously, many things can cause this delay, so you should ask them about it.

Why? Well, firstly, it will take them longer to get all the things to your new property, so if you are in a hurry to move as quickly as possible, this is not the best option for you.

Furthermore, this means that more people will be involved in the whole process, that is, more people will touch your stuff, so the chances of anything breaking are significantly higher. If using road cases to transport some of your more expensive items, the equipment-mounting hardware is used instead of adhesives because adhesives can fail due to temperature changes in the environment. They can also be difficult to remove, and could damage your expensive gear. Check out Encore Cases’ Attachment Hardware System as a good example of well-placed mounting on a road case.

4. Do they offer liability coverage?

It doesn’t really matter if you are moving a block away or to another state – you must check if your possessions are insured. Surely, movers will carefully handle everything. After all, it is in their best interest to deliver all the items in perfect condition and have another satisfied client.

Nevertheless, accidents happen, and things get broken or lost. So, are you protected if something like this happens? Every professional moving company offers multiple insurance options. Depending on the type of move, you should choose one accordingly.

5. How many men will do the move?

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Even though this may not seem like an important question, it actually is. Let us explain why you have to know how many persons will be included. First of all, you should know this because there is no point in hiring a company that will send five movers if the job can be done by two. Naturally, their fee will be higher, so you will just be throwing money down the drain.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of stuff, you may have to pay for additional personnel, simply because they cannot conclude the task on their own. If this turns out to be the case, you have to ask about this additional expense.

6. How long will the move take?

We have already mentioned that many things can affect this time period, so even if you have asked the previous questions, you still shouldn’t skip this one. A professional company will be able to provide you with an answer. Naturally, they may not tell you the exact time your stuff will be delivered, but you should at least get the estimation.

What’s more, you should learn when the pick-up day will be. Also, don’t forget to inquire about their deadline. It doesn’t matter if it is three days, a week, or three weeks away. You have to know when you can expect them to bring the stuff to your new home.

7. Are there any penalties if they miss the deadline?

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One of the many characteristics of a professional moving company is that they will confront some penalties if they fall behind the schedule. No one wants to sit in an empty house, waiting to get their things. Surely, this can happen due to some unforeseen circumstances. Still, some movers will offer you a discount if it comes to this since they were unable to provide you with the service according to the schedule.

8. Do they offer a binding quote?

Naturally, the last thing you have to ask them is regarding their fee. However, keep in mind that some companies offer a binding quote, while others may change the cost after the original estimate. When it comes to the latter, you may end up having to pay a higher fee if your move requires more men. This can significantly change the cost, so if you need to know the exact price, you should go with the company that offers a binding estimate. Basically, they will come to your current home, ask all the necessary questions regarding your requirements, write down all the additional expenses, and present you with the final cost that cannot be changed.


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All in all, these are crucial questions you have to ask the potential movers before hiring them. Nevertheless, if you are having any troubles actually finding the company in your area, check out the Easy Peasy Removals website to learn what your requirements should be.