What Is The Average Height Of Professional Soccer Players in 2023?

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Soccer, a sport celebrated for its diversity and inclusivity, accommodates players of various physical attributes. One aspect that often piques curiosity is the height of professional soccer players.

In 2023, the average height of soccer players, their role in the game, and how it impacts their performance remains a topic of interest for many enthusiasts and aspiring players.

The Average Height of Soccer Players

Eden Hazard
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The average height of a soccer player typically ranges between 5’7” (173 cm) and 5’8” (174 cm).

However, this average can vary significantly based on the player’s position on the field. Interestingly, when discussing height in soccer, a common topic of curiosity is the shortest soccer player and how they perform in a sport where different positions might favor varying statures.

This highlights the diversity in player sizes and the adaptability of the sport to different physical builds.

  • Goalkeepers: Generally the tallest, averaging between 6’2” (188) and 6’5” (196).
  • Defenders: Usually have a height ranging from 5’11” (180) to 6’2” (188).
  • Midfielders: Often measure between 5’9” (175) and 5’11” (180).
  • Forwards: Tend to be shorter, with an average difference between 5’7” (173) and 5’9” (175).

These figures are general averages and can vary based on the level of play, tactical considerations, and personal attributes of the players.

Professional Soccer Leagues and Player Height

In top professional soccer leagues, the average height of players varies slightly:

  • English Premier League: Averages between 5’11” (180) and 6’0” (183).
  • La Liga (Spain): Players typically range from 5’10” (178) to 5’11” (180).
  • Serie A (Italy): The average size is between 5’9” (175) and 5’11” (180).
  • Bundesliga (Germany): Players average from 5’11” (180) to 6’0” (183).
  • Ligue 1 (France): The averages stand in between 5’10” (178) and 5’11” (180).

These averages demonstrate that while height can be a factor in a player’s success, it is not the only determining factor. Skill, technique, tactical awareness, and mental toughness are equally, if not more, important.

Female Soccer Players and Height

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The average height of female soccer players is generally between 5’5” (165 cm) and 5’7” (173 cm).

This average is slightly lower than their male counterparts. Notable female soccer players and their sizes include:

  • Alex Morgan (USA): 5’7” (173).
  • Marta (Brazil): 5’6” (168).
  • Sam Kerr (Australia): 5’6” (168).
  • Ada Hegerberg (Norway): 5’9” (175).
  • Christine Sinclair (Canada): 5’9” (175).

These figures highlight that, similar to men’s soccer, height in women’s soccer does not necessarily correlate directly with skill and ability on the field.

Does Height Matter in Soccer?

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While height can be advantageous, especially in aerial challenges and set pieces, it is not the sole factor for success in soccer. Shorter players often excel in dribbling, agility, and quickness.

The sport has seen legendary players like Lionel Messi and Xavi Hernandez, who are on the shorter side, as well as taller players like Peter Crouch and Tim Howard, who have also achieved great success.

In conclusion, the average height of soccer players in 2023 varies based on position, gender, and the level of play. However, it is evident that the size does not define a player’s ability and success in soccer.

The sport continues to celebrate and accommodate players of all sizes, emphasizing that skill, technique, and passion are the true determinants of a player’s impact on the field.