The Perks of Being a Travel Nurse


A nurse’s profession has always been in high demand. The growth of employment of registered nurses is estimated to be 7% from 2019 to 2029, and for a good reason, too, especially considering the pandemic’s aftermath.

Many medical facilities struggle to cover the demands of patients with the staff they have on hand. If it weren’t for nurses who are willing to travel for work, the situation would be much more serious.

More and more medical professionals are interested in temporarily relocating since it offers a fresh perspective on their work, an opportunity to travel, meet new people and encounter new challenges. Let’s take a look at some of the advantages a travel nurse gets to enjoy.

A flexible schedule


Traveling nurses work as contractors, usually for 13 to 26 weeks at a time. Positions are abundant for all types of nurses, and one can specify the position he or she wants. As exciting as traveling is, it can take a strain on you. You find yourself in a different work environment and have to get accustomed to the system and the people while managing your way around the city you’re not familiar with.

It all takes its toll in due time. Fortunately, these kinds of positions enable you to take some time off between contracts and recharge. Many positions are flexible enough for you to arrange a more suitable weekly schedule. 

Job security and constant improvement

The high demand seems to be constant; thus, job security isn’t something you should worry about. With the median annual wages being almost $70,000, you can freely say you will have a steady, comfortable income as a travel nurse.

The experience you’ll be able to gather is truly priceless. You’ll have a chance to see different methods, different conditions, and patients. This variety of cases you’ll encounter may help you pinpoint what you’d actually want to focus on.

Thanks to the perks of the digital age we live in, you can even hone your skills online, which in turn may get you a better job position. Visit to find courses like PALS that will expand your expertise to pediatrics and get you a better-paid job.

No burnout


A common issue permanent nurses experience is burnout. Fortunately, you’ll be able to avoid this as a traveling nurse since this job can provide relief when you need it. If you feel that hospital politics are becoming overwhelming or that your career path has no perspective, you can move on to your next destination.

The change of scenery can do wonders for your mental wellbeing, as well as experiencing new challenges and people, and you’ll still be able to do what you love. Moreover, you can take a break between contracts and spend some time exploring new places, so you can recharge. 

No workplace politics

Travel nurses are generally don’t have to stress about hospital management issues. Since their job position is contract-based, they just come in and focus entirely on patient care. Furthermore, their employment is very often handled by an agency, and if there’s any necessary paperwork to be done, it will manage it for them. 

Acquire skills beyond nursing


This is a job in which you will acquire life skills apart from professional ones. Working with different people and find yourself in different situations. This will inevitably equip you with better communication skills, critical reasoning, and logical thinking.

As a travel nurse, you’ll have to adapt quickly, which is an invaluable trait that will help you in all your future positions and will definitely translate into aspects of your life that are not work-related. 

Have great pay and benefits

The average travel nurse salary may go well above $100,000 per year, which is double the amount of a regular nurse. Apart from the impressive paycheck, there are many benefits to look forward to, such as generous reimbursements, healthcare and retirement perks, tax breaks, discounts, and more. Although travel nurses are not really eligible for raises that come with stationary positions, they can get higher-paying jobs which will certainly compensate for it.

Embark on an endless adventure


If you choose to focus on this profession, you’ll definitely see the world. What’s more, you can choose your next destination either by the city you’ve always dreamed of visiting or by the position (salary) that provides you with the best opportunities.

Whether it’s a metropolis like New York or a quaint small town where the living is slow, and the nurses are scarce, they will definitely have a position for you. A fan of winter sports? Visit Denver, Colorado, and try out some of the best ski resorts. If you’re more into water sports, scuba diving, head for the shore; if you’re a culture vulture, there are innumerable possibilities open to you. In any case, whether it’s the weather you’re after, or hobbies and interests, travel nursing will provide.

Let’s not forget meeting new people

Getting to know a great number of people is inevitable in this profession. For those who thrive off social interactions and are adamant caregivers, being a travel nurse will provide satisfaction beyond belief. A different environment provides many opportunities for new friendships and liaisons, both at the workplace and outside of it. 

However, meeting patients also provides invaluable insight into the life and its challenges. As a nurse, you are interacting with them when they are at their most vulnerable; strong emotions as anticipation, fear, empathy, and compassion reveal the best and worst in people, and these are experiences that will build their character as much as yours.

When it comes to friends you’ve left behind at home, travel nursing gives you the opportunity to visit in-between contracts and enjoy your time with them without being interrupted by work. 

Final thoughts

Nursing is very demanding, both emotionally and professionally, and it can sometimes take its toll. By being a travel nurse, you can avoid some of the drawbacks a permanent position entails and make the job somewhat easier while expanding your horizons in all aspects. If you’d like to become a travel nurse and are still in need of getting your nursing degree, click here.