9 Best Motion Videos Trends of 2023

The world generates 76% of its data and is projected to do so with ever-increasing vigor; intelligence agencies contend that the proliferation of data will lead to new deep-rooted, timely information on everything. Faced with data overload, it’s difficult to establish a strategic roadmap for how to make sense of all this information. That’s why we have compiled for you, our readers, 9 of the most promising motion videos trends of 2023.

A general trend in motion design these days leans to minimalistic elements and style. A lot of these reflect the latest fashion trends and media influence.

We’ll overview the hottest trends in animated videos of this year.

Best motion graphics trends of 2023


We’ll start the list with colors. Minimalist color palettes are the hottest trend. Telling the story with the minimum of colors is a high level of professionalism.

Restricted color palette is a stylish and sophisticated way to express the mood and style of the illustration or video. Besides, it’s a good challenge for motion designers to operate with just a few colors and semitones instead of the full spectrum. Also, this trend gives stylish retro vibes.

Other hot motion design trends include:

  1. Thin lines. There’s no better way to define shapes and give directions than using the lines. This is also a great narration technique as thin lines can move attention towards important things and anchor points of narrative. Also, they look stylish and hand-drawn, creating an authentic look.
  2. Minimalist 2D animation. The less layers you have and the simpler the pallette, the better. Swift and intuitive motions of figures can illustrate difficult things in a simple manner.
  3. Kinetic typography. The time of “one project – two fonts” is officially over! Now you can switch between fonts, use distortions and transitions, and even animate text. Now, you can allow your words to literally tell the story and move it through the most important narration points.
  4. Morphing images is another spot-on trend that keeps on getting even more popular. By morphing logos, images, and words, you create a never-ending transition that keeps the viewer focused on the video. Also, it’s a great way to tell a single-timeline story that will unfold right before the viewer’s eyes.
  5. Animated logos. Branding is everything, and adding a stylish animation of a brand’s logo is the best way to make it really memorable. Every animated logo is unique, and motion in this case brings more meaning to the static.
  1. Grain overlay. Adding more details and using grain is a perfect technique to make your visual look more authentic these days. Grainy visual is commonly associated with something solid and bold – this is why using a grain texture filter and highlighting the details makes photos and videos stand out.
  2. Vertical formats. Everyone is on TikTok these days – not just for fancy cat videos, but for creative discoveries as well! By adjusting your video to the 9:16 format, you can post it freely in Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. This way, you’ll expand the target audience and make your content more mobile-friendly.
  3. Hybrid videos and AR. Adding elements of 2D animation to live action footage is the new trend that keeps on growing popular. The contrast between 2D and 3D is remarkable, and many AR developers prefer this technique to enhance user experience while also stocking a unique format.
  4. Self-drawing lines. To keep up with the narrative, you can add self-drawing lines as a section separator on effective narration tool that will guide viewer’s attention right to the most important points.

Sure, there are even more of these trends – after all, the motion design industry is consistently growing and adding new ideas and techniques. Utilizing them in an appropriate way will make your videos successful regardless of your industry.