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The Wunderkern sells itself as the ultimate in total fitness training, not that we usually look at the big picture, which I have to add, it does create a bit of excitement.

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Read customer reviews here – stars of 4.5 (2058)

Order and delivery

Ordered the next day and delivered by a major retailer. It was well packaged and undamaged. In a box it weighs about 8 to 10 kg.


First draft

The installation of the Wonder Core smart was easy, because it comes pre-assembled. When reading the manual, you can easily adjust the force by turning the handle at the end of the frame.

In the beginning I didn’t know what it would cost to adapt it to what I thought would be easy.


Initial considerations and quality of construction

I’m always a little skeptical about training equipment that claims to be a complete body workout. My home gym is full of expensive stuff, but it doesn’t cover the full range of exercises you can find at the gym.

The mounting quality is good, the frame is robust and there are no early warning signals such as squeaks or scratches on the metal.


What’s the glitter?

It’s just an abdominal breaker with an improved design compared to the old models, allowing for a number of extra exercises. It has a seat and two flexible supports based on internal springs that resist.

The force is adjustable and can resist from 20 to 50 pounds. This should be sufficient or as little as possible for most home schools.


Easy to follow instructions

The manual that comes with the Wonder Core smart is well written and clear. It presents simple diagrams of the following training exercises:

Shoulders and biceps
Sliding on

Triple jump
Shovel with scissors
Seated bicycles

I wouldn’t want to cite the device as a general training solution, but it offers interesting possibilities to help with traditional exercises.

Test the beautiful core of the smartphone

On the training DVD it took 10 minutes, and although I think it’s perfect for beginners, I think the recommended program is a little too easy.

In response, I decided to test some of your more standardized exercises with a higher intensity and did 3 reps of sitting exercises, braces and scissors. I must say that I was impressed by the beautiful core and the pressure it put on my abdominal muscles.

I tend to stick to more traditional squat shapes on a training mat with bended knees, but I have been told it puts too much pressure on the lower back. I really believe that something like the intelligent Wonder Core is needed if it can give me the same results without the side effects of pain in other areas.

Who is it for?

For those who initially doubt the ability to produce results, you have to ask yourself what your routine is for. In my opinion, it is better to list a number of scenarios where I think it would be best:

Users of home strength training equipment – YES

Like me, I usually use the treadmill and the bench to weigh myself as part of my daily training. The beauty of the Miracle core is that I will only use it for training. It is so small that it is easy to store and therefore ideal for targeted use.

Full Gymnasium member – NO/MAY

If you have access to special equipment in your gym, you may not want to consider the Wonder Kernel at home. The regulars of the gym might want to keep a spare set of dumbbells, but a lot of people tend to do basic training once or twice a week, so I doubt if Wonder Core Smart makes the best of it.

Elderly people or repairers – YES

I’m lucky to be healthy, but when I read about the Wonder Core, it seems that many people are happy to have access to an affordable and easy-to-use fitness machine at home.

Moving on a bicycle seat, for example, would be ideal for a person who is recovering or who regularly needs light physiotherapy equipment. From their point of view, I understand why Wonder Core is smart enough to meet their needs.


  • Good quality of construction
  • User-friendly manual
  • Delivered pre-assembled
  • Works very well with your main press


  • No general physical training as described.
  • The practice DVD is a little too simple.



Quite simply, a beautiful core will pass in some places and fail in others, depending on what you want to achieve with the equipment. In my case it was about adding the best abdominal training.

In the future, I will remove the sparkler from the vault and do a series of basic exercises before bringing it back. Others may choose different procedures, but I recommend that you read the training options above before making a final decision.

Miracle Kernel is a clever price comparison.


Price control

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Wonder Kernel is smart.




Read customer reviews here – stars of 4.5 (2058)



Conditioned training DVDAdjustable resistance systemCompact and foldable for storage

Product information

Open dimensions H37, W54, D55



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