Top 4 Reasons to Consider Men’s Body Powder – 2023 Guide


Stop me when this starts sounding familiar – the chafing, redness and irritation, the itching, the dryness, unpleasant body odour… There’s no need to go on, right? If you ask any grown man if he had problems with any of these, more often than not – they’ll say yes. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s just the way it is. Many men across the world are facing the same issues on a daily basis.

The fact is – some of us sweat more profusely than the others and that’s just the way it is. Many could go topless all summer long and still struggle with unpleasant body odour. You could shave all the body hair off – it still wouldn’t make much of a difference. However, there has got to be a way not to smell every time you break a sweat, right? Of course. That’s why we have deodorants. Only sometimes, deodorants and antiperspirants just aren’t cutting it – especially when it comes to nether regions.

What Can You Do?


Most deodorants will do the trick for the armpits for at least 24 hours, after which you’re sure to hop in the shower, but, what about below the belt? We can all agree that spraying deodorant on your crotch isn’t the best idea. For starters, it doesn’t do anything and top of all that, it can be pretty harmful and makes things even worse. So, what are the alternatives? What can we do to stop smelling like cavemen?

Two words – body powder. Better yet, three words – men’s body powder. There’s a difference, believe us. The regular body powder is usually what we call baby powder. A great product, no doubt about it, but, it’s not by accident that it has ‘baby’ in its name. That’s because it’s a mild product – it’s made for babies. It can get the job done on some occasions, but more often than not – it’s just not enough to make a grown man feel good about himself.

Why Aren’t We Talking About Men’s Body Powder More Often?

There are probably two reasons as to why this isn’t a go-to option for many modern men. Firstly – you granddad used it. We tend to shrug off things that seem archaic and uncool, because, well, we think we’re cooler than that. That’s kind of dumb, but – it is what it is. The second and probably more common reason is talc. Talc powder used to be really popular back in the day because it was getting the job done. However, research has shown that talc can cause some serious issues – including cancer. So, naturally, it stopped being popular – for a good reason.

However, since we have the ability to adapt and overcome – we’ve made some upgrades. We’ve made the body the product talc-free while simultaneously making it more powerful than ever. So, now that we know you can safely use the BP again, let’s talk about why should we.

Why You Should Consider Using Body Powder?


To bring this closer to you, we’ve consulted with someone who knows a lot more about this than we do, therefore, according to Chassis – here’s why you should consider using body powder.

1. You Can Apply It Anywhere

As we’ve previously mentioned, although deodorants and antiperspirants can be quite useful, you really should spray them on your crotch area. A lot of them contain chemicals like aluminium or alcohol, which makes them non-suitable, to say the least, for your private area. Not only private areas, chest, back, even feet – none of these are where deodorants shine and perform well.

Powder on the other hand can be dabbed on anywhere you like. Armpits, chest, back, lower back, feet and of course, your privates. Not only it’ll get the job done – it won’t do any harm while doing so.

2. No Harmful Ingredients


As we’ve already said, body sprays are known to contain alcohol or other harmful ingredients, unlike body powder. That is very important because many of those ingredients have been known to interact badly with human skin, causing redness and irritation, which is the opposite of what you’re trying to achieve. That’s why you should consider switching to body powder – it serves the same purpose, while not harming your skin and more importantly your overall health.

3. It Absorbs Moisture & Eliminates The Nasty Odour

Do you know why the nasty smell occurs? It’s not because of sweat. Sweat is odourless by itself. The problem arises when we get sweaty and hot. Hot and sweaty might sound sexy, but unless you’re talking about bedroom adventures – those are ideal conditions for bacterial growth. Bacteria multiply rapidly in those conditions and when they do, they break down the sweat into acid and that’s why you start smelling foul.

Well, when you apply powder to areas that are often sweating, it absorbs the sweat and leaves the area dry. If the skin is dry – there’s no room for bacterial growth or nasty smells. So, in essence, the powder isn’t covering up or masking smells – it just keeps the skin the way it’s supposed to be – dry and odourless.

4. Say Goodbye To Chafing


If you’re a runner or otherwise active person, you’ve probably had your fair share of thigh chafing. Chub rub, as we like to call it, occurs whenever there’s friction, heat and humid environment. Although using powder won’t make your thighs thinner and stop them from rubbing against each other, it can greatly help with the moisture and reducing friction – which would mean a lot for irritation and chaffing.

How To Use Body Powder?

As far as how to use it, it’s really simple. Either put some in your palm and apply it wherever you want it or spray it directly onto the spot. That’s entirely up to you. And yes, you’re more than welcome to put some in your hands and pretend you’re LeBron James for a quick second – we’ve all done it.

Also, don’t apply powder on wet or damp skin. Dry off completely before using it. If you use it while you’re still wet – it defeats the whole purpose of the product. Not to mention you’re probably going to end up looking like Ross in ‘The One with All the Resolutions’.

Hopefully, we’ve managed to show to you why you should consider using body powder and how it can help you stop smelling or resenting your thick thighs after a mile long run.