Should You DIY A Luxury Natural Stone Project

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Upgrading the décor of your home with a classic and timeless stone wall is a fantastic DIY project. The contemporary look of nature-inspired stone finishes from Saturnia helps create an elegant home décor in your home.

Although a DIY stone project may seem exciting, approaching it in the wrong way may lead to shoddy results. Some of the main drawbacks include gaps and unstable surfaces. What are the main mistakes you should avoid when doing a DIY natural stone project?

Improper Installation

Improper installation happens due to multiple reasons, but the main reason is the uneven edges of the stone.  It can also occur due to installing the natural stone on uneven surfaces. If you note slight gaps between panels during your DIY project, you have improperly installed the Bianco Maremma, Montemerano Classic, and Etrusco stones.

Starting Your DIY Project in the Inappropriate Areas

Essentially, when starting your stone DIY project, you should start by fixing the corner at the lowest level. If you start in the wrong way, it will compromise the integrity of your stone wall.  The project may begin to crack after a short period and, in worse scenarios, crumble down.

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Selecting the Wrong Stone Finishes

When selecting natural stone in your area, it is also intrinsic to choose the appropriate finish in terms of color and texture.  There are multiple types of finishes available such as honed, glossy, sand-blasted, and natural.

A honed finish means there is a smooth and consistent surface. The stone has a non-shiny surface and offers a warm natural appearance. Also, the stone is not reflective, and things such as scratches are not obvious. However, a honed finish is porous and will absorb liquids which will damage and disintegrate your surfaces,

A  polished or glossy surface has shiny and reflective properties. They provide a high-end and luxurious look and promote the aesthetic appeal of your home.  The finish does not absorb spills, making it a durable solution for modern homes.

Sand-blasted surfaces have smooth yet granular characteristics.  The surface tends to have a rough surface that has a uniform texture. The design of sand-blasted stone finishes can work seamlessly with many design styles such as rustic, traditional, and contemporary.

Natural stone finishes have an undeniable and timeless beauty. They come in different patterns, colors, patterns making them unique for any design element. These stone finishes are the most prevalent in modern homes.

Typically, it is intrinsic to consider your style and requirements before selecting the right stone finish for your DIY project.

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Poor Sealing

To maintain the aesthetic appeal of natural stone and extend its lifespan, ensure you adequately seal. Sealing protects your stone finishes from being subjected to harsh external elements. Also, the sealing material prevents staining on your stone DIY project. Proper sealing helps your structure retains its architectural integrity for many years.

Common Stone DIY Projects

1. Stepping Stones

Have you thought about personalizing your garden using distinctive stones? Stepping stones are fantastical elements to add to your garden. The stepping stones allow you to transform your garden dramatically and enable you to create a unique pathway.

2. Stone Sculptures

Stone sculptures are decorative to your indoor and outdoor space. The DIY project is relatively straightforward and requires minimal technical skills. Select the stones you want for your project, arrange them together, and create a sculpture you most desire.  This simple DIY project helps use stone remnants in your home and make something alluring in your home. For more contemporary rocks, you can style and color according to your personal preference.

3. Stone Shelves

Stone shelves are multifunctional and enhance the organization of space. If you don’t have enough floor space, stone shelves are a great way to free up space. The stone shelves add an aesthetic appeal to your walls and create visual interest on bland walls.

Ensure you install designs and styles that enable you to express bold statements about your style. In the DIY project, it is intrinsic to be conscious to avoid mounting unsecured shelves. Precision is required when measuring the brackets. Also, your wall should be sturdy enough to support the weight of your stone shelves.

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4. Stone Shower Walls

Incorporating stone shower walls in your home is a trending style in many modern homes. However, over the last few years, savvy homeowners now prefer rustic and modest stone finishes. Most people admire classic and contemporary shower walls with spa-inspired characteristics.

Constructing stone wall showers can be a bit technical, and professional knowledge is required. But if you have the right skills, you can proceed with your DIY project. You can select numerous stones for shower walls, but the most prevalent are Bianco Maremma, granite, marble, or slate.

5. Stone Tile Flooring

You can revamp your space with natural stone tiles if you are tired of your old ceramic tiles or want new options for your floor.  The process is procedural and mainly involves removing old tiles using hammer guns and cleaning up the area using a vacuum cleaner.

The first step involves measuring the area of installation and determining the best tile size for your space. Perfectly fit your cut stone tiles in the designated area. The DIY project is typically one of the best to incorporate in your house; though the process is tedious, the results are excellent.

Stone tiles are pretty straightforward to maintain when compared to ceramic tiles. The textures and unique styles of natural stones add warmth and natural beauty to your home. Consequently, stone tiles are exceptionally durable and the best options for high foot traffic areas, such as the entryway.

Key Takeaway

Stone DIY projects are money-saving options allowing you to renovate your home using a low budget. However, some, such as wall cladding, are complicated and require unique machinery usage, which might be expensive to acquire.  If you are considering a stone DIY project for your luxury home, ensure you have the right skills and tools to construct your wall, shelves, and flooring without compromising the architectural integrity and aesthetic appeal of your home.