Is Laser Cutting A Profitable Side Hustle – 2023 Guide


Being skillful at some craft can significantly increase your financial stability. Craft occupations on the labor market are increasingly in demand, crafts today are much more focused, sophisticated, but also better paid than ten or twenty years ago.

You have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur and take financial matters into your own hands. Remember that entrepreneurship is an imperative of today, you can turn your knowledge and skills into your own creations or open your own craft shop and thus become recognizable. Having something as a side job is also a smart way to bring more income.

But the question is, which craft to choose?


Have you considered laser cutting? Cutting as well as engraving have become increasingly popular for a reason. The first reason is the market. You can target any market you wish to, and it will have enough opportunities for your work to grow.

It being lucrative is the second reason. Investing in a laser co2 machine is the smartest decision you’ll ever make. That’s why we have decided to write this guide and prove to you that this craft will be a perfect side hustle.

Such investment brings multiple opportunities


Going for a side hustle like this brings open so many doors, since as we said you can target different markets. Just to illustrate, if you buy one of these machines and start your own business, you can for example choose to do customized jewelry.

Even though it’s a common thing, it will bring in profit because it’s in high demand. Hardly anyone has stopped doing this, which means the market is big enough for everyone. These machines are also super accurate, so as for what kind of things you can engrave in them, the sky is the limit.

A bit of extra profit can be made by making the customer’s vision become a reality. With such equipment, it’s possible.

Also, large companies are always in search of contractors to do things like engraving stuff in their products or engraving things on promotional material. Anything that needs a company logo is your potential job.


Take a look at the car industry. So many car parts are in need of the visible codes, and they spend tons of money on this. Since laser engraving is so precise, it’s always their first option, and your chance to become a contractor in this industry.

And then there are personalized gifts. In this market which is overcrowded with everything, personalized gifts have become no choice for people looking for presents.

Jewelry, as we’ve mentioned above is one type of this, but there’s more. These machines can engrave on every surface, so you don’t have to do just metals. Surfaces like wood are also an option.

Such machines, however, do require some skills…


As much as becoming your own boss sounds tempting and appealing, especially after we have stated all the opportunities it gives you, there is a question of skill that needs to be raised. So, naturally, you’re wondering how difficult can operating these machines be? Lucky for you, the answer is no.

The thought of handling being difficult probably comes from the past. Because in the past, only super skillful people could handle such machines, and it took them hours of training to acquire skills. But, as technology grew modern, things changed, and now almost anyone with a desire to learn can handle them.

In a way, machines became user-friendly allowing more people to decide to start working on them. Moreover, you can learn everything you need to know online. There’s no need to attend some special course or go to a school.

Since there are tons of machines being offered by different manufacturers, it is important that you do research on every one of them and decide which one would suit best your skill level, your needs, and expectations. It is somehow recommended that you go for those companies with a good customer support system, if you are a beginner, for example.

What is the advantage of these machines?


Whatever you have in mind as a business idea, you should know that these laser machines offer almost 100% accuracy, making this their biggest advantage. Since this was already elaborated in the text above, let’s move on to the second advantage which is – speed. The work they perform is accurate and fast.

The technology they are based on has made it possible for every task that needs to be performed, to be performed super fast. Whoever hires you as a contractor will love this, since time is the most important resource nobody can afford to waste. In the past, these works took a lot of time, because they were performed with hands. It’s a totally different story now.

Versatility is the third advantage we would like to elaborate on. Regardless of what material needs to be marked, these machines are the ones to do the job. This gives you tons of opportunities for side hustling and side profit.

The best of all is the fact that you don’t have to be worried about damaging the surface of the product, because direct contact is never made. Products engraved and cut by you will therefore be perfect, without flaws.

In the end, it’s important to mention that whatever is engraved by these machines is there for good. Meaning that your work doesn’t have an expiry date, but is permanent. If the surface suffers from the outside force, what you’ve engraved will still stand.

So, in the end, can you make a living out of this?

You most definitely can. If you’re up for investing a bit more time in it, it doesn’t have to be a side hustle, but the primary source of income for you and your family. All you need is a bit of patience until people start recognizing you on the market. Once they do, the story continues to develop in the best possible way.