Journey To the United States: From Las Vegas to New York


Do you wish to travel over 2,500 miles between two great American cities? If that’s the case, a road trip from Vegas to NYC would be ideal. You might spend weeks touring New York City and Las Vegas, but you could also explore some of the country’s most beautiful national and state parks.

On your way from Las Vegas to New York, you’ll pass through a slew of fantastic towns and sites. Because an RV road trip from Las Vegas to New York is substantial, you’ll like to hire a comfy camper that lets you journey in style.

From enjoying fun slot games at, it deserves to explore what the stretch to NY offers. Following is a rundown of cities and sites you’ll find on your way. Why not have fun while at it.

Richfield, Fishlake National Forest, Utah


Breakfast in Vegas is vital when you have a four-hour trip ahead of you. And there’s no better spot than BabyStacks to try that American classic: pancakes. This acclaimed cafe has four locations throughout the city, dishing customers gorgeous pancakes and morning delights like the Red Velvet, their most popular item.

Return to I-15 and head northwest via Valley of Fire State Park, which is aptly called. After leaving Nevada, you’ll pass through Arizona’s outskirts before arriving in Utah. I-15 becomes I-70 at this point, and you’ll be treated to a lovely journey through Fishlake National Forest.

Denver, CO


Denver is far too large to be explored in a single day, yet it is possible. Head to Denver’s 16th Street Mall, which is often compared to Rodeo Drive in La. It’s the ideal location for shopping, dining, theaters, and theaters; there’s always something happening.

Colorado is the place to go if a landscape is your game. As you travel up Mount Evans Scenic Byway in your rented automobile, the old saying “it’s not where you’re going, it’s how you get there” will never feel more accurate. The ‘way to the sky,’ as it climbs well above Denver up the beautiful Mount Evans, is the highest paved roadway in the US.



You’ll be returning on the road after a rejuvenating day in Denver, heading for Omaha, Nebraska. You’ll begin on I-76, which will eventually turn into I-80 as you reach state boundaries.

With a travel time of six to eight hours, there are lots of places to halt and extend your legs along the way. Take your camera to the UFO Water Tower in Ogallala, Nebraska, if you happen to be passing through.

As you bid your goodbyes to Ogallala, you’ll be driving through Nebraska farmland for another 4 hours and forty minutes or so to Omaha. Make a pit stop in Paxton, in which you’ll discover Ole’s Big Game Steakhouse and Lounge, an authentic taste of Americana, before embarking on your journey.

Iowa City


Visitors will find lots to view and do in Omaha, which is situated on the borderline of the neighboring state of Iowa. Because this road trip is a little shorter, you’ll have some free time before you depart.

Explore the Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, which features the world’s largest indoor rainforest and an outstanding indoor desert ecosystem.

Take your time and explore some sites from your bucket list if you have one or peruse through the maps. After you’ve rebounded from the thrills of the truck stop, take I-80 W to Iowa City, your ultimate goal.

Gary, Illinois to Milan, Ohio


Driving from Iowa City to Chicago takes you through Illinois. Swing at 3 Floyds Brewery along the journey for some of the best craft beers on the planet. Gary, Indiana, is home to Michael Jackson and is located on the shores of Lake Michigan.

The highway through Illinois is lined with two massive Stars and Stripes flags. While at it, why not explore the shores of Lake Michigan. Milan, a little town in Ohio on the beaches of Lake Erie, will be your following location.

The Tombstone Derby in Elmore quite well deserves your time if you’re passing through on the Saturday before Trick – or – treating; people dress up in their scariest costumes and race motorized coffins around the city for a night of macabre fun.

When you arrive in Milan, you’ll find a variety of economical lodging choices. This sleepy village is ideal for a nightcap after a long day on the road.

Lanse, Pennsylvania


The schedule here will take you on a picturesque trip that will take you out of Ohio and Pennsylvania. The scenic Cuyahoga Valley National Park, replete with lakes, majestic trees, and eagles flying above, is directly accessible from Interstate 80.

You’ll pass through the Meander Creek Reservoir, a magnificent mirror-like body of water with an excellent track record for birdwatching, just before entering Pennsylvania. As you go farther into Pennsylvania, you’ll eventually discover yourself in the lush woodlands of the ‘Keystone State.’

Before arriving in the remote, rural village of Lanse, make sure to halt along the winding roads to take shots of the towering canopy, babbling brooks, and everything else natural and delightful. This peaceful village is your penultimate overnight break before reaching your ultimate stop, so take advantage of the opportunity to unwind and refresh.

New York City


The traditional attractions to see along the trip are the Statue of Liberty, which stands 93 meters above the waves on Liberty Island, and the Empire State Building, formerly the world’s highest tower.

A trek over the Brooklyn Bridge, which includes one of Manhattan’s most fantastic scenery en route to one of the city’s finest artsy, trendy neighborhoods, will let you stretch your legs.

In Prospect Park, soak up some sunshine and dine at Di Fara Pizza in Midwood for some of the best New York-style pizza around. Enjoy a show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, or take the ferry to Coney Island for some old-fashioned fun.

Indulge yourself in a refreshment at Gallow Green or Top of the Strand to commemorate the completion of a truly incredible adventure. Perhaps you’ll see a Broadway musical or take in the sights of Times Square. Enjoy your time in NYC; you’ve worked hard for it.