Want to Schedule a Doctor Appointment During a Pandemic – Read This?

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Before the pandemic seeing a doctor, dentist, or veterinarian wasn’t such a complicated task but due to the changes because of the pandemic, the way we do things had to change, “new normal” as they call it.

Being on lock down or being encouraged to stay at home, people start to wonder, what if you have to meet a doctor how would you get an appointment? Medical problems and emergencies wouldn’t stop happening and it still needed to be addressed despite the situation.

Hospitals have been a scarier place because of the virus and people who have non-corona virus illnesses worry that they won’t be addressed or that it would be risky for them to go to the hospital. The first thing people have to know is that it is okay for them to call 911 such as in the case of a heart attack, stroke or any other emergency. Rest assured that safety protocols are still being practiced to avoid transmission of the virus.

So to answer the question, how do you set an appointment with your doctor during the pandemic, this is what you have to know. First, communicate with your health provider and discuss your condition. There are cases where it can be addressed without having to go to the hospital. It’s better to call first than to just show up at the hospital.

There are other means now such as telehealth. There are good tools that offer a great platform that allows people to communicate easily. One of the platforms like this is Demanforce. This means your doctor can talk to you over video call or a phone call. This is a good option because it is safer than visiting a hospital.

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Visiting a hospital for a non urgent or non critical check-up will only expose you to the virus. If it does proceed to be critical after consulting, that’s the only time you should go to the hospital. Such cases may include chronic health conditions that may require a visit for an in-person examination, blood work, or x-rays.

This procedure is the same even for children. Parents may contact their health provider to schedule an appointment using telehealth. Children also need care too but it is still better for parents to opt for telehealth first to avoid exposing their kids to the virus. Especially because some kids aren’t still vaccinated.

However if it really is an emergency, try to go to a children’s hospital first, if there is one, in your area because there are fewer chances that there are covid-19 patients there. It is also advisable that you do not delay needed hospital visits just because you are scared to visit a hospital. Common situations where a parent has to bring their child to a hospital is when the child needs their early vaccines like vaccines against polio, measles, diphtheria, and other life-threatening diseases. Some vaccines can be delayed but consult your doctor to make sure.

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When it comes to going to the dentist, it is said that it is best to put it off right now. Especially if it is just elective procedures, any non-urgent dental visits. As much as possible go only if it is an emergency. This is because the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration includes dentists in the very high exposure category. The emergencies that encourage you to visit the dentist include swelling or pain that can’t be managed without over the counter medications and a fractured tooth.

Being discouraged to go to the dentist for non-urgent cases means that you have to take care of your oral health extra well to avoid getting dental problems as mentioned by an orthodontist in Washington DC. Of course, pets aren’t forgotten, they get sick too but the advice for animals is also basically the same for humans. Have a call with your veterinarian, book an appointment that allows you to talk to them through a phone call or a video call.

For non critical conditions, telehealth is best and for emergencies most of the time the vet clinic won’t allow you to go in with your pet. You will just have to wait for your pet to be done and staff will bring your doc out for you to fetch. Other instances that aren’t an emergency but require you to go to the clinic are getting shots and vaccines. These are essentials that cannot be delayed but still call your vet’s clinic in order to book an appointment.

Clinics and hospitals want to manage the crowd in order to keep a safe and healthy environment. Telehealth has been such a huge help in this pandemic. It actually isn’t something new. It has been around for some time. It is being used for those who are in the rural area who need to speak with a doctor far from them. First of all, it cuts costs. There is no need to travel back and forth to the hospital. It also saves time. Being in the pandemic shouldn’t discourage people from seeking medical health.

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In fact, it is a time where we should do our best to be healthy. Avoiding meeting with your doctor as soon as possible will only bring you more problems. I guess the main important takeaway here is to not be scared because there are safe means of getting an appointment with your doctor. If you are concerned about your health, you can read up on health information on platforms such as Ray of Health, where you can understand more about musculoskeletal health.

It should also be mentioned that mental health services are also considered an appointment you shouldn’t skip. It can also be conducted through telehealth. Just call your doctor to ask how it will go about. Make sure to continue your regular appointments. Your mental health doesn’t wait just like any other critical diseases or illnesses a person may have.

That’s about it that should cover most doctor appointments that might be needed. More and more people are getting vaccinated and it’s starting to be safer but it is still best to follow safety protocols and take extra precaution. It is still very much encouraged for people to stay at home and not go out unless it is essential. Remember to always wear a mask and still practice social distancing wherever you go.