6 Ways Technology is Enhancing the Future of Adult Toys 

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If you are reading this article, then you must have an idea of what sex toys are and what are they being used for, but also how long the adult entertainment manufacturers around the world have been trying to craft modern solutions to satisfy the wants and needs of a contemporary customer.

To a layman, a sex toy is an item designed to bring pleasure and satisfaction to the one, or ones who use them, but the catch is there is more than meets the eye, and there are multiple factors to consider when shaping and crafting an adult toy is in question. Thus, read the following lines and learn in which way technology is enhancing the future of adult toys and see how it might affect your future choice. 

1. Materials 

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When choosing a toy that is supposed to bring you the pleasure of some sort, you should be aware that the material from which the toy is made is one of the most important things to consider. Back in the days when the adult industry was producing under the radar, the materialization was, let’s say, underestimated, and the focus was mostly put on the shape and the size. Nowadays, technological advancements have risen awareness about the importance of materials being used in sex toys production.

Therefore, one can not only find a specific toy crafted from a specific material, but can also pick the plaything according to specific characteristics it potentiates, and the evolution continues. From soft to hard, from latex-free to latex pro. Even better, the industry both dictates the trends and adapts them to their clientele’s desires and demands. 

2. The Shape 

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The adult industry evolves hand in hand with the rest of technological advancements, but it also consults medicine when crafting particular toys is in question. Namely, nowadays sex toys are designed to provide pleasure on a scientific level. For example, dildos have been used from the dawn of mankind, but now there are so many variations that a customer should carefully think about what they want to use it for before making a purchase.

Namely, different types of this particular item are envisaged to stimulate the clitoris, others to interact with the G-spot, and there are even versions specifically made to stimulate the prostate for men. We could enumerate different models for hours, but the point is to emphasize the joint venture of the adult industry and other industries which results in providing a particular solution for everyone. 

3. The Form 

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Although dildos and vibrators remain one of the most utilized sex toys out there, new products see the light of the day now more frequently than ever, and it is a rapidly growing trend that does not seem to be changing its direction in the near future. The wants and needs of a modern sex toy user have grown, so basic stuff required an upgrade. Although sex dolls are not a novelty in the world of the adult entertainment business, their evolution enrolls faster than anyone could imagine.

The idea is to create as lifelike models as possible, and enhancing them with different special features solely contributes to the real-feel experience customers are looking for. Although their satisfaction rises, future solutions will only contribute to their unique experience. If you are looking for additional info on how real this type of product looks and what it brings to the table, check this and see how technological advancements affect the sex toy industry. 

4. The Vision 

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One of the most anticipated technological breakthroughs regarding entertainment, in general, is the introduction of special glasses that transfer the one who wears them into virtual reality. Numerous brands offer products of this type on the market, and they are mostly utilized for video games and other virtual reality concepts, but their contribution to the adult industry is not to be underestimated.

Moreover, combined with different sex toys a user finds adequate, they deliver a close to the real-deal experience as once was unimaginable. Since this particular gadget has not yet reached its peak, future enhancements closely related to sex playthings are expected to modify the market even more. 

5. Apps 

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It would be silly to expect that any type of advancement, even if it is closely related to sex toys, will not have any contact points with a mobile device. Namely, now you can enjoy smart sex toys, and connect them to your phone via an app. This particular approach enables the user to customize their experience and manipulate the sex device in a way they find it suitable.

Thus, if they were using a smart vibrator, they could try different modes, increase or decrease the vibrating speed, and even make it change its colors if that is what stimulates them. Whether changing colors affect how fast one can achieve an orgasm depends solely on the user, but either way, it makes the whole experience more fun. 

6. Mobile Stimulation 

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Although there are numerous ways to achieve an orgasm, up until recently it was either impossible or very hard to control a vibrating sex toy in public. Today, you can use this particularly crafted approach to stimulate yourself no matter where you are and control the toy discretely. Surely, this does not guarantee that you will be able to control yourself and remain undetected, but some people enjoy doing it on their own in public places, so the feeling of potentially being discovered is a part of the package and solely contributes to the unique sensation. 

If you were mesmerized by the aforementioned pieces of information, then you must have been nervous to see what the future advancements in the sex toy industry will bring. We recommend you try either one, or all of the new ways to reach the pleasure we have talked about in the lines above, just so you can distinguish which one suits you better. In the end, if you consider technology has gone too far, you can always opt for the classic sex playthings, but we assure you the enhanced versions and the novelties have much more to offer.