An Introduction to College Football Analytics: 6 Things to Know About Dunkel Index


College football has long been a popular sport, particularly when it comes to sports betting. Known for its frequent, exciting games with unpredictable outcomes, bettors have multiple methods and resources to gain an edge.

Over time, though, one of the most famous and useful of all has been the Dunkel Index.

What Is It?

Also known as the Dunkel College Football Index, or the Dunkel System, the Dunkel Index is a college football rating system that was developed and instituted in 1929 by Richard C. Dunkel, Sr.

The aim of the index is to determine college football’s national winners using analytics and scientific methodology.

How Did It Start?


In the early days of college football, endless debates would rage over which teams would be victorious in upcoming games. Due to limitations in travel, West and East Coast teams would rarely meet, so, predicting outcomes was a tricky business.

This led Dunkel Sr. to invent a metric system of formulae to make prediction easier, and with huge success. From 1929 onwards, the popularity of the Dunkel College Football Index began to grow rapidly.

How Does It Work?

The Dunkel Index uses a set of algorithms designed to measure data points over games and scores, which in turn produce a mathematical rating for each team.

Over time, the Dunkel rating system has been utilized across sports betting, from the daily game picks to individual bettors seeking to gain insight. The Dunkel Index ratings are updated continuously to provide the greatest accuracy.

How Good Is It At Predicting Outcomes?


Since its invention, the Dunkel Index has proven to be an invaluable tool for college football sports bettors.

The index provides a detailed point spread and game total for each game. It also provides a recommended play for each game directly based on, and in direct competition with, Vegas numbers.

How Does Dunkel Differ From Other Rating Services?

The Dunkel Index differs from other rating services in three major ways. These include:

  • Experience

    The Dunkel Index has existed for almost a full century. A remarkable feat for any business, and undeniable proof of its effectiveness and dominance in the college football sports betting arena.

  • Vegas Numbers

    The Dunkel Index is one of the few rating services able to compete with Vegas.

  • Size

    The size of Dunkel Index’s analytics database, along with its influence in sports betting, is incomparable with any other.

Who Owns The Dunkel Index Now?


After Dunkel Sr. passed away in 1972, the business was handed over to his son Richard Dunkel Jr, who continued to lead it to ever-greater popularity and success. In 2002, following the death of Dunkel Jr, his son, Bob Dunkel, became the new owner.

Forming a partnership with his son, Ben Dunkel, the business now spans four generations of Dunkel ownership.

In Conclusion

The Dunkel Index remains the most popular, reliable, and accurate source of information for college football to this day.

As such a highly useful resource for bettors and sports analysts, it will undoubtedly continue to play a major role in sports betting for generations to come.