Do Car Dealers Have To Tell You If a Car Has Been In an Accident?


If you are considering buying a used car, be prepared for some unforeseen situations. We know everything, no one likes unpleasant surprises and we can never be ready enough for them. However, we want to point out to you the possibility of avoiding such things.

So if you are wondering if the car dealer will tell you everything about the history of the car you want to take from him, there is no need to think much. He can do it, but he doesn’t have to. He should definitely respect some ethical principles and turn out to be completely fair to you. You also have the right to be dissatisfied with his service and bad actions such as some scams.

On that basis, you can sue him to answer for his actions. The bad thing is that you can’t know right away if he’s right about you, but you can check that very easily. Simply search the report online by entering the information and you’re done. Either way, keep reading and find out some specific information.

The responsibility that car dealers have


Every car salesman has a very important task, and that is to be responsible for his actions and to tell the buyer the truth. His responsibility extends through different situations. This refers to the first communication between him and the buyer, meeting, greeting as well as just looking for a buyer, negotiating prices and the contract.

He must also be well acquainted with the specifications of the car such as make, model, price structure, etc. However, the most important thing is that the salesman does his homework well before embarking on the whole process. What does it mean? So, scams happen all the time when it comes to selling used vehicles. Mostly bad sellers do this consciously and want to make a better profit in this way.

On the other hand, sometimes they are not aware of what they are doing and that is a consequence of poor information. They must engage in this in order to be maximally instructed in the vehicle they are selling. Only in this way can they turn out to be fair to the customer and avoid problems with the law.

Damaged cars


Vehicles are most often damaged due to serious traffic accidents, but there are also floods or other natural disasters. What do you think will happen to all these vehicles? It is too much of a pity for the city if every car were thrown into oblivion. That is why vehicles that have suffered such great damage are sent to other cities, renewed, arranged depending on the cause of the damage and placed on the market.

Remember some serious tornadoes that did large-scale damage, it’s really a lot of destroyed cars that had to end up somewhere. However, sometimes a car dealer has the opportunity to do this legally. He will do that by renovating it in one state, and then re-title the car in another.

This way, he can sell you a car that went through a flood without you being aware of it. However, this information is in its history if the insurance company noticed it. You can’t know this right away if you don’t check with a tool like REVS check report. Find more about it at

Can I do something about it?


Of course, before you buy a car you have to inquire about it. However, keep in mind that the seller should do a lot more effort than you beforehand. He is obliged to tell you all the correct data as well as the damage, and if he is not sure to do the inspection himself. You must do this solely for your own safety.

Once you have obtained a complete vehicle history report and it turns out that the seller has lied to you, you can do something about it. If you want to deal with him, there is a possibility to hire a lawyer who will represent you in the lawsuit you file, such as

Also, always take this with a reserve, since dealers can claim that they did not know anything about the vehicle, and then it can take a while. However, these cases can be of great value, and that will depend on the nature and extent of the previous damage.

What should I do if I suspect a bad car history?


Now that you have learned all about the potential circumstances that may find you, you will certainly want to have all the detailed information with you. That way, you will find out whether the car before you had an accident or was damaged, whether it has a mechanical failure or is under some other influence.

Good-looking cars can easily deceive you, but also make a hasty decision because of them. Especially if it is a good money offer, but experienced sellers know that and use their trading skills. In addition to checking the interior of the vehicle well, test it. However, even then you can’t be sure enough that the car is completely correct.

As we have already mentioned, due to natural disasters and other accidents, insurance companies really give a lot of money for car repairs. You would not believe what all the transformations are and you would never suspect that some vehicles once looked totally broken. Whether you doubt the car’s correctness or not, you must always check its history. That is the only way to be completely sure.

How can I check car history?


This is very easy and affordable. You have the opportunity to do an online search, and you will be surprised at how detailed the report is. This applies to key information such as theft of parts, license plates, VIN number, deleted elements, damage due to natural disasters or collisions, inspections, financial burdens, specifications and so on.

All you need to do is enter the VIN or license plate. This will give you access to unique car data. Soon after, you get the results that you will receive by phone or email. The great thing is that you are not required to register and you can easily make a payment via PayPal or credit card.


Take good care of people who are trying to make money on you by reselling refurbished vehicles to you. Their goal is to convince you to buy a car and they will do everything to make it look like that. So be careful, don’t fall for your appearance and do a report. It is true that car dealers have a duty to point out all the shortcomings of your vehicle, but no one can guarantee that they will actually do it.