8 Meaningful Corporate Gift Ideas To Make Your Brand Stand Out

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When you are looking for a unique way to show your appreciation for clients or employees, corporate gift ideas can be the perfect solution. However, with so many different gift options available, it can be difficult to choose the right one. In this article, we will discuss some of the best corporate gift ideas that are sure to make everyone remember your brand!

1. Pencils with your logo or slogan

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Even though the pencil seems like an ordinary item, it is one that will be used daily. And that makes it not only a practical gift but also a good marketing choice. Pencils are great because, in comparison with pens, they all will write the same, they won’t dry up and they are a more sustainable choice as they’re made of wood, not plastic.

To make a pencil gift even more special and sustainable you can choose to print your logo on a pencil that has a seed at its top. When a person has used the pencil as much as it’s possible, they can burry the pencil in soil and a plant will grow from the seed.

If you are worried that no one uses pencils anymore or doesn’t write by hand, that’s not true. It is true, that we use computers and tablets much more for writing, but the written word on paper is not yet dead.

When printing on pencils just remember to use a very clear image and one with just a few details so it is not too busy and hard to understand. The printed image on the pencil will be quite small.

2. Sweets and snacks

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This is a corporate gift that won’t last that long but it is usually any kind of food with print or food in custom printed packaging. Food with print might be cookies, meringue cookies, cakes, etc. Custom printed packaging can be for almost anything – from single candy to chip packs. There are a lot of food companies that offer these services.

It is also a perfect gift for cute impromptu photoshoots – you or the client can do a flatlay of all the snacks or you can have employees pose eating them. Since the packaging or the food already has your brand, you have perfect pictures to post online.

3. T-shirts and hoodies – for the loyal customers and employees

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Since clothing items are more expensive gifts, reserve them for your most loyal customers and employees. They are also very personal even for a corporate gift, so that is another reason why use them only for people who have already a long relationship with your company. The only exception is for employees if you have a company event where coordinated t-shirts are needed.

To not make the t-shirt or hoodie just an item with your company’s logo, add something visually pleasing. It can be a fun design (that can still represent what your company does!) or a catchy saying. Don’t be shy to add your company’s logo as well – the gift just needs to be more than that.

4. Canvas and posters – concealed PR gift

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Canvas and posters are a perfect gift if you do it right. It needs to be beautiful, amazing, and elegant – something anyone would like to hang in their office.

You can even take the extra step and create a custom canvas design for every client regarding their field of work – it is almost guaranteed that they will hang that artwork in their office.

And plus points for you, because every time they look at it, they will think about you and your business! Just remember to sneak in the design your logo or webpage as well. But make sure it is very subtle and not the first thing that you see – this time it needs to be all about the art.

A great place where to order custom t-shirts, hoodies, canvas or posters is print on demand supplier printseekers.com. They have a variety of apparel colors, canvas and poster sizes, and materials. The print is high-quality and they have superb customer service.

5. Mug with custom print

To make a mug useful it needs to have these qualities – a nice handle, good volume, and thin enough ceramics. Talking about the print, if it is a gift to a client, don’t focus on your logo, focus on the design or text and then on the logo.

That way you will ensure added value for the mug and people will be more excited to use it. But as always, keep your logo or brand name somewhere on the gift, otherwise, it loses its purpose.

6. Succulent box – a surprise gift for someone who can take care of plants

Source: goodhousekeeping.com

A plant box is a nice and unexpected gift for someone who enjoys caring for plants. It can also be a good gift for the whole office as that is something everyone will be able to enjoy.

The succulent box looks just like it sounds – it is a wooden box with your logo with succulents inside. The box can be used for holding the succulents long-term or it can be used for other items – that is the gift receiver’s choice.

7. Flash drive – you can never have enough of them

There is more and more data and even with cloud services it is nice sometimes to have information on you in digital format and that is where flash drives come in. They are a popular corporate gift for more than 10 years, but they still haven’t lost their value. Just add your logo or slogan to the flash drive – and you have yourself a useful corporate gift!

Even more, flash drives are nowadays less expensive than 10 years ago so it is a much more beneficial corporate gift. Just remember to get a flash drive with big enough data storage. In this case, the bigger, the better – it all depends on the money you want to spend on a gift.

8. Portable chargers – more useful than ever

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Nowadays we all have several devices on us that require electricity – from phones to earbuds and smartwatches. Having a portable charger by hand is a great convenience in today’s lifestyle, and if that charger happens to be the one with your company’s logo or slogan – how great is that!

This is a more expensive corporate gift so be sure to give it to customers or employees that have worked with you for quite some time. But it is a great way how to show your appreciation of their loyalty with a valuable gift.


Corporate gifts can help you build and strengthen your brand. Just be sure you use a suitable gift for the occasion – it won’t be wise to give out portable chargers at an event, but pencils are fine for that purpose.

It goes the other way around too – reward long-time clients or employees with valuable gifts but give smaller ones to people who haven’t yet proved their trust. When choosing corporate gifts be smart with your resources, but don’t be stingy as well. As it is a gift, you want it to feel generous not niggardly.