4 Celebrities You Probably Didn’t Know Were Huge Gamblers

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Casino games are fun to play and allow you to earn a lot of money. There are several people who are professional gamblers and have been into gambling to earn money, while there are people who play casino games for fun and enjoyment. This includes several big celebrities who enjoy playing casino games and have excellent gambling skills.

It’s no secret that celebrities are famous for their extravagant lifestyles, but you might be surprised to know that many of them are also huge gamblers. In this article, you will get insights into your favorite celebrities who are secretly into gambling.

Celebrities who enjoy casino games and are secretly into gambling

1. Pamela Anderson

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Pamela Anderson, the popular actress of Baywatch, is secretly known for her gambling habits. In 2007, the actress lost $250,000 in a poker match to Rick Saloman who is a film producer and also a professional gambler.

However, Saloman wrote off her debt as they both fell in love and got married eventually. There are no other records of big wins or losses after that, but Anderson’s love for casino games was a surprise for many of her fans and followers.

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2. Ben Affleck

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Ben Affleck is a big name in Hollywood, but he’s also got one of the more interesting gambling habits out there. He has an addiction to blackjack and loves to play poker. The star actor in the movie Batman loved playing poker at the age of 19. He is also a huge gambler who has won millions of dollars in several tournaments. The actor also owns a poker academy where people can learn different casino games like Blackjack and Poker.

3. Bruce Willis

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Bruce Willis, the famous actor from the Die Hard movie, is also into gambling. The actor also used his financial advisor for some high-stakes betting. During his acting career, Wills won his highest bet of $500,000 while playing Baccarat. The actor was frequently spotted in casinos while enjoying the best days of their lives. However, in his gambling career, Wills also lost $100,000 on a craps table.

4. Matt Damon

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Matt Damon, the popular American celebrity with top-notch acting skills, is also a professional casino player. The actor has won a lot of money from famous casinos that pay the best. The actor has impressive skills in games like Poker and Blackjack and has also participated in several tournaments. Not only in Hollywood, but Damon is also very popular in the gambling industry.

The Bottom-line

Celebrities are also normal human beings, and they also have a personal life where they can spend their time in activities they love and enjoy the most. Gambling is a fun activity as long as it’s played responsibly.

It is not always about winning or losing, many people gamble because they enjoy doing it. These were a few celebs who found solace in playing casino games and had gambling habits that you probably didn’t know about.