4 Things to Know Before Buying a Post and Beam Home

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Post and beam construction uses heavy wooden logs as the structural component of building the home. This construction is different from the other wooden wood framing in terms of size and weight. The structural components are usually large in size and are heavier, which gives strength to the building structure.

Although this is an old building technique but it is again getting fame because of its durability. In the mid of 19th century, light wood frames gained popularity and were widely used. However, they were not durable comparatively. Therefore, people who want to make a one-time investment prefer a stronger and tougher structure that can last for a long time.

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1. What is post and beam construction?

There are different factors that are included in this construction style. These include;

Post and lintels construction

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This is an ancient construction style and you can see it in Asian temples of the eastern region and Stonehenge luminaries. In this structure, a beam is placed over an unsupported area which is supported by posts at both ends. So there will be support at the corners but not in the center.

Pole framing

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Pole framing is a rather simple type of constructing buildings and it is mainly used for agricultural purposes. Storage buildings and barns need a sturdy structure where you can store everything you want to. This structure includes larger wooden logs also known as poles.

The builder will sink these logs in the ground and if there is a foundation underneath, they will put the logs on it. After placing the pole on the foundation other logs are spiked on it. Thus, you have a framework of horizontal structure. All you have to do now is to roof it and you are done with it.

Timber framing

Another type of construction in the post and beam method is timber framing. This is unlike light timber construction because heavy wooden logs are combined together to make a supportive framework. All the posts and logs are connected with each other through pegs and joineries.

A combination technique

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All these were different frame types that have a specific use. However, the builder can change the bolts and joints according to the requirements. For example, to further enhance the strength of the structure, round and square posts are connected to the different pieces of the frames. So if the building is a bit complex and requires more strength and durability, a combination technique is used.

2. Difference between timber frame and post and beam structure

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The major difference between both types is the size of wooden parts. For example, there is a relatively small size of wood structures in timber design. These wooden pieces are combined through joineries that include mortise and tenon. On the other hand, in post and beam construction, the size of wooden logs is huge. Thus, it gives strength and sturdiness to the structure. These logs are joined together through metal fasteners. To put it simply, the main difference between both types is the joineries and fasteners.

3. Advantages of post and beam structure

Sturdy construct

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The size wooden logs are huge and are placed at the right distance from each other. Thus, the huge size of wood makes the building tougher and durable. Furthermore, it makes the building able to withstand the hot and cold climate and also rainfall. Though wood is not resistant to these things but because of its thickness, the building remains safe under such circumstances.

More options for designing

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Another advantage that you will get with post and beam construction is structural advantages. The size of posts is more and are thick, therefore, they can be placed farther from each other. Thus, you get enough space to design. For example, you can have larger glass windows. Moreover, this construction design usually comes with a larger living space with vaulted ceilings and larger windows.

4. Resistant to fire

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As mentioned earlier, the wood is denser and thick, in technical terms it is IV grade wood. Thus, the dense and tough wooden logs make your building resistant to a lot of environmental factors. For example, it can withstand heavy rainfall and also fire.
In comparison to this, timber construction uses softwood that has pores in it. This porous material is more susceptible to fire and that is why it is not a good choice. On the other hand, denser wood won’t easily catch fire. Thus, it will make your building durable.

Any disadvantage?

Although there are a lot of positive points in using post and beam construction style but there are some cons. For example, the cost of building will be more as compared to other materials. Firstly, because it requires larger pieces of specific size. Thus, complete tree trunks will be required.

Secondly, the pieces are larger so it is not possible for men to carry them around. Therefore, you will need cranes to carry them. In addition to this, the pieces are larger in size and need precise placement. A slight mistake can be disadvantageous to it. This needs special machinery and that also increases the cost. Thus, you should be aware that though the construction style is different, sturdy and can last for a long time, it is a bit expensive.