5 Best Business Books Every Entrepreneur Needs to Read in 2023

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If there is one thing every entrepreneur out there knows, it’s the fact that they must expand their knowledge during their entire life. This isn’t only because they want to do this, it’s also because new issues and difficulties occur daily and they must determine how they can solve them. The most common thing they do to learn new things? Well, it’s quite simple – they read business books.

However, if you’re completely new to the world of entrepreneurship, you might be wondering – what are the best business publications that I need to read during 2023? Luckily, the article below will shed some light on the entire topic, so, without further ado, let’s take a closer look:

1. “Zero to One”

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Written By: Peter Thiel

In this edition, the well-known businessperson Peter reveals to his readers why they must center on organizations that produce things that are innovative, interesting, and completely new. He further continues to explain that there is an increasing number of companies that don’t do this, instead, they only focus on improving products that already exist.

Thiel is basically asking all entrepreneurs to take the entire earth from 0 to 1, meaning that he aspires to motivate individuals to find new answers and goods that’ll allow them to deal with some major problems. Additionally, he also revealed some of the best tips and suggestions on what you must do – and must avoid doing – before you even think about starting a new project.

Peter wrote it back in 2014, and although it has been available to the public for 7 years, it’s definitely one of the most prominent educational, trade publications that all entrepreneurs should read, which is why you must ensure that you keep it on your shelf, especially if you’re a complete beginner and if you’re just starting out in the industry.

2. “The Lean Startup”

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Written By: Eric Reis

Next on the list is a publication that you absolutely need to read and it’s safe to state that it’s probably one of the most influential business publications out there. For individuals that are just starting out, reading it could assist them to comprehend what they’re required to do in order to make their concept into a profitable organization.

People enjoyed this title quite a lot, especially since Eric decided to give a detailed explanation that could easily assist you with producing a service, stock, or organization that all consumers want, and more importantly that they want to spend on, all of which will require almost little to no energy or time.

It opens with recognizing your largest theories – the growth and value assumptions – and since he guides you through the entire method of transforming these 2 assumptions into a real hypothesis, you’ll be able to see some useful insights that’ll allow you to navigate through the process of building a profitable company.

3. “Start With Why”

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Written By: Simon Sinek

If you desire to discover how to encourage somebody to take action, this publication is a must-have. Why? Well, if you opt for applying it to your organization, it’ll certainly assist you with attracting loyal clients. Besides this, it’ll also aid you with creating a healthy working environment, and more importantly, it will explain how you could be impactful to the outside world.

How does he do this? Basically, he’ll present you with useful tips on how to understand the more profound goal of your company, as well as the purpose of your goods, services, and/or brand. You could think of it as a title that will explain how you could properly advertise your firm in order to encourage your clients.

His resolution is that you must animate your clients by beginning with the “why” and he prompts you to think about why you decided to do what you’re doing and how you could inspire your clients. If you wish to check out a list of more marketing books, you should check out CoolThingsChicago.

4. “The Mom Test”

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Written By: Rob Fitzpatrick

If you read the cover, you’ll notice that it’s mostly about how you could introduce new services and/or goods to individuals by explaining to you how to communicate with potential clients and acquire new and eye-opening things from them. It begins by explaining that, when you speak to potential clients, you must discuss their stories, not your plan.

When you speak to your family members, possible clients, or buddies about the plan you have, they’ll most likely see how passionate you are, but, the largest difficulty with this is that individuals will probably give you generic support, which is our normal, culturally acceptable answer.

Rob explains that, if you wish to get accurate and honest reviews, you must discuss their stories in a manner of how your product can help them solve a problem that they have. They’ll think about that problem and probably tell you how they wish for it to be resolved. This will allow you to determine how you could assist people with the everyday problems that they have.

5. “The Hard Things About Hard Things”

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Written By: Ben Horowitz

If honesty is something you’re searching for, you will surely find it with this brutally sincere book revolving around how difficult it is to be a company owner. In fact, Ben was quite straightforward that he didn’t desire to draft an additional management manual, which is why he decided to write one that was not present on many businesspeople’s shelves.

Basically, he wrote about the stuff that occurs when everything stops going according to your scheme, and more importantly, he explains how difficult it is when it’s up to you to settle the issues. The most satisfying part of the title is that he explains everything through his own experiences, which is something that’ll allow you to comprehend that you’re not alone.


If you’re just starting out in the world of entrepreneurship, you must ensure that you read the books mentioned in the list above. Now, depending on your needs, knowledge, and skills, you can choose which one you’ll want to start reading first, however, keep in mind that they can all be helpful for your organization.

So, now that you have learned which publications you might want to read, you shouldn’t really waste any more of your time – after all, in your world, times does truly equal money. Instead, you should choose the first book you want to read, purchase it, and then start learning new things that’ll assist you with growing your company.