How To Give Bitcoin as a Birthday Gift – 2023 Guide


Giving is a way to express gratitude, to express love and respect for a person. It is a symbolic way that you can say thank you for existing, you mean so much to me and I love you so much. These are the terms that you can express with the gift, but you can also express with the gift that you want to give to someone.

There does not have to be an occasion to give something to someone. It is only necessary to surprise him little by little every day with small things and trifles that fill the soul and make the heart happy, and the main thing? Do the main thing in the form of a surprise on one of the big days for the person such as a birthday.

Birthday gifts can be the most interesting. Then the biggest surprises happen, then the biggest wishes of the people are fulfilled. Why? Because there is someone who loves them, who thinks about them, their wishes or their better functioning and in that direction, they think about buying a birthday gift.

Yes, we know that buying a birthday present is difficult and requires a lot of time, so sometimes it may be a good idea to look for an idea early and realize it early. You have already exhausted all the ideas for a birthday gift and you want it to be something that will make the person happy and help him a lot? How about giving away bitcoin?

Bitcoin is currently the most popular option in the world of cryptocurrencies. They are number one in terms of their value and the world sees in them a great harbinger of success that everyone looks to use as a chance. Do you want to give your loved one something worthwhile, do you want to give him something that will secure his future and enable him to be even more successful?

This is then the thing you have been looking for for a long time for the next birthday, this is the next surprise that you will need to work on to become a reality and become an object to surprise your loved one. Wondering how to make the most of Bitcoin? There are several ways, and that is exactly the topic we will discuss today. Today we will show you how you can prepare this gift, ie how you can give Bitcoin as a birthday surprise. Stay with us until the end and find out much more on this topic.

1. Create an account on one of the online platforms for Bitcoin and give it away 


There are a number of platforms on the Internet that offer the option to create an account and pay for your bitcoins there.  These platforms are usually either in function of electronic wallets or in function of platforms for management, ie for trading with coins.  Simply create a profile for the celebrant whose birthday it is, add the coins and simply give it away for use.  Of course, do not forget to just explain to him how to serve him.

2. Make a gift card and give it away


Did you know that there are payment services that make gift cards that can have bitcoins on them and then you can use them to buy with them, you can withdraw them at ATMs, you can manage them, and you can even give them away again. Simply ask them to do it for you, ie to make the card and then top it up with bitcoins after which it will be ready for use and for handing over to the celebrant whose birthday it is.  This is probably the fastest gift you can make in the form of a bitcoin card.

3. Make them in the form of a voucher and give it to the celebrant whose birthday it is


Sometimes a voucher is a great option to choose from. The voucher can be made of real money that can be paid anywhere, or it can be made of bitcoins that can be paid for or converted into dollars.  All you have to do is make the voucher through one of the companies that make it, emphasize that you want an option for conversion into dollars in one of the financial centers and then just give it to the celebrant. Cool solution isn’t it? Try it for the next birthday of a friend or a relative and see the smile you will draw on their face.

4. Buy a bitcoin product or service that you want to give away


You do not have to give the bitcoins in the form of coins, nor do you have to give them as a card.  Why not buy something for the person celebrating a birthday and to whom you want to buy a gift?  There is a huge selection of products and services that you can buy for the person.  It could be a trip, a course, it could be an object, clothes or a piece of jewelry, or it could be a space travel card that is now very popular.  If you like this option more then think and make the person happy this way.  Check for more info:

5. You can also make an investment and then just hand it over


Except that you can surprise someone in this way you can also make an investment and then surprise the person with it. It can be shares or some movable or immovable property that can be paid that way and then handed over to the celebrant. A great option that you must consider.

Birthday is a great day that you must enjoy together with your loved one with whom you are celebrating. So for the celebrant to feel the magic, prepare a good surprise that will keep him excited and happy from the beginning to the end of the party. Take a look at our suggestions and do your best to choose the best one for your close one.