8 Most Annoying Ringtones of All Time

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Nowadays, everyone owns a mobile phone, and it is commonly used for sending and receiving calls. You can easily know whether you are getting any call or message on your smartphone through alerts and ringtones. But many people prefer annoying ringtones and disturb people around them.

Loud voices can ruin the mood, or it can distract one’s mind. If you are also interested in annoying ringtones, then you can find various online platforms to get some. In this way, you can also prank your friends and get their attention.

Many people are confused about selecting a ringtone for their phone and want to avoid the annoying ones. Therefore, we will discuss all the popular ringtones that sound annoying. Avoid them or use them whenever you have to prank your friends or anyone in public.

1. Original Tune of Nokia

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It is a common musical tune that many people prefer to use as a ringtone. But it is so common that it can annoy anyone. Even if you do not have a Nokia phone, you can download and use it on your phone. If you want to irritate any person, you can prefer this tune.

There is an involvement of beep sounds that sounds quite irritating. Two beeps keep ringing in a loop, which can annoy anyone around you. If you do not pick up the phone quickly, it may irritate the listener, so you have to keep the mobile silent.

2. Crazy Frog

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You might be surprised that the Crazy Frog ringtone is 14 years old. But it is still used by many people. In the beginning, it was quite amusing, but now, it is considered as annoying. Being loathed, it had gained massive popularity.

It is like a joke that seems to pass whenever this tune is played on your phone. Like others, you can also search for this tune and apply it on your phone. You can easily prank your friends whenever you desire.

3. The Wife is Calling Warning

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It is a fantastic ringtone if you want to irritate your wife. Whenever your wife calls, you will listen to a tune that gives you the warning to pick up the call by telling you about the call from your wife. For some people, it is fun, but it can surely annoy your wife.

It is like listening to the nuclear bunker algo that keeps going on in a loop. In a group, you can share laughter and enjoy this ringtone on your phone. If you pick it for the first time, you will keep it for a lifetime to irritate your wife.

4. Plopping Keyboard

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Now, many people have switched to smartphones with touchscreens. But they miss the sound of keyboards and prefer a ringtone that sounds like that. The plopping sounds include tip tap sounds that you make whenever you type anything.

It is pretty annoying for anyone who is sitting in front of you. But what if you use it as a ringtone? Therefore, a plopping keyboard is quite a popular choice for many people. It feels like you are texting all day without any break. The audio clip may sound not good enough, like you keep texting.

5. Whistle

It is another audio clip that sounds annoying as a ringtone on your mobile phone. Whistles can be of different types, intensities, and frequencies. But it is surely not good enough to hear it all the time. You can avoid considering this tune that makes whistle sounds.

But if you want to irritate someone around you, then you can play the sound and distract someone’s mind. It is a popular annoying ringtone choice that many people prefer. But undoubtedly, it is also used commonly in many places. If you have applied such tunes, make sure that you keep your phone on silent mode in restricted areas.

6. Water Dropping Tune

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Many people prefer a water-dropping ringtone to get messages, notifications, and alerts. But it also sounds annoying and cannot be considered good in any peaceful place. You can prefer this tune if you want to set any sound for locking or unlocking your phone.

In this way, you can use it less, and it will not annoy anyone. But whenever you unlock your phone to see something, you will get the attention of everyone around you. People around you will think about the things that you must be doing on your phone.

7. Default Ringtone of iPhone

The iPhone default ringtone is quite common these days. Many people prefer it even if they have another phone. Using this ringtone is like showing off that you also have an iPhone, but in reality, you are flaunting the tune.

Anyone who is at some distance will believe that you own an iPhone. In this way, you get someone’s attention and let them believe you have the same smartphone as your friend. You can fool or annoy someone by using this tune. You can easily find it on any online application, and you can download it for use.

8. Shame

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It is another standard annoying ringtone that you must have heard of in Samsung phones. You will observe that you hear the sweeping orchestral sound, which may sound quite irritating. You may feel like you are sitting on the train and you are on a long journey.

In the beginning, you may like it, but later, you will get tired of it. If you are a Samsung user, then you will get this Shame ringtone easily, and you can easily apply it.

The Bottom Line

If you do not know about the annoying ringtones on your mobile, then you must consider all that is mentioned above. You can irritate someone or get the attention of the crowd.

The list includes some of the popular ringtones that are widely used, and you can prefer them as per your requirements. If you are searching for good tunes, you must avoid them as they can annoy people around you.