11 Expert Tips on Writing a Good Blog Post in 2023

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Writing a good blog post isn’t about using the right words. It goes deeper than just that. There are many ingredients necessary to make your blog post appealing, readable, and precise for your readers to delve into. Like making stew, it’s essential to balance the ingredients in the right ratios so that the outcome is worth the time and effort.

It is a challenging task to be a good writer. However, it doesn’t have to be so with some research and a little practice. Within no time, you may find yourself among the best bloggers and article creators. Below are some of the tips that are useful when you want to create a good blog post, according to proessaywriting.co.uk.

1. Choose a Good Topic

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Before anything else, you should pick a topic that will attract traffic to what you want to write about. Get to know what your audience needs to know or read about and base your writing around that. It is also essential to know your readers’ feedback and try as much as you can to respond to their requests and perspectives.

When writing a blog, it is always wise, to begin with, a good idea. Various platforms can help you find trending topics you can use to base your blog on and carry out your research.

2. Conduct Your Research

After coming up with a topic or an idea:

  • Make it your goal to find out more about your competitors and find ways to improve whatever they are offering.
  • Gauge whether you can improve on the content they have or new material that will enhance your writing quality.
  • If you cannot, forsake that topic.

For any topic you are covering, either it’s best paper writing services or a top 10 list of best movies, you need not have expertise in the area but always seek to add value to your writing.

3. Start an Outline While Taking Notes

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It’s essential to have your notebook with you to jot down notes when conducting your research. Note down the important points and give an outline on the notebook. There are also modern alternatives like a WordPad application and many others if you are not a notebook

4. Beginning Your Blog Post Draft

Write your post on the outline that you now have. Here, you can use an application like WordPress because it saves a lot of time and effort.

5. Captivate Your Readers Using a Great Opening

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Captivating your reader to get interested in your writing is the most significant leap in writing a blog. A great and luring introduction will reel the reader to want to know more about what you have written. You can adopt a method experienced writers use, that is, to write the body first and then construct the introduction later to address the entire contents exclusively.

Lure your reader by posing for them a question that depicts their want. If the reader associates with that problem, they will want to know how to solve it; hence, they’ll read into your writing body and up to the end of it (hopefully).

6. Write Like You Talk

Whenever you are writing, do not overlook the tone and style of your writing. Keep in mind that these elements make a huge difference to your reader and how they’ll perceive your work. Your writing should suggest a feeling to the reader that they’re having a conversation with an old friend or someone they can associate with. To become a good writer, use a conversational tone. It helps to build trust between you and the reader. Don’t you agree?

7. Make It Scannable

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I know you can agree with me that not everybody reads a whole blog word-for-word. To make your writing exceptional, format your post such that it’s easy for a reader to pick out the information they want to know about. Once a reader feels the freedom to go through your posts without reading it as a block, it’s more likely they will stick around even more.

You can make your posts scannable by:

Using subheadings: they enable your post to appear orderly and allow readers to know the main topics enveloped in the post.

Use short sentences: it’s easy to read short sentences. On the other hand, long strings of words in a sentence make it hard to understand your blog’s contents, which makes the reader bored and skip the contents of your blog. Do you not agree?

Use short paragraphs: long paragraphs are hard to read and boring to look at. A good paragraph should have 2-4 sentences. In between them at an interval, you can throw in a one-sentence paragraph for grabbing the reader’s attention.

Use Bullet Points: you can list points using bullets instead of writing them in a sentence.

8. Use Images and Photos for Visual Engagement

Adding graphics can transform a boring piece of writing into an engaging and fun post to read. Images act as a visual break that refreshes the reader and ensures that they stay engaged.

9. Include a Call to Action That’s Compelling

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Your post is only successful if you can find a way of convincing your readers to take any action on your site. A call to action can be asking your readers to:

Share the post

Leave a comment

Buy your product

Sign to your newsletter

See if your CTA is compelling by putting yourself in the readers’ shoes and highlight the benefits of taking action. What should they take action?

10. Add a Featured Photo/ Image

Another plan to captivate your reader is by using platforms like Pixxabay, Unsplash, and Shutterstock to get appealing images. Creating a beautiful clickbait is the goal to get traffic on your post.

11. Level Up Your SEO

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial when attracting traffic to your site. Add a focus keyword and a title containing the keywords in it. Similarly, add a meta description and an SEO title. Use a minimum of 300 words, but if you can get to 1000, then the better. Optimize images, too, ensuring they’re of the right size having descriptive names before uploading. For more information, please check marketingsweet.com.au.


Just like that, you have yourself a good blog post. It isn’t rocket science now, is it? Go ahead and create your masterpiece.

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