4 Tips For Winning a Portfolio Recovery Associates Debt Lawsuit

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While the pending debts on your credit or loan payments are already scary by themselves, when PRA starts pursuing them it becomes significantly much scarier. The PRA is a debt collection company that “buys” your debt from your credit card agencies or banks. Then they do whatever is necessary to make you pay the debts that you don’t even know if you owe them.

The most common way they do this is by suing you with a portfolio recovery lawsuit. Getting a portfolio recovery lawsuit can be overwhelming and anxiety-inducing, especially when it comes from a company you barely know. Implementing unfair practices like this and many others is what PRA is infamous for. Often they expect to intimidate people with a portfolio recovery lawsuit into giving them money you don’t even owe.

They have absolutely no qualms about doing so and have garnered complaints from all around the country because of such behavior. That is why, if you ever get a lawsuit notice at your home that PRA has just “sued you for a portfolio recovery lawsuit and having excess debt”, don’t be afraid.

There are several countermeasures you can implement against the PRA’s actions to insure yourself from a portfolio recovery lawsuit and you can read more about them here. The number one thing you need to remember is not to panic or get anxious, because your chances of winning the lawsuit are much higher than PRA’s. In this article, we’ll tell you several tips that you can keep in mind if you want to win a portfolio recovery associates debt lawsuit.

1. Stand your ground

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When faced with a lawsuit from PRA, it is crucial that you stand your ground no matter what happens. When you get a PRA lawsuit, the first and foremost thing we recommend you to do is respond to the lawsuit. You do this by meticulously drafting a document called “Answer” that reacts to the various accusations made against you in the lawsuit.

You need to react to each and every single argument according to the number assigned to them, by either accepting it or denying it. You cannot offer a middle ground in this document nor any sort of plea. Your goal should be to keep it short and precise, exacting your argument. We heavily recommend that you deny most of the accusations laid out against you.

These can be anything from the amount of the debt or the identity mentioned. If you argue against the latter, especially, then you automatically win the case because if they have mistaken your identity then their whole lawsuit becomes void. Never back down while drafting this document or you’ll be the one on the losing side.

2. Attend the court summons for the lawsuit

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One of the most common mistakes that people do is not attend the court summons issued by the portfolio recovery lawsuit. They think if they don’t even know who sued them, it doesn’t make sense to go to court for it. This is completely wrong behavior and can actually land you in quite a bit of trouble.

Not going to court for lawsuits like these not only disables you from making an argument for yourself but also gives the PRA leverage over you. Judges are busy men who work in courts that are always full of cases. When you don’t attend court summons and respect their time, they won’t have second thoughts about passing judgment.

While court summons become more unlikely the more your debt is (the amount which is claimed by the PRA), it still is a major factor to consider nonetheless. With court proceedings, you can never be sure. This applies more so when there are hungry loans collecting sharks after your money.

3. Document everything and ask for evidence

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If you happen to meet your debt collector in person, which we wouldn’t recommend doing without an attorney, you should make sure that you document everything. There needs to be a written record of all the information, some documentary evidence to ensure the PRA is not deceiving you with their tricks.

When you are in court, don’t be shy to ask for evidence of identity, of the exact debt amount they claim you owe them, or any other discrepancies in their lawsuit that you may find. This can turn the entire tide for you in a portfolio recovery lawsuit. A major lack of evidence causes the lawsuit to look bad in front of the court, passing the judgment in your favor. On the other hand, if you stay timid during this time and do not ask for any evidence, then PRA will roll over you, take your money and go away – and you won’t even know what hit you.

That’s simply how PRA works with all their lawsuits – they instill anxiety, then they prey on those who can’t handle it. While it may sound like we are exaggerating, once you get familiar with how the PRA practices and the methods they adopt you’ll realize how they actually operate.

4. See if you can get a settlement instead of the actual amount

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Everyone is well aware of how tedious court proceedings can be. Most people don’t want any part of it and if they somehow get involved, they want to resolve it as soon as possible. The same applies when you get sued with a portfolio recovery lawsuit. The attorney who acts on behalf of the PRA is often more than willing to get the lawsuit done with.

They already have other cases piled up and will jump at the opportunity of settling the lawsuit quickly. If you offer a settlement of about 12-14% of the original debt, the attorney will be more than glad to settle it at that amount. This is a viable option if you don’t want to deal with continuous court proceedings.

Even if you have to pay 15% of the amount, we recommend you take the deal. Remember, if by chance the PRA somehow wins, your entire financial side will be disfigured thoroughly. It would be much more convenient to just go for a settlement in such cases.


If you stand your ground and follow this article, you don’t need to worry about any lawsuits that the PRA sues you for. We hope this article helped you out, and if it did, please consider following us for regular updates as it will help us out immensely.