When She’s Not Texting Back: What It Means & What To Say Now – 2023 Guide


This article will give you:

  • WHERE means when he does not respond to messages (and whether or not he is interested).
  • 15 Juicy screenshots Conversations for learning
  • 3 most painful errors errors that stop the reaction
  • What does it mean if she doesn’t respond after you compliment her?
  • 2 Ways to revive the conversations of the dead
  • Simply copy and paste the text to confirm the date if you haven’t received an answer.
  • The exact number of messages you need to send to make an appointment with her.
  • What you have to tell him now is (copy the inserted lines!)
  • Much more…

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No answer? So

You were having an affair with a very nice girl.

They exchanged phone numbers, and then all of a sudden…

You never heard from her again. She’s stopped answering.

Or rather, you both texted for a while, but then she stopped texting.

What the hell? ! What have I done wrong? What is it? Did I miss something?

Sometimes the feeling of mistake is so strong that you begin to wonder if you deserve it.

You check your phone every minute, and if it vibrates or beeps, check it immediately.


These are very strong feelings.

I understand you’ll feel lost if you start talking to someone who’s not responding again.

Fortunately, the days when I had to deal with this kind of nonsense are over. But I assure you, I’ve had my share of the good old days.

I’ve learned from this experience. And I’m going to share it with you today.

3 most painful errors (to avoid!)

What do most guys do when a girl stops texting?

They start to feel really bad, panic and check their phones every 3 minutes.

Worst of all: they send extra text.

(Transferring the second text is not a bad idea. I’ll come back to this later. However, the specific texts most people send are more than bad).

Are you convinced you’ve done something wrong… but you have no idea what it is? So you read and analyze your conversation over and over again.

Now, I’ll be honest with you: You can’t notice your mistakes, so you can’t make good movements.

Otherwise you wouldn’t have made the same mistakes all the time and you wouldn’t be on this page.

And since you don’t know why she’s not answering, there’s a chance you’ll do the following:

Make sure she reads your last message. You can also revisit the same topics.

Say you’re proposing an appointment on Wednesday for this weekend.

It’s a good thing you already suggested a date for Wednesday. If you’d asked at the end of the week, your odds would have dropped drastically. Last-minute appointments are not very common.

Sacred side:

The more organized your girlfriend is, the more likely you are to ask her out.

So you sent a date proposal on Wednesday, but she didn’t respond. They sent something later, like… :

Hey, I’m not sure if you’ve read my script, but I was wondering if you have any plans this weekend.

Bad buzzer – noise.mp3

Make sure she has read your text – common error #1

She’s almost begging them for an answer.

You may have sent one in the past:

Hmm, well, apparently you intend to ignore them all: P.

The laughter of the non-response is a common error number 2.

Or maybe you just waited and sent him a message like that:

And what did you do last weekend?

Asking her what she did that day is the usual error number 3.

Each of these three errors is very sporadic. Maybe you find it ironic… It’s not that. You look like a bastard and maybe even a passive-aggressive.


There’s a reason she’s not responding to her brother anymore. And yes, sometimes they just forget to match. But even then, these texts will not leave a good impression.

Forcing a girl to answer is never a good idea. Who do you think you are? Your mother?

You see…

The real problem isn’t that she missed your last message…

The real problem is that you are no longer ATTRACTIVE.

Maybe you weren’t attractive to start with. But right now, it’s out of your hands and out of the focus of our attention. Because at least as much time, you can be attractive.

The problem is that his attraction to you can change just as quickly as you reach orgasm when your celebrity crushes you by massaging your balls in his mouth.

And worst of all, you’re not the only one texting him. Since you’re reading this, I know you have good taste. Good taste in advice and – judging by the ladies my students meet – good taste in women.

You’re not the only one writing it.

The advantage of your good taste is of course that you are attracted to more beautiful women.

Shortage?  A bunch of guys are after him.

To give you an idea:

In the last 24 hours, my friend JUST on Instagram has received 29 messages. Twenty-nine.

(Delays in your report are message requests). Your phone number is in Dutch and from Belgium).



Of course, I know this is an extreme case. But he’s painting a painting.

Besides, I don’t display these screenshots to fill a page. I hung them up so you can feel what the regular guys are talking about.

With these screenshots you can learn some difficult lessons, which you will have to find.

Oh, and by the way: Want to know how you’re gonna succeed with Instagram? Look at my article in Instagram.

But CHILL OUT. Don’t panic! We will correct their lack of response.

I will now list all the possible causes of the problem.

Pick up the phone and look at all the forgotten calls. Or maybe you already know them by heart.

In any case, we will report and solve your problems together. So the next time you’re the guy who manages to make a deal with her while your competitors make one mistake after another.

We can divide all your problems into two categories. The first is the smaller of the two. There are things about her you can’t control.

The second category is much more than that. We’re betting on everything you’re doing wrong right now. In your regular texts, Tinder conversations, dating page X and communication application Y. Any platform on which you talk to women.

Category 1: Things beyond your control

Read it carefully, because it gives you a serious rest for your head.

Finding the right mentality is half the job.

So take a deep breath and read the following to find the true meaning of your text if it does not give you the answer.

Cause 1: It happened

It’s happening, brother.

Left and right.

All the time.

Every minute that passes, 592 million things happen. Some of these things change our lives in ways we could never have imagined.

Sometimes a girl really likes you. And suddenly, out of nowhere, she realizes she has to focus on something completely different.

His health, his family, his career, his loss, his friendship.


These aspects of life can be so important that they can make a beautiful boy lose his mind. Suddenly, when life takes an unexpected turn, it doesn’t matter anymore.

So, what happened? LIVE. Life is over. And this is out of your control.

When something like this happens, you can’t be selfish. Give him time and space. Send him a new text message in a month or two and you’ll be surprised if you get a positive response.

Cause 2: Dark side of courtesy

Most people try to avoid conflict. Women are no exception.

When you text a girl and enjoy a conversation, it doesn’t mean she likes you. And even if she likes you, she might not be in the mood for a date.

Or maybe she was at a better time when she gave her number, but that feeling disappeared the next day. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay.

In any case, women know that situations can quickly become awkward if they refuse to give their phone number. That’s why many women just give their number to avoid aconflict.

It is much easier to ignore your texts than to reject them personally.

Sacred side:

When you meet a woman in real life (i.e. offline), you want to make an impression.

If she gave her phone number, but didn’t answer it the next day, she probably wants to get to know you better. DID .

But that feeling quickly disappeared.

If that’s the case, you haven’t impressed her enough. And, as you already know:

You can make a girl feel anything but bored. .

I asked my girlfriend why she answered my message the day after I received her phone number. She said something like this:

I didn’t know if you were attractive or not, but you left an impression that made me think. I wanted to know what was behind this quiet conversation.

So the fact is that not everything has to be done in one speech if you make a strong impression.

Cause 3: She is in service

To my great disappointment I found that some girls are very busy with bees. It is clear that not everyone has a phone on hand 24 hours a day.

I know a lot of women who only check their phones once or twice a day. By public transport, during the lunch break and for example in the evening.

If you notice that you correspond with a person who keeps work and phone calls strictly separated, please be patient.


She gets a lot of messages from guys who go crazy if she doesn’t act fast. If you’re not such a crybaby, you’ve got a head start. Your trust will help you stand out in a sea of men in distress.

I’m spending an inhuman amount of time with Tinder. It’s just part of the job. Sometimes I open an application and wonder if there are any new reports?

…but when I reread the conversations, I think a lot of them went well, but now it’s my turn with the text.

I think I read his text when I was writing an article, for example. Or I think about what she just wrote me and decided to answer later.

Yes, even though she is a ridiculously beautiful lady, I am very interested in.


It’s the same with a lot of girls texting you.


If you send a text message to a busy bee, give him at least one day to react. If she didn’t answer after that, maybe she forgot about you because she’s busy.

In this case, it is preferable to resume the conversation in a calm and carefree manner.

Note in particular that you are and not and that you make one of three common errors.

Category 2: Your possible gaps

And now, my dear reader…

As tempting as it is to blame things we can’t control… it’s usually YOU who make them stop reacting.

There are certain mistakes boys always make. And because you don’t know, you keep repeating these mistakes in your lyrics. You accidentally sabotage your way into an unanswered zone.

We will look at the most common errors together to identify and eliminate your weaknesses.

Weakness 1 : It has lost interest

It’s both your weakness and the beginning of a dead conversation.

You’re doing something to stop her from reacting.

It could be anything, but whatever it is. , you don’t stimulate them enough to cause a reaction.

If doesn’t feel any emotion with yourtexts, your conversation will die faster than a drunk teenager in an open bar in Cancun.

Weakness 2: You bother them.

This one is short but important.

We have already discussed this in this article and in the previous paragraph of the list.

Boredom is the best carrot dryer.

This certainly means a boring answer or a serious case of missing answers.

Have you ever written him anything like this?

  • You tell him you’re hungry, tired or complaining about something else.
  • Send like you – or what you do – out of nowhere.
  • A similar text that screams to attract attention instead of evoking emotions.

Were you surprised when you learned one of these rules?

Then you’ll miss me and you won’t be so mad.

And the women you’ve had enough of will ignore you and hope you leave them alone.

So check your phone, what were the last messages. You can now see that the value did not respond to in your text.

Weakness 3: Your coastal ass.

Damn, yeah.

Women are absurdly beautiful, and some are even funny.

Maybe you’re just a good person who makes other people happy.

At least know that won’t help you if you compliment a lot.

That makes you a bad salesman on the black market.

And who are the typical people who give a lot of compliments?

  • his gay best friend
  • The typical flattery she knows is that everything he says is a direct attempt to get into his pants.
  • A man stuck in the depths of his friendship and only gets messages when he doesn’t feel safe and needs to be controlled.

Imagine you know two girls: Tina and Louise.

They’re both as cute and beautiful as each other.

Tina compliments you every time you see her. Your hair is beautiful, your shoes are beautiful, your taste for music is good, etc…

Louise doesn’t want to hear her compliments. She thought you looked just as good for the haircut, and the jacket wasn’t her thing. But when you bought those new shoes, she told you how good they looked and how sexy they were.

Which compliments will have the greatest effect?

What sweet words will tickle your little heart?

That’s right.

Think about it if you want to kiss your ass again.

Maybe that’s why she didn’t text you. Maybe the value of your words has dropped and it feeds the market with all your beautiful words.

Here is an example of how it can be done differently, which will make the conversation more meaningful:


She writes modestly. Well, thanks :), but that compliment has already caused more emotion than the 10 compliments of all the other boys in his mailbox.

It’s best to go up the river once in a while. Which brings us to our next weakness.

Weakness 4: You are not driving far enough up.

Ahh, up the river.

A personal favorite and a specialty.

And one of the most common problems for any man on earth is waiting for assholes.

The problem and its cause are simple.

Deep inside, you feel unworthy of the woman you love.

When she says or does something you disagree with, you tend to remain silent and nod. In this case, in text form. You agree, you’re afraid she’ll be angry with you, or love you less if you disagree with her.

You don’t even need something you disagree with.

Try to see what happens when you comment on your outfit, your musical taste or your hobby.

What happens if you tease her instead of flattering her?

Sacred side:

Feeling better and acting like a jerk is nothing to brag about.

But it can be useful to think about WHY some of the things these guys have so much appeal.


Old man when I found out how far I could go

Weakness 5: They are not based on the general characteristics of.

I wonder what’s the quickest way to make a deep connection.

communities, brothers.

You can text a girl 7042 times and show me your call.

The depth of the bond she feels with you can be achieved in 7000 less lyrics.


by digging into the things she loves and you love, like the REAL thing.


Tim has a deep connection with all the women he’s spoken to because he’s a damn good digger.

Have you ever had a moment when someone shares their favorite movie or album with you and it happens to be your favorite movie?

What was that?

That’s right, very good, and the conversation that followed went without a hitch.


On this screenshot, I’m sending him a link to the song.

If she says she loves him, I’ll send her a similar number.

She happens to like that song, too. It even seems to be their favorite song of the band.

These little things give her a much deeper connection with you.


If everyday things like musical taste have all this effect…

…what do you think happens when you have the same opinion on really difficult issues?

or if you’ve both been through something deeply emotional?

Mm-hmm… right.


Weakness 6: You are investing in the wrong direction.

Did your conversation ever end in a monologue?

That might explain why you didn’t get an answer from him.

It was a monologue to continue the conversation, but instead your caller was released on bail?

Here they are… …your messages. All alone, surrounded by their eternal echo.

Anyone who claims to have never experienced this is a filthy liar and is now forbidden to publish this article.

Anyway, you try too hard to talk to your lady once in a while, brother. And we have to do something about it.

Let me show you this beautiful picture from my article #Tips for online dating:


This, my best friend, is a snitch. Scales that work on magic because the scales are not physically connected.

On the left a beautiful lady and on the right an interesting man.

Underneath there’s a green button. There’s a red button underneath.

Your button is green because you want to press it. Your button (you’re an interesting man) is red because you never want to press it.

The person who makes the most effort becomes heavier and climbs the button.

Your destination? Reduce the scale page to a level sufficient to press the key.


When a woman has invested so much money that she talks practically, you can be sure she likes you.

Read briefly the wise words of Benjamin P. Hardy:

We grow up with love for what we put in. You like what you do. You love what you have sacrificed yourself. You like what you changed for

If you work a lot in a certain class, you will like that class.

If you work hard on the project, you will like it

If you work hard to write this paper, you will love it.

If you enter into a relationship, you will love this man. 1С9

Well said, Benjamin.

But how do you do that?

That in itself is a theme for a book twice the size of the Bible. Maybe someday I’ll write that…

In any case, I’m going to give you a few tips right now that you can apply immediately.

First, you invest most of the money from the start. You can’t expect a girl to throw herself right at you.

If you take the initiative, you can, as it were, bring them directly to you.

Pay attention: You only want to do it at the beginning of a conversation. Since then, you want her to take more and more responsibility. If you exchange texts over a certain period of time, you want to recoup about two thirds of your investment.

You also want to ask the right questions.

If you want her to invest more, you want to avoid all this:

  • Closed questions
  • Yes/No questions
  • Other questions, which can be answered in short texts.

WHY– Quotations are elaborated on by their answers.

Of course, not all questions have to be super-deep. Sometimes little questions make them talk. As in the WhatsApp message example:


She sends pictures because she has something to celebrate.

Of course, you’re gonna ask her what she’s celebrating.

But in case you’ve noticed, I’m just pulling the strings. In the background I see an empty whisky bottle.


I like to drink whiskey myself, so it’s a possible approach.

A little further on in the conversation the subject of whisky – Aberlour (good stuff) – comes up again.

But first, I’m gonna ask him a few quick questions about his ex. She was celebrating that he was gone for a week.

Once the quick questions have been eliminated, you can easily ask more difficult questions.


After a few short questions, I ask more open and deeper questions like… :

It’s so damn loud. When did you tell him what it was like?

She’s reacting pretty fast here. If you dig a little deeper, she’ll write you half a novel.

Instead I choose to end this moment at an emotional climax, and end it here.

(Background: I just played soccer for two hours and she knows it)

I’ve had such an intense two-hour game that I can’t be human anymore. It’s time to go to bed. X


An unpleasant gesture? Maybe.

Will she feel like this conversation isn’t over yet and she wants more?

Most likely.

By the way, do you want to know how I use this principle to make women beg for a second date? Then I have good news for you, because I share it in my #Tinder Date Tips article.

A few solos…

Video instruction: How to get them rewritten

Then we continue with weakness number 7 (very important for boys looking for a girl).

But first, let me give you some practical advice.

You can see it in this video:

  • 1 Copy the sentence to display your text!
  • The story I was rejected, and Butthurt (I’m still ashamed of it).
  • Error #1 if not responding.
  • 6 Other mistakes the boys keep making.
  • The Sad Grampa effect explains
  • More…

Tons of values and knowledge at your fingertips.

Careful, now.

Weakness 7: They are becoming seriously too fast.

It will take some effort to put this behavior in your messages, but if you do, you will get better responses from women than usual.

Tell me the truth, do you ever get too serious? That means you don’t have the pleasure of flirting, and you go too far in the next six things…

Because if your tone is too serious, chances are you’re too serious:

  • Too vulnerable.
  • Send Mandatory texts
  • make friends
  • seemingly desperate
  • Opening
  • Not getting answers from women, wondering what it all means…

Look, being very serious is very unattractive. That’s the reason:

We can see male energy as a kind of uncontaminated and ruthless force.

A woman wants to feel she has to earn her wild soul.

As if she had to tame a beautiful wild animal.

If a girl doesn’t feel what should have done for you , she’ll never take you seriously.

If she feels you were on a mission and she had to fight to win you, she will be PROUD if you choose her.

So the next time you say something nice or express your feelings quickly without knowing if she likes you… Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!

So I forbid you:

  • Send meaningless texts because you need their attention.
  • Share your secrets or emotional stories WITHOUT being asked.
  • Say something nice before she says something like that.

If you expose her like that, what does she need to find out?

Women like to get to know you a little. They want to get to know you layer by layer and get to know you better and deeper.

Have you ever known a girl who knew all about you in a few weeks or months?

If the answer is yes, then you’re the one who’s too quick.

As long as she wants to know more about you than you reveal to her, she will always answer your messages and calls.

Weakness 8: You send as younger messages.

Occasionally I hear someone say it would be a good idea to send more smilies.

They’ll look less threatening!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. And according to this logic, you should buy a large bouquet of roses for every girl you hire on a first date.

You look less intimidating.

Almost all tips for sending SMS – about the content of the texts. If we’re talking about some of the signs you’re using, I’ve got two lines for you:

  • Less smiles and smiling faces.
  • No more punctuation marks.

These are the main differences between texts and for adults and young people.

Sacred side:

Also make sure there are no grammatical or spelling mistakes in your dating profile.

I’m not the only one who thinks that a girl who makes grammatical mistakes is an important turning point. 96% of women say that reacts less quickly to a person whose profile contains grammatical errors.

Anyway, back to the emotions.

My golden rule is to make lyrics:

If your text doesn’t make sense without a smiling face, you can use it.

I myself use a smileyface every 200 text messages.

Or when I’m clearly talking nonsense.

You will notice that women often use smileys. It’s a female trait.

Do you want to look feminine?


That’s right. So stop putting a :p or a smiley at the end of each sentence. And from now on, you’re the one who gives him the answer.

You can read more about the success of the scale and other sensors in the article I wrote on this subject.

Weakness 9: You’re a dirty cheater.

And just to be sure, with Trichard, I mean, you’re exaggerating.

Not just by trying to seduce her…

…you’re trying too hard to be what she wants you to be.

…you’re trying too hard to say what you think she wants to hear.

You’re guaranteed to filter what you say, so she doesn’t think you’re a pervert.


You’re not a monster.

You’re just like everyone else.

And that’s the last thing you want to be

Every day I hear I’m a monster. And if a girl tells me she thinks I’m a monster, I know it’s in the bag.


That pretty blonde girl was right when she texted me after midnight

But Louis, isn’t it more negative than positive that she thinks you’re a monster?

That’s a good question, brother.

There is a narrow ridge between WEIRDO and CREEPER.

If you’ve watched my videos on Youtube or read my articles, you already know my philosophy:

They want to be different from others.

The idea is simple:

The rest is 90% of the average men who have no feelings of seduction compared to women. They’re all copies of each other and say the same annoying bad lines.

If you start saying what you really think without filtering yourself, you will notice that you are more often called a spinner.

Most men fight back when a girl says they’re weird.

I drink a bottle of champagne because I know I’ve distinguished myself from the rest of the audience.

https://www.istockanalyst.click/wp-content/uploads/word-image-64.jpeg IfAGirlsTotallyCrazyAboutoutYou.jpg

Oh, did you see the smiling face?

Okay. Okay. Okay, okay. Now you have an idea how to use these things.

Do you want to know what to write her if she hasn’t given you an answer? Jump now!

Sacred side:

Some of you have written to me that the Clickbait Opener works very well to revive dead conversations.

I made a video on this subject, which contains seven application examples.

I’m not even asking you for money, you can download it here for free.

What if it is not rewritten.

This will save you from your death calls.

And you’re gonna let the convoy leave.

I hope you recognize yourself in one of those weaknesses.

You need to pay more attention to it. Better safe than sorry.

Especially the speech of the dead.

If there was only one rule to revive ALL dead words, I’d certainly give it to you.

The truth is, each convoy is too different for one line to dominate them all.

But I will give you this advice:

Never send a text in the same vote as the previous text to which she did not reply. We mentioned this at the beginning of the article.

What you MUST do after the silence is open with something positive .

There are more than enough men and women complaining already. Nobody needs a negative text anymore, and he certainly won’t be rewarded with a quick response.

It is better to send a picture of a meme with a smile on your face than an expertly written text.


Who would have thought a gift from a cute puppy would work better than a stupid father?

By the way, have you noticed?

This beautiful lady turns off her lighter alarm and fits perfectly on busy bee Tag.  We’ve talked about girls like that before.

Another one?


This conversation was from a conversation that didn’t seem to interest her and asked me for my REAL QUICK number.

Great reaction, so all hope is not lost, buddy.

The last one?


Excuse me… I am not answering questioncorrectly.

Apology accepted, ma’am.

You don’t like sending GIFs?

Try my other trick:


These two examples show that you come back with something positive. You’re laughing at yourself or the situation… , at least you’re not Batyurt.

Oh, and another one for being in such a good mood:

If you want to resume this conversation and text him…

…suggest a date with a positive emotional peak .

And keep control of your needy side. As soon as she answers, you want to ask her out again. But you can’t.

Start with a good feeling. If she’s enjoying your conversation the best, you should ask her out. Their percentage is 69% higher than their bait.

You send a confirmation message for an appointment, but no response is sent after your appointment.

Bravo, brother! You managed to get a date with a nice girl.

She accepted your offer to meet at X, place Y.

You have marked the date in your diary with a big cross and are looking forward to the day it will come.

On the day of your appointment, text her to find out if she’s still planning on coming to your house. Just to be sure.

Sacred side:

Here’s a good trick to see if she shows up.

About an hour later, you text him to say you’re five minutes late.

Just to get further confirmation from him.

If you don’t get confirmation of your appointment or no response from her, chances are she won’t come.

Bye, bye. Great date with Tinder.


Relax, relax, it’s not the end of the world. I’m gonna teach you how to live with women. So you don’t have a problem with girls canceling dates.

You can let him know by responding to his rejection in the opposite way if most men don’t get the message back.

Most of the boys complained, asked for an explanation or wanted to put the next date right next to the text.

As future TextGod, you don’t.

You don’t get angry or upset, you just react with humour and understanding.

With humour you can avoid the drama and show him that this is not a great tragedy for you.


And don’t forget she agreed to a date when you suggested it. Suppose she wants to go out with you in the future. It is not necessary to propose a new date immediately. Maybe she’ll think of an alternative.

If she doesn’t, don’t try desperately to find out what it means when she cancels.

Give it a little rest and write something light a few days later that has nothing to do with the date. Always start from the call instead of looking for supporting text.

But what happens if she cancels a third time or more? Don’t forget the abundance of women mentioned above. You want to live like Hugh Hefner so you don’t depend on one girl.

Stop trying and let her go. Good luck next time, brother.

And so your knowledge expanded. Now you know what it means if she doesn’t respond to a funny reply to your message. In the future, avoid these errors and take the right steps in your messages.

Good luck converting your weaknesses into strengths and be prepared to have a lot of data.

Blessings, Louis Farfields.

In these articles you will find additional tips:

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