What to Say On Tinder: Use the Following 35 + Example Texts – 2023 Guide


They have a lot of tinder games.

A little old, a little new.

Your games are waiting for a text message.

But your mind has no ideas other than . What can I say about Tinder?

It’s no problem.

Read it and get it:

  • 23 tips to improve the weighbridge
  • The biggest mistake you make scares them.
  • What if the Tinder is more frustrating than funny?
  • # The No. 1 bomb knife, which is also surprisingly simple #
  • The technique of the elephant in the room to bring back dead calls.
  • How to overcome the 2 biggest obstacles on the Tinder
  • And more than that…

By the way, you knew I was doing a profile checklist. Just fill in the missing boxes and find out where in your profile the necessary drive switches are missing. As a bonus, I consider the player’s Tinder profile using the profile checklist. If you know your shortcomings, you can multiply your games. You can download it for free here.

If you’re a YouTube fan like me, I’ve got something great for you.

Because in the next video I divide 3 fillings into empty templates to use them on Tinder. Send her in:

#1: What not to tell him about Tinder (GREAT DISEASE)

It sucks to have a hot game just to say something so stupid that it ignores you.

Imagine opening the Tinder to test your new game.

They ignore his biography and go straight to his pictures.

Your bronze smelter loves what he sees and he gives you the green light.


You open a chat room and send it the first thing that comes to mind.

Or… :


All you’ve done is complicate your life.

Let’s start with hello or how are you? It works well in person.

Imagine you’re in a bar.

You notice the woman you love and you approach her.

She can see you.

You just close your eyes.

You laugh and you talk: Who are you?

Her eyes are shining, and then there’s the conversation.

If a simple question can evoke such a powerful answer in real life, why not use it on the lighter?

Put yourself in his shoes.

When you talk to a lady on Tinder, she reads letters on the screen.

No voice, no touch, no smell, no eye contact, no body language.

Tinder doesn’t have it.

You could almost say that Internet dating… is an obligation.

And because digital dating is only based on pictures and words, what you say and how you say it, SUPER important.

I can’t insist on that.

Therefore, there is usually no answer after the call.

Because even if you have the best Tinder Profile that man knows, but not the skills to shine through the text…

You’ll have very little data.

Some examples of bad texting that you should avoid

  • Good morning, sir.
  • How are you doing?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • I see rowing is your hobby. So am I!
  • I don’t like texting. Let’s get together.
  • Hi, sweetheart.
  • I’m glad we made it!
  • You’re so hot.

You suddenly have no more ideas what to say to Tinder?

I got it, buddy.

In this article you will find the copy-paste rules, formulas that serve as guidelines for your texts. And other quality content to improve your text game on Tinder!

#2: What do you do when the lighter brings you in position?

If Tinder ever confuses you more than makes you happy, I have something for you.

Sometimes Tinder can really ruin you.

Maybe you haven’t had any new sex differences.

Maybe some girls are following you.

And your other new friends don’t encourage the idea of the gun box.

It sucks if Tinder doesn’t come to you.

But it’s important to see the request for a meeting as it really is:

It’s a form of entertainment. A way to make appointments without leaving the house. And a general lifestyle bonus.

But not everyone thinks so.

Some people take Tinder too seriously.

To the point that it’s all about results.

Some of them are obsessed with expanding their staff.

While others are so obsessed with finding the right person that they go from being nice to hateful within seconds.

Like Mr. Butturt:


So, the next time your game doesn’t respond quickly enough or seems uninterested, turn off the Tinder and hang up the receiver.

Take a walk, visit friends, lift weights.

Anything to distract you from Tinder.

Because if you talk to him about a position that requires a reaction, you’re probably talking like Mr. Butturt up here.

Which will only ruin your chances of seeing the game.

If you still want to know what to say about Tinder, go ahead.

They’re about to reveal the secret of the theft.

#3: How to start a call on the Tinder?

This is the epic knife that one of my coaches once showed me.

There you go.


Don’t you want all conversations about Tinder to start too?

In only four messages, she agreed to have my father beat her.


When you read my first line, you might think of yourself: Louis, that’s just stupid.

I’m right here with you, buddy.

He’s stupid.

And that’s why it worked!

Disclaimer: No matter how good the line is, nothing works on ALL girls.

Because of the stupidity of this line, you can be sure that it is unique.

And that she’s never seen anything like it.

So because I’m stupid, I’m a relief to them.

Honestly, I could be a stink cloud to her, too.

No matter how she takes it, she either loves me or hates me.

And believe it or not, the result makes me happy.

Strange, isn’t it?

Or maybe not.

Because the only emotion you never want to convey to him is boredom.

The emotional level is destructive in generating gravity.

Because if you make her feel like she’s nothing, it’s like you don’t exist.

Good luck with the temptation, my ghost friend.

To avoid the sexual appeal of the dishes, I like to go off the beaten track and evoke strong emotions.

Note: It’s not permission to offend.

Insult is just code for being an asshole, and if you don’t do it in the game, insults don’t have place in temptation.


I’m talking about approaching the limit of your humour and/or personality and sharing what makes you a little uncomfortable.

If you’re visiting your indoor centrifuge, you’re sure to find some chic can openers.

Now all we have to do is beat Send.

And don’t forget that girls will love you or hate you for it.

But hate can also turn into gravity.

More on this later.

First, let’s talk about what to say about Tinder.

Especially the can opener.

#4: Best breaking contact (you are blocked)

You wouldn’t believe how well the girls react.

But before I show you a can opener, let me explain to you the psychology that makes your first message irresistible.

Because if you use my technique correctly, it has to react.

Sounds good, huh?

Magic comes from power… Ace!

Have you noticed that you’re reading a little faster than usual?

If that’s the case, it’s because I lured you into that pipe with a juicy head and a hook.

If you don’t know what to do with the bait, let me explain.

The idea of a click-byte is to create a dramatic title for an article to entice people to read its content.

And when done right, it’s unpleasantly effective.

I’ll show you some examples.

https://www.istockanalyst.click/wp-content/uploads/word-image-25.jpeg Why is he hugging a lion? I need to know what’s going on!

The good thing about the title above is that it is a topher (it achieves two goals).

The first half of the board is a rigged game.

That explains the plot.

The other half stimulates our imagination.

In the case of a lion this adds a twist: the result is shocking!

See if you can recognize the clickbyte structure in the following example.


Installation – water.

The appeal of our imagination is this: Can you guess what’s going to happen next?

I can guess what’s going on in your head.

Louis, it’s great and everything. But how can I use one of these bait species for Tinder?

It’s very simple.

Use my free program Tinder Clickbait Opener.

What can you expect?

  1. My most efficient bottle opener
  2. And a video with sample pictures and 2 following texts.

You can find it > HERE.

Then you know what to avoid when she’s chasing you.

#5: What not to say when the call ends.

If you ever ask him questions that don’t interest you because you want to continue the conversation, that’s up to you.

Maybe your Tonderkonvooi went well.

But now he’s dying.

Their answers are getting shorter and shorter.

And in a nutshell.

You know you want her to enjoy this conversation.

But you don’t know what to say.

After one crazy puzzle, that’s all you get:

Do you have brothers and sisters?

Are you gonna turn me in if I keep asking questions?

Closed questions are pauses in every conversation.

Whatever you ask, the convoy will scream.

What for?

Because your question about Tinder doesn’t give him any interesting answers.

It is almost impossible for them to give an answer that is not stupid.

When she starts a conversation, the yes/no ones suck the juice out of her vagina.

They don’t connect or stir their emotions.


Don’t ask yes/no questions if you don’t want your virginity back.

You’ll learn to talk to Tinder when she’s quiet.

#6: What you say when the call ends..

You will never try to bring back a dying conversation from the dead by applying the following wisdom of TextGod.

Consider sending him a message but not getting a reply.

You know Tinder well, so give him time to write.

A day goes by.

* Crickets…

Two days. Three.

*Silent cricket*

It’s cool to be ignored by six, but by nine or even ten.

(Mom, if you’re reading this looking for spelling mistakes, I apologize for objectifying women. And for the next line).

With his big round ass in your head, get ready to send him a message.

But you have no inspiration.

And you know you have to pull a big gun to make them react.

What do you do for a living?

Visit TextGod.com of course!

Let me help you get their attention.

One of my favorite methods to bring the dead Tonderkonvoy back to life is an elephant call in the room.

What kind of elephant?

That she left you at the lecture.

https://www.istockanalyst.click/wp-content/uploads/word-image-26.jpeg I couldn’t resist the pun, hehehe.

Of course, you’re not going to pretend to be a nuisance.

It leads nowhere but to a discrepancy.

No bueno.

So they’re gonna call the elephant funny.

Let me give you two examples.

Starting with , a missing person’s report.

Accompanying note : This only works if you have enough personal information about them.

For example, for example…

Missing: Instructor.

She buys really expensive bags, even though she won’t admit it.

Send everything back to [your name].

See the beauty of the report?

It’s weird.

And you’re obviously not begging for an answer. That would be a violation of one of my 19 rules.

If the report contains too much work or if you don’t have enough information

Use my mother.

It’s one of the last favors:


And here he is in action, so you know I’m not joking.


If this answer doesn’t fill your eggs with fresh sperm, there’s something wrong with you.

Or maybe I should see a doctor. Melon balls are normal, right?

If you still don’t know what to say about Tinder, I have a brother.

You’ll see me on camera.

#7: Best Storm ice breaker

You remind me of school. I want to shoot the kids inside of you.

Do you love him or do you love him?

My girlfriend and I tested the DA BESS Tinder.

20 of them.

What the hell am I talking about?

I’ve got 20 off-grid icebreakers. My cameraman called. I threw away my old rusty hammer and gave it to my friend.

Then I tried all my girlfriend’s lines.

And when she liked it, she held a hammer over her head and crushed it into a big piece of ice. Just for your own pleasure.

A video you shouldn’t miss under any circumstances.

I really need to be in a good mood.

Cause I’ve got more to say to Tinder after the game!

#8: What to do if you do not know what to say after checking.

You want to solve the mystery of writing a personal can opener she desperately wants to answer.

You’d get a hot girl.

And you know you have to come up with something exciting.

But if you look at an empty box of gossip, your head goes empty.

It’s too familiar, brother.

I was there, too.

But after years of experience in the field, I rarely lose my words.

Let’s start by speaking to you at the TextGod level in one step.

We can take you there, starting with my favorite can opener.

Personal knife.

I’ll be honest with you, it’s not the easiest start.

It requires a reasonable amount of brain drugs.

But because he always refers to your game, he has the highest success rate.

The Sahneschar consists of three simple steps:

  1. Read his biography and take a look at his pictures.
  2. Pick a subject you like.
  3. Search and write a


Let’s put the theory into practice.

Imagine meeting this profile:


Step 1: View his biography and photos

The tendency is to look for the obvious. This is a mistake. Because 1.337% of them saw this line from the other guys.

Some things that stand out:

  • Duckface
  • Thick eyebrows
  • unoccupied
  • Nipples that can cut diamonds

Sacred side:

My beautiful friend’s name is Jan.

And she was on Tinder.

The personal line she heard the most was about the obvious.

Can you guess what it is?

I’m sure you do:

All regular Joes opened it with Tarzan lines.

It’s fun for the first time. Screenj after 666. Bad.

Step 2: Choose a less obvious subject.

If you want to get personal, roll up your sleeves and get to the bottom of it.

No visible breasts or sexual comment.

Pick a topic you think no one else has ever mentioned.

Your personality.

Step 3: Start the conversation with your unique subject.

Have you followed in your footsteps?

Then you must have something that looks like a can opener.

I did:

Absolute decoration of the STUNING room

A little white carpet. The table is one meter from the wall. And a plant on the ground where it can be used as a soccer ball.

If your decorator was a superhero, his name would be Inepto Man.

Why does it work?

  1. It’s different than a plebiscite.
  2. It’s personal (the can opener describes her picture and doesn’t work on another girl, only on the angel you’re talking to).
  3. It is related to her biography (she loves superheroes).
  4. This is a playful impulse (self-confident women especially like to be teased).

I’m sure you could think of a much better icebreaker.

Anders, keep practicing, amigo.

The next step is to find the funniest one.

#9: How do you say something funny about the Tinder?

After that advice, you’ll never be boring again.

Because now you’re gonna learn to find the funny thing in any situation.

Humor is like a driver’s license, you weren’t born with it.

Being funny is a skill. It has evolved and you can learn it.

It’s a good thing you came here.

Because I have exactly what you’re looking for:

A text messaging technique that allows you to make jokes about any text.

Whether it’s a can opener or any other random message.

And this is called: misinterpretation.

You take everything she says and turn it to your advantage.

Let’s put it into practice.

She says… :

Funny, I dreamt about us today!

You will receive this text from time to time.

Especially if you’re a professional writer or if she’s your girlfriend or wife.

Most men will answer for it:

О ! Tell me all about it!

But you, as a student of TextGod, will use the power of misinterpretation.

For example:

It’s too early for these dirty stories, [his name].

If she interprets her message as a nightmare, she will react with a smile.

And maybe take on the defense.

But don’t worry, she still wants to tell you about her dream.

#10: Misinterpretation premium Example

You could also misinterpret your own messages.

Look at the example of Bambla that someone sent me:


So the lady with the yellow texts was a bit boring.

She bragged about her work in the financial sector.

So in the first message the man faked his enthusiasm to steer him in the wrong direction.

Then he asked her to take a test.

She took the bait.

Then he wrapped it around her: If you’re so good with numbers, what are your numbers?


If you want to spit fire on Tinder matches, read on.

Because you’re going to learn a new skill, Tinder.

#11 Vitamin D strength

Misinterpretation is a great skill, but it has a drawback: MAJOR.

She has to give you something to misinterpret.

And not everything she says can be misinterpreted in a hilarious or sexual way.

If you want to have total control over the conversation, you want to learn the art of sexuality.

Because whatever it throws at you, you can use the sexualization to steer the conversation in the direction you choose.

That’s how you learn.

I’ll make a suggestion first.

Then you’re gonna wrap your brain around and sexualize.

Are you ready?

Take it easy, will you?

Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go:

I’ll eat an orange. I need vitamin C.

Your idea is a one-way street to Snooseville.

And if you want to generate gravity, that’s not where you want to be.

You want to take this conversation somewhere else where it’s exciting.

Somewhere sexy.

Do you understand how to sexualize your orange sentence?

Now try to find an answer.

And don’t worry if it’s bad.

No one will know.

Got it?

Don’t cheat, but try to find a sexual return to your orange text.


It’s the only way to get better, muchacho.

Now compare it to my answer:

That’s odd. The only fruit I have is a hard dose of vitamin D.


Another example that will take you to the next level:

I’m usually someone who can’t keep eye contact for long.

How would you sexualize that line?

Here’s an answer to that question:

I am the king of eye contact. The only thing that can derail my vision is the power of division.

Are you starting to have sex?

Then we will overcome the two most difficult obstacles on the Tinder.

What can I say about Tinder if she doesn’t have pictures or a biography…

#12: Say this to increase your chances of answering auinder.

You will now learn how to overcome the two biggest obstacles on the Tinder, which you must have kicked in your ass.

First a narrow profile with 2 or 3 self-impressions and no biography.

What in the name of the Text-God should you send to these mysterious women?

Their likes and dislikes are completely unknown to you.

How do you find a line that attracts their attention?

* Cause of hysteria


And the second obstacle is the lighter, the ladies who only answer with:


Who do these non-talkies think they are?

The only nice thing is that you’re working?

Let me put it this way.

When the lighter’s on, your comedian should always be on.

For two reasons.

First of all, by making her laugh, she radiates emotion.

And it makes them want to talk to you.

Secondly, if you’re joking, it’s easier for them to react and be funny.

Which brings me to my point.

Is it easy to talk to you?

Do you want to hear what I think?

I think that…

It’s not easy at all.

Have you already submitted your biography and photos?

If so, answer me:

Is it easy for a stranger to look at your Tinder profile and ask your personal questions?

If the answer isn’t VERY VERY!

You got a lot of work to do, buddy.

Let’s focus our attention on the girls who always seem to react with two words or less.

If you look at the spasms of these girls who have a low level of communication.

What did you say to make them give short answers?

I can’t hear you, so I’m gonna take a guess.

It was a yes/no question.

https://www.istockanalyst.click/wp-content/uploads/word-image-35.jpeg Your current response.

Do you know how those obvious holes in your Tinder game came to be?

Blind spots.

We all do.

Including me.

The best way to avoid these blind spots is to use a checklist.

And luckily I have a checklist for your Tinder Profile that you can use right away.

With more than 30 questions and 5 minutes later you know exactly what you want to improve in order to get more games.

Download here for free

#13: What to say about the lighter after taking line.

Have you ever wondered what girls think of Tinder?

Well, here’s your chance.

Because not so long ago, a girl said she had the best conversation about Tinder.

It’s so funny, she says.

As curious as I was, I asked him if I could read this.

So she took her phone and showed it to me.

And she’s not exaggerating.

The conversation was a little weird.

Almost as good as me. #behumble

We ran her Tunderkon convoy up and down, and she added…

Usually my words are very boring.

But if a man knows how to make it easier for me to answer… I can be funny too!

That insight was so valuable.

Because it shows the meaning of at the head of.

The importance of a conversation.

Maybe you don’t know what it looks like.

So I dusted off an old Tinder-Match and took a screenshot of a funny convoy illustrating the power of leadership.


I cut the top message in half because the rest wasn’t important.

The most important thing is the Screw Dating line. Let’s escape on a sunset hunt and have a bohemian lifestyle.

Now I’m taking over.

And she’s following him.

And I continue our fantasy.

She’s back.

It also contributes to history!

I don’t mind renting. But we can steal one…

When a girl starts to tickle her imagination, you know she’s mixed up in the conversation.

In other words: You know she’s having fun.


Make it easy to respond to your texts.

And bonus points for role-playing games.


Girls love role-playing (if done right).

We’ve talked a lot about what to say about Tinder.

But what cannot be said to Tinder is just as important.

#14 How to become more attractive on the Tinder?

There’s a symbol that sabotages your Tinder speech.

It makes you weak and insecure.

And it works so well against you.

This, when you stop using it, immediately makes you more attractive.

Do you want to know what it is?

Actually, there are a few things that take away your masculinity.

But the most harmful symbol is the question mark.


It’s natural for you to doubt my claims.

Well, let’s see.

Compare the following two sentences.

And tell me what seems most masculine to you.

What are you doing this weekend? I’m going swimming, are you coming?

I’m going swimming this weekend. You should join us.

The second part sounds a little more masculine, doesn’t it?

Do you want to know why?

Because he’s screaming for trust.

If I paraphrase it, it means…

I’m doing some cool stuff, G. You have to come if you don’t want to miss the event of a lifetime.

Even talking without questioning nullifies the rejection.

Why take the risk of being rejected if you don’t have to?

Suppose she wants to see you.

If you omit the question mark, you appear 1337 times more confident.

Are you sure the question mark is losing its power?

Okay. Okay. Okay, okay.

Stop using it now and see the success of Tinder grow.

#15: How to stop talking.

I’ve never sent a line so bad she wants to expose you.

Most attempts to end a dying conversation better end with blows that bring the convoy into position.

I’ll show you what I mean.


Mr. Smile begins the convoy with a boring multiple-choice question.

Why is it so boring?

The question doesn’t need an answer.

Although I congratulate him on finding something original.

Unfortunately his creative engine stopped in a third version in which he wrote: For all other itemsof , press 3.

The word just screams: I have no imagination. Fill in the blanks for me.

No wonder she chose the second option: Let’s put him in a friend zone.

But our brother Tinder won’t go down without a fight.

He thinks he’s given her too many choices. If he’d given her two instead of three, she wouldn’t have rejected him.

I applaud him for his trust.

And so is she.

She bites and gives him another chance to take her down.

So he asked her if she wanted to go out with him this weekend.

When the rope had already gone around his neck after the first line, he jumped off his chair and hung himself.

Not only did he ask her out too soon, but he also made an effort to convince her to go out with him.

After all, she doesn’t know anything about him except what he looks like in a few pictures.

But there’s no escalation.

In other words: He’s trying to take the ritual of dating to another level at an inconvenient time.

Namely when she just withdrew her last request, and she doesn’t think much of our brother Tinder.

The most common bad moments to deepen the relationship with your game:

  • When she responds to your long messages with super short messages.
  • When she just turned down your offer.
  • If she doesn’t respond within 24 hours or not at all.

After sending three more text messages (all ending with emoticons), our friend is deactivated.


The next tip is not only what to say about tinderboxing, but also about one of the greatest secrets of temptation.

#16: How to make them talk.

I’m going to reveal to you one of the greatest secrets of seduction.

First of all, some information about the past.

A sexy woman has a choice.

In real life she gets chat conversations and loves the internet.

So she thinks she can get all the men she wants.

She feels even more sure of her temptation over the tinder.

Because almost every guy would jump out of their bunker in no time.

So what’s the trick to seduce a woman who’s drunk on power?

Don’t give in to her pussy.

Be a challenge.

Let them work for your attention and love.

And I know this could go against anything you want to do.

She’s so beautiful.

And you’re just a man who likes to please other people.

But humiliating yourself in front of her and drawing her attention is not a temptation.

It’s disgusting.

Main switch.

Let’s make a list of who kisses their ass.

  • his gay best friend
  • A stereotypical imitator who compliments him and tries to crawl into his pants.
  • A woman trapped in the dungeons of a friendship zone who only attracts attention when she has bad grades.

Imagine having two friends, Thelma and Louise.

Both are equally important.

When you get to Thelma, she never stops complimenting you. She likes your hair, thinks your jeans are cute and likes you going to clown school.

You can’t go wrong in their eyes.

But if you and Louise, it’s different.

She picked out your old haircut, thinks the jeans look good. And she thinks your choice to be a clown is stupid.

But she was horrified when you approached her with your pretty shoes on. She said they made you look manly. It’s even sexy.

What compliments make the heart beat faster?

Who flatters you and makes you feel loved?

That’s right.

Think about Thelma and Louise if you want to know how to put your face in Tinder to match their loot.

If your correspondence with Tinder isn’t very strong, it’s probably because she feels she already has you.

She doesn’t care to read your lyrics because she already knows what you’re going to say.


Here you can see how strong compliments can be, if they are made sparingly.


Your reaction may not look good.

But I can guarantee you that my only compliment today was to her.

It even made his hole weak.

We will then address Tinder’s general problem.

What they say about Tinder when you have no inspiration.

#17: Slightest force response

If you ever get bogged down in words but still want to write, I’ve got exactly what you’re looking for.

Let’s just say you have a new tinder game.

Or maybe you have a new message and a girl who wants a reply.

So you open a chat room and try to find something funny.

So little happens in your brain that you can hear a pinprick.

You give him a little more time, but your efforts are in vain.

Then give it up.

Maybe the inspiration will come later.

* Shut up, Tinder.

So far I’m all for writing intelligent lines that tickle his funny bone structure, sometimes it’s not necessary to do that.

You can also stimulate her emotions by giving her something GIF-style.

Send him an animated poison.

But not the GIFs.

Especially not the GIF cards recommended by Tinder.

I’m looking at you. Hey, bear!

https://www.istockanalyst.click/wp-content/uploads/word-image.gif Go ruin someone else’s game!

Now I have nothing against bears.

But this GIF is so played out that it doesn’t even make the girls laugh.

Instead, she thinks: Didn’t I say this before?

And the other recommended GIFs are no better.

If you send her a nice animation, you want to make sure she’s never seen one before.

What for?

Remember the jokes.

The first time you hear a good joke, you can cry with laughter.

But when you hear this for the tenth time, it usually only produces a small haha.

When you’re trying to seduce a woman, it’s no wonder you want to give her the strongest emotions.

And the single GIF has the best chance of doing that.

How do I know which GIF to choose?

Make them relevant.

What do their photos and biographies show?

Does she like watching friends?

Enter your flirtatious friends in a small search bar to find the gentle Joey.

Does she like dogs?

Find someone who has a dog and find fun animations of dogs dressed up as humans.

GIF is an excellent way to make a good impression with a minimum of effort.

The next line is what you have to say on the Tinder if you want to make a connection.

#18: How to find the way to his heart

With this advice you can make girls fall in love with you before they start dating you.

You have a game, but you can’t go out with her in the near future.

Maybe she’s traveling the world.

Or maybe you’re stuck abroad.

So you’ve decided to play long distance.

You want to get to know her through Tinder and meet her later.

You know it helps to make her smile.

But making them laugh is too superficial to make them fall off their heads.

To demolish it, you have to dig deep and hit the ground .

The direct way to connect is by focusing on the interests.

Remember the last time a girl liked the same band or movie as you.

My favorite movie of all time is Jurassic Park.

OMG! Mine too! When I was a kid, it was on VHS, and I watched it three times in a row.

https://www.istockanalyst.click/wp-content/uploads/word-image-1.gif If she’s as annoying as you.

So, how are you feeling?

Pretty good, huh?

Like she understands you better than most people.

And I bet the next conversation went really well.

Here’s an example of how I share a few songs with a girl.

My gift touches her so close to home, she’s in shock.

It’s her favorite song, and she can’t believe I understand her taste for music so well.

Without telling me, I knew what she liked.


You can be sure she had a deep connection with me.

Music is still a fairly superficial interest.

That doesn’t say much about her.

But can you imagine how close she would be to me if we had a similar education?

What if we both had older brothers who beat us up all the time?

Or if we were both angry as teenagers in high school?

That’s right.


If you want to make a deep connection, share with her your interests and the stories you think will resonate with her.

If your stories fall into her lap, she’ll love you.

#19: How do you know if she likes you?

Almost everyone is so worried that it affects their success with Tinder.

Does she love me or not?

Why hasn’t she answered yet? She didn’t like my message?

I hope I didn’t scare her off.

Still, it’s good to know how interested she is in you.

Because we know that once it’s bought, we can ask without fear of rejection.

Ask her to leave by text message if she’s not invested, and you risk ruining your chances of ever seeing her.

Knowing if she loves you has its advantages.

But how can I say this?

Let’s start with an example from real life.

Is she interested or not?


Very interesting, isn’t it?

But most signals from women are much finer.

It can be as simple as using a few extra letters.


Just a few more smiles.

Or a quick tip in a text message.

Even the timing of her communication can indicate whether she’s interested.

If she responds immediately, it probably means she’s looking forward to your next answer.

Is it forever? Then she probably doesn’t want to hear what you have to say.

As in any textbook, they’re not carved in stone.

If your game still uses a lot of smileys, instant answers and short conversations, it won’t necessarily fall in love with you.

But usually it’s a sign that she likes you.

Use your common sense, and you’ll probably be on top of your game.

This is what you say about Tinder, if you don’t want to be friends.

#20: The key to learning how to flirt online

Take this advice, and you’ll never be thrown into a friendship zone again.

Stealing a woman’s heart is not safe.

I’ve been hurt many times by a teenager.

What she writes you after a date is very traumatic:

Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey. Well, you know… I had a great time. But I’m not sure we’re right for each other. Let’s just be friends.


But we can learn a lesson from this emotional uproar.

Did you know that the RARELI women are at the reception at the end of the suction punch in the friends area?

Why do you think that is?

Because men only think of one thing:

She looks good. So I was wondering.

In other words: Men have terrible standards.

We wave too easily at the vibrating parts of their bodies.

So, as soon as we duderinos are attracted to a woman, we sit on the edge of the chair until she gives us a chance to take off her panties.

A strategy of seduction that is not very effective.

After all, she has all the power.

It’s a fascinating take on male psychology, Louis. But how does that help me sleep with Tinder?

Let me tell you something.

What if the roles were reversed?

What if women want to crawl into our pants and we keep them away?

Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

But it shouldn’t be a fantasy!

Playing hardball is a legitimate strategy to attract women.

Can you guess why?

Because women never have to go after men.

This pretty girl is used to a guy with finger buttons.

But if she sees that you’re not under her spell, she can’t help but make an extra effort.

How can he resist me? She thinks so. There must be something special about him. I’ll do that.

Don’t be too nice to the ladies.

Calm down and they’ll seduce you.

Continue with the following tip and read a story about what it means to be cool.

#21: How to be cool as a cucumber

If you want to know what a cold game looks like, read on to find out what a frozen mackerel looks like.

See, pretending to be cool is an attitude.

Here’s a story to help me get home.

My friend Jay approached a woman on the street who happened to be a street artist.

She was on her way to the exhibition in the town square, and she didn’t have much time to talk.

But she liked him, so she invited my buddy to watch.

Jay said he would come, but he had so much fun with his friends that he forgot the singer and her show.

It’s been 30 minutes and Jay’s still freezing with his friends where he first talked to him. He and his friends stand in a circle.

Suddenly a woman makes her way through the pile.

He’s a street artist. And she looks Jay straight in the eye and says: Where have you been?

Here, he’s answering quietly.

My next show starts in 10 minutes. It would be better if you were here, the artist said.

And she’s leaving.

I know it sounds unbelievable, but it really happened. Jay said she was a little gem. But she was also super hot, so they got together).

This time Jay leaves his friends to see her play.

She’s a fire dancer. And she’s great.

As soon as she sees Jay, she smiles and gives him everything.

After the show she takes off her hat and walks through the crowd.

Jay’s not staying where he is. He sees his tire in the middle of the yard and sits next to it.

He’s waiting for her to finish fundraising.

When she goes to get her band, she says: If you guess how much money I raised, I’ll buy you a drink. If you’re wrong, you have to pay for the drinks.

You’re in it, Jay said with a smile. And he’s taking her to a bar.

The real temptation game begins.

He teases her, sits next to her and sometimes looks her in the eye without saying a word.

But he wasn’t complimenting her at all. He wasn’t trying to communicate with her in a physiotherapeutic way.

But she appealed to him nicely and became an irritable follower.

Soon she will invite him to the party.

They’re coming out of the bar.

If she wants to jump on the back of Jay’s bike, she says: I can’t believe it took so long to seduce you.

To which Jay answers: Who says you’ve got me? I just came in for free drinks.

She laughs and keeps Jay tight on her back.

#22: What do you do when the lighter brings you in position?

Sometimes Tinder can really kick you in the balls.

Maybe you haven’t had any new sex differences.

Maybe some girls left you to read.

Or your other friends don’t contribute to the conversation.

It sucks if Tinder doesn’t meet us halfway.

But it’s important to see the request for a meeting as it really is:

It’s a form of entertainment. A way to make appointments without leaving the house. And a general lifestyle bonus.

But not everyone thinks so.

Some people take Tinder too seriously.

And even though we make a living by taking people to lumberjack heaven, I’m not talking about the TextGod team.

I’m talking about Mr. Butturt:


The next time your game is slow or boring, keep out of it.

Don’t shoot them with a text, take a break with Tinder.

Walk the dog, pet the cat, play video games with your friends.

If these options make you feel lazy, read a book or watch the conversation on TED.

It’s about relaxing and forgetting about Tinder.

She’s probably not a party because she’s doing the same thing.

Next thing you know, after your date on Tinder.

#23: What to write after the album date

If the text confuses you after the date, read on, because you will soon receive 5 tips for sending the perfect message.

If you follow the advice of TextGod, you’ll find yourself in a cozy café with your Match Tinder at the end.

They’re sitting next to each other.

You’ve got to be kidding me. Find out what you have in common. Find out that at the age of five, she once killed her turtle by accidentally stepping on it.


You’re doing better than expected.

And at the end of the night, you kiss each other goodbye.

You come home and you can’t believe how well your date with Tinder went.

Full of thoughts about the wonderful feeling her lips give, you wonder when you will see her again.

Suddenly your mood changes to the worst.

What’s the next step? Are you thinking about you?

Should I text her or should I wait for her to shoot me?

And if it’s a man’s job to write first, should I do it now or tomorrow?

Good questions, buddy.

And you’re not the first person to think about it.

So I made you a guide to what to write after a date.

You can find it here.

Blessings, Louis Farfields.

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