What Are the Types of Real Estate Agents to Avoid? 

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Do you need to buy or sell a home? Then you’re probably looking for the best real estate agent you can find.

But there are so many out there; how do you know which is the right one for you? You can avoid a problem real estate agent if you keep the following types in mind.

Too Desperate

You may find an agent who is hungry and desperate to make sales. This is common among newer real estate agents who may have studied online for their real estate license exam through a company like RealEstateU and only recently obtained their license.

This type may not want to be fully straight

with you and will attempt to sell you any kind of home. Or they might tell you what you want to hear and list your home at far too high a price.

You want an agent who looks out for you and will always tell you what’s in your best interest.

Too Rushed

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Another problem agent has a lot on the plate and doesn’t seem to have time for you. For example, finding the best home or obtaining the best price for yours means the agent has to spend time getting to know you and your situation.

A rushed real estate agent might focus on nothing more than getting your home listed so he can get a commission when it sells. You can often tell you’re dealing with a rushed agent when the individual doesn’t get back to you in a timely fashion after you’ve called and left a message.

They’re Pushy

The job of your listing agent is to guide you through the sales process and not rush you. If you get a feeling you’re being pushed through the process too fast, you may want to hire another agent. Bad real estate agents give the impression that they’re putting their interests ahead of yours.

Ignores Your Budget

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When you buy a home, the real estate agent should understand your budget and desires. If they disregard how much you want to spend, you should look for a better real estate agent.

Some agents may want to encourage you to get more home than you want to get a more significant commission. So if they seem to send you listings that are above your budget, that may be what’s going on.

Amateur Agents

You need to study to get your real estate license. But if a person has a license, that doesn’t make the agent an expert in real estate.

Choosing an appropriate real estate agent means finding someone who has expert-level knowledge about your city and neighborhood. Selecting an agent because he found a property for your brother doesn’t necessarily mean the person knows what he’s doing.


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You might think that no agent could insult a potential client. But it happens. For example, suppose you like a galley kitchen. But the agent knows that an open kitchen design is usually more popular.

So he might laugh and say you really should get an open floor plan because it’s more in style. But a good agent listens to what you want, even if it isn’t necessarily the most popular option.

So, first, he should listen to why you want that kitchen type. Then, he might mention the benefits of an open kitchen plan, such as having better resale value and more light. Then, you can make your own decision.

They List Phantom Properties

Dishonest agents may leave sold listings on their website so buyers will email or call them. The idea here is to get more buyer leads in any way possible. But this just irritates people; it’s not a great way to start a real estate transaction.

A reputable agent will remove a listing from their site as soon as it sells. Or, they will post ‘pending’ on the listing, so you know there’s an offer on it.

Talks Too Much

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An effective real estate agent should listen more than she talks. The best agents listen carefully to what their clients say so they can deliver results.

An agent who talks too much is probably talking too much about himself. This relationship should be about your needs, not theirs.

Always Absent

Buying or selling your home carries enough stress. What you don’t need on top of it is an agent you can never reach.

If your agent seems too busy or important to get back to you within a day, you should find someone else.

Consider how easy it is to contact a real estate agent during your initial interactions. If the person’s hard to find in the early stages, this suggests what it will be like later.

Part-Time Real Estate Agent

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Most real estate experts say you shouldn’t use a part-time real estate agent. It’s not difficult to get into the field, but becoming good at it requires time and effort.

In addition, a great agent needs to perform many transactions to become (and remain) knowledgeable about the current market. Therefore, you’ll typically be better off with a full-time agent to get you the best home or price for your home.

Too Confident

There’s a fine line between a successful, confident agent and one who blows a lot of smoke. Unfortunately, you may run into the latter: a real estate agent who tells you everything you want to hear.

The agent might assert they will get your home sold in a week or guarantee you 50% above your asking price. Or you can call in the middle of the night.

You can tell whether the agent is telling the truth by asking for proof of such claims. For example, if the person says he’s sold homes fast, ask for the addresses; same with getting above the asking price … request the specifics.

If you avoid these kinds of agents, you’ll have a memorable buying or selling experience. And you’ll end up with a better price or your dream home with less stress. Best of luck!