What does that mean when a guy stares at you and smiles at you?

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If you’ve recently been looked at and laughed at by a man, you might wonder why and what it could mean.

In this article I will try to help you discover and understand why a man can look at you and smile at you the way he will in the future.

What does it mean when a man looks at you and laughs? This usually indicates that he finds you attractive, especially if he does it alone with you. Maybe he likes you, is he happy to see you, or reflects your own behaviour.

Because there are a number of reasons why a man looks at you and laughs, it is important to observe other aspects of his body language.

That way you get a better idea of the emotions behind it, why he did it.

The reason a man can stare at you and smile.

There are many reasons why a man can stare at you and smile. Each of these signals is likely to be accompanied by a number of important body language related signals.

In what follows, I will list a number of reasons why a man may look at you and smile with signals on his body language to look for you.

Tensile force

When a man looks at you and smiles at you, it’s usually a strong signal of attraction.

If he does this several times but doesn’t talk to you, it’s a sign that he’s too nervous to approach you. If you want him to smile again, this should help him.

If he did it out of attraction, he’d probably show you other signs of attraction.

You can do this:

  • Point your feet at yourself.
  • Reflecting your body language.
  • Show signs of anxiety when you are with other men, such as rubbing your face, neck, arms or thighs, getting excited and observing your interaction with other men.
  • Standing next to you when you’re spoken to.
  • I talk to you more than anyone.
  • touching you often or making excuses to touch you
  • Show the step
  • Signs of nervousness when you’re spoken to.
  • Ask your friends to talk to you
  • Longer eye contact with you
  • Speak in a lower voice than usual when talking to them.
  • To look at them regularly.

He’s glad to see you.

When a man looks at you and laughs, maybe he’s just happy to see you.

In this case it is much more likely that you are a friend with whom you have a positive relationship.

He will probably show certain body language signals that indicate that he is happy when he talks to you, for example:

  • Smile
  • Dilatation of the pupil
  • Point your feet at yourself.
  • Reflecting your body language.
  • To talk to you in a way that the conversations
  • Laughing
  • Open body language, showing sensitive areas such as the neck and the palms of the hands.

Many of these signals are similar to the signals he can give you when he attracts you. However, there are some things he would be less inclined to do if he were just happy to see you as a friend.

Among other things:

  • Touch them more than the others.
  • You talk to you more than other friends.
  • Speak in a lower voice than usual.
  • Being worried when you’re with other men.
  • Stand close together.
  • newspaper

He sends his regards.

If you know him, and you did when he first saw you, maybe he just greeted you.

If he had done that, he probably wouldn’t have done it more than once, and he probably wouldn’t have shown a series of body language signals that can be seen with gravity.

Some of the signals you are unlikely to see include stretching, touching, standing next to you, pointing your feet at you, looking at you, and worrying when you are with other men.


When people love each other, whether by attraction or simply because they are friends, they often reflect each other’s behavior.

If you looked at him the other day and smiled, he may have reflected your behavior.

If it reflects your behavior, chances are it also reflects your other behavior.

This could involve:

  • Copy your step.
  • Standing (i.e., legs crossed, hands in pockets, etc.).
  • Copy your smile
  • Reconnect to
  • Reduce the distance when you do this
  • Speak at the same speed and volume as you.


If he had looked at you, he would have laughed and looked down when you looked at him, indicating that he was obedient.

If you’ve never spoken to him before, it turns out he finds you attractive, but he’s too nervous to talk to you.

If this was the case, he could also shrink his body, rub it or swallow his face, neck, hands or feet, or show his hands and neck.

Consider confirmation

If you’re wondering why he looked at you and smiled, it would be useful to think about where it happened.

If he was in a social environment and you had never met him, that would be a strong sign of his attachment to you.

If he did this in an environment where he couldn’t talk to you, he could have just waved, especially if he was your friend.

Consider normal behavior

It would also be useful to think about what normal behaviour looks like.

If he tends to smile a lot when he is with his friends, he can of course smile when he looks people in the eyes.

Even if he laughs regularly, he may find you attractive. So you have to observe other aspects of her body language that seem different to her.

If he rarely smiles at people, that would be a stronger indication that he’s smiling at you because of the attraction. Still, it would be useful to look for other signs of attraction to her body language.

Think about your history with him after

If you tend to get along well and both of you laugh regularly, he was probably just happy to see you.

If there is a tendency for tension between the two of you when you talk to each other, it is more likely that he looked and smiled because of gravity.

Remember he smiled

The moment he does that would be good for you, too.

If he had done so as soon as he saw you, he might have been very happy to see you, or maybe he’s been thinking about you lately because he finds you attractive.

If he did it when you fell in love, it would be more convincing if he did it because you became attached to him.


What do you mean when a man looks at you from a distance? Maybe it’s because he finds you attractive, but maybe it’s also because he thought about you or even was angry with you.

If you want to learn more about body language, I recommend a good online video course about Skillshare. It shows how you interpret body language and understand people’s true intentions.