5 Pros & Cons Of Using Multiple Discount Codes

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Most of you were probably watching the satellite channels – and were amazed by the huge discounts provided by the participants of the show Extreme Couponing. These guys made thousands of dollars in savings – and bought piles of groceries to take home. However, they pay a little or almost nothing for it. This made us think about how this thing really works – especially today when we have online coupons and codes. Does everything really pay off or not? What are the pros and cons of using multiple discount codes? Here are some answers.

Online Coupons And Codes: Good Tactics For Planning A Purchase?

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Each of us, when planning a purchase, want to do it in the place where we will find the best price. The Internet has greatly facilitated the search. However, as much as access to a wide range of information has its advantages – it can often happen that we do not find the desired item on the spot, as well as face a different price. One of the most popular mechanisms that can provide us with significant and safe savings – are coupons, which have long been an integral part of the consumer experience around the planet.

From First Coupons To Today’s Wide Offer

One of the first coupons that date back to 1888 – was made and introduced to the market by the company Coca-Cola. This coupon guaranteed one free glass of this, today’s world-famous drink. Soon, coupons became a widely used mechanism that very easily found their way to consumers – who readily accepted them. Today’s diversity in the application and popularity of coupons is perhaps best illustrated by the example that emerged a few years ago on many world portals. Namely, a law office from London decided to offer “divorce coupons” on Christmas eve – which can be placed under the Christmas tree and used for a free consultation with a lawyer. As strange as this idea may seem to you – it has obviously aroused great interest. So, coupons are definitely a serious marketing strategy.

Pros And Cons Of Using Multiple Codes And Discount Coupons

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In earlier years, discount coupons were mostly limited to collecting and cutting from newspapers and magazines. You had to spend time looking for them, buying newspapers – cutting coupons, and collecting them in a certain place. Not to mention that you had to keep records of how long the coupon was valid. Today, with online coupons and codes – everything is much easier. However, just as they have advantages – online codes and discount coupons can also have certain disadvantages. We tried to look at the situation objectively.

1. Pro: Saving Money Can Sometimes Be Very Significant

Everyone who collects coupons either from newspapers or on the Internet has one goal – to save money. When you use coupons to buy certain products – you will receive them at a reduced price, depending on the discount. For example, if you are looking to buy a stationary bike or something from fitness equipment – then look at sites like diebestengutscheine.de, where online shops like AsViva can offer you good discounts with coupons or online vouchers. Depending on the amount of the discount on the coupon – this can sometimes be very significant. Don’t be fooled by percentages. Sometimes a 10% discount on a more expensive item can be far more in money – than a 40% discount on an item that is already cheap itself.

2. Pro: Codes And Coupons Can Be Easily Found Online Today

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You can forget about buying newspapers and magazines – and cutting and collecting coupons. Today, thanks to technology, all this is much easier and free. All you have to do is browse the internet a bit-  and visit specialized websites that offer you coupons from various webshops. Certainly, the payment is far easier today. Nowadays, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic – it is important to point out that this type of payment is contactless. It is enough to show the seller your e-coupon or take a picture of the IPS QR code – and your job is already done. You bought something at a discount, and the item will arrive at your home address.

3. Pro: They Are Easy To Use And Can Be Used With Multiple Devices

Today’s coupons and codes are used in digital form and are therefore very easy to use. It is necessary that the coupon code can be linked to a registered user, to an email address – to a specific product, to several specific products or product categories. Of course, there is also multifunctionality in the sense that you can use these coupons and codes via various devices – for example, computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.

4. Pro & Con: Restrictions And Security

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Certainly, as with any other purchase, one of the items that come next – is the security of the system, restrictions on users, as well as protective measures. The assignment of the coupon itself needs to contain restrictions on the amount of the discount – either as a percentage or a fixed amount. Then, there is the time duration of the issued coupon – which must be complied with for the coupon to remain valid. Finally, there is the user ID, to which the coupon was assigned – as well as information on who assigned it.

5. Con: Excessive Spending Of Money

We are all essentially shopaholics. This is especially visible when it comes to sales and big discounts. Just think about what the malls look like every year when it’s Black Friday. Racing, chasing, and even fights – have become common things. Although we don’t have to run for coupons online – we still have to respect deadlines, and just like with classic sales – we fall into the trap of spending too much money. It always seems to us that we need almost everything that is on sale. Later we realize that half of the things we bought are actually unnecessary – and when we finally draw the line, we realize that we have spent much more than we planned.


If we take into account the history of the origin and development of coupons – we can conclude that this old/new purchasing option is a perfectly simple – and extremely effective way of mutual benefit. It suits the customers, but it also suits the retailers who provide better promotion of their brand. Therefore, try to make the most of coupons when it comes to shopping – but try not to lose your compass and spend money instead of saving it. After all, that should be the main purpose of codes and coupons, right?