What Is US Postal Form 1583? Comprehensive Guide to Its Use and Restrictions (2023)

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USPS Form 1583 was created so that people may provide permission to a Commercial Mail Receiving Service to accept mail on their behalf. The form is a safety precaution used to restrict mail delivery to approved persons or organizations.

If you or your company leases a mailbox from a CMRA, you’ll need to fill out Form 1583 to give the CMRA permission to handle your mail. The form needs the sender’s name and address, along with the CMRA’s name and address, for delivery purposes.

The individual or business must also provide identification documents to further establish their legitimacy. The signature on the form must also be witnessed by a notary public or postal clerk (https://onenotary.us/notarize-usps-form-1583-with-online-notary/).

The Postal Reorganization Act of 1970 mandated the creation of Form 1583 and other laws pertaining to mail delivery and CMRAs. There have been a few revisions to the form over the years to reflect changes in mail delivery and security processes, but the form’s primary function of protecting the privacy and security of mail that is received by a CMRA on behalf of a person or company has not changed.

Who is eligible to use postal form 1583

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The US Postal Form 1583 may be used by anybody who wishes to designate a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency as the recipient of their mail. This covers individuals, companies, and organizations.

When a person or company leases a mailbox from a CMRA rather than having their mail delivered to their home or office, Form 1583 must be filed. The form acts as a security mechanism to make sure that only authorized people or organizations may access the mail.

The application asks for the sender’s name, location, and the CMRA that will be collecting the letter. To further confirm their identity, the person or company must additionally provide identification papers, such as a driver’s license or passport. The paperwork must also be signed in the presence of a notary public or postal employee.

Form 1583 is required only in case a person or company utilizes a Commercial Mail Receiving Agency to receive their mail. Completion of this form is not required if mail is delivered directly to the residence or business location.

The restrictions for the use of US postal form 1583

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The use of US Postal Form 1583 for businesses and individuals is subject to several limitations. They are outlined below:

  • Must be done in person. Form 1583 ought to be filled out in person, and the person or company must provide identification papers to prove their identity. The form cannot be filled out by mail or remotely.
  • Must be notarized. A notary public or a Postal Service worker must notarize Form 1583’s signature.
  • Only one CMRA per application. Only one Commercial Mail Receiving Agency (CMRA) may be designated on Form 1583 to receive mail on behalf of a person or company. A new application must be filled out for each CMRA that a person or company intends to utilize.

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  • It must be updated. Every time the information on Form 1583 changes, such as an address change or a change in the approved CMRA, the form must be revised.
  • Not to be utilized for illicit purposes. Form 1583 cannot be used to provide CMRA permission to accept mail for unlawful purposes like drug trafficking or money laundering. If the Postal Service discovers that a mailbox is being used for illegal purposes, it may terminate the mailbox rental and stop delivering mail to that address.

For any company or person, it is essential to behave in a manner consistent with these constraints in order to prevent any potential legal or administrative repercussions.