Top 5 Metro PCS Free Phones with the 2023 Activation


Is there a free phone? With Metro PCS you will not only get free phones this year, but also data, calls and text messages. We’re announcing free Metro PCS phones with activation, five of the most popular phone models you’re sure to enjoy. Metro PCS is a prepaid GSM operator based on T-Mobile. It is one of the best and largest telecommunications networks in the United States. The T-Mobile metro recently announced that it covers 99% of all American citizens. This means that when you get a free Metro PCS phone with activation, you get the most reliable network in the country.

Note that MetroPCS and T-Mobile, as well as other mobile operators, update their promotions and customer transactions. We have the latest PCS Metro 2023 phone offers for new and existing subscribers. We hope you will enjoy the free mobile phone that offers the best coverage in the country.

5 Free PCS phones for the métro with activation as part of the campaign Free Telephone – Glasses

Here you will find free Metro PCS phones with activation during the event.

1. Samsung galaxy J7 Star

The Galaxy J7 Star is at the top of Samsung Metro’s list of free PCS phones because it is one of the latest Samsung smartphones on the market that people love. It has impressive features that you will admire, and since it is free when you take the Metro PCS, it really is a lot.

The J7 Star is a stylish smartphone with a powerful 13 megapixel camera. So you can take beautiful photos even in low light. The 5.5-inch widescreen display makes it easy to watch videos, games and even online movies and TV shows.  Below the J7 Star is a powerful 1.6 GHz core octane processor that allows you to run a variety of applications at the same time and at the highest speed. A durable and powerful 3300 mAh battery ensures longer talk and standby times.

Metro PCS Free phones with activation - Samsung Galaxy J7 Star

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This free special offer from Metro PCS is only available for a limited time. There is usually an activation fee of $15 per line, which must be paid before this device is used. In addition to the general Metro PCS offer, this phone is also available via the Instant Rebate, Phone Instant Rebate and Instant Rebate provider change.  The Samsung Galaxy J7 Star costs about $240, but with the Metro PCS you can get it for free. To find out how to get the Samsung Galaxy J7 Star and its terms and conditions, visit the official Metro PCS website.

2. Moto-g power

A smartphone with a longer battery and faster response time is the Motorola Motorola Generation Moto g power 7e . One full payment and you can use it for three days for calls, texting and internet.  And when charged, you can use TurboPower bike g for up to 9 hours in just 15 minutes. It has one of the largest 6.2 Max Vision HD+ displays.

Metro PCS free phones with activation - Performance Moto g

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Moto g power is equipped with a 12 megapixel fast focus camera, ideal for indoor and outdoor shooting.  Power is provided by an octa-core processor, allowing applications and functions to be used directly. The Octa Core processor allows you to work with different windows and applications, even at the same time; it will never slow you down. This phone also has impressive security features, such as instant facial recognition activation. It has a large and expandable memory that allows you to store media, downloads and all your files on your phone.  Depending on your needs, you can transfer data to your laptop or PC via Bluetooth and a data cable.

The Moto g drive is available for free in the PCS tunnel, but you only have to pay $15 per line to activate it. This offer is limited in time, so if you are interested, please visit the Metro PCS website. Like the Samsung J7 Star, Moto-g-Power is available via the Metro PCS Instant Bonus button, the phone’s instant bonus offers and instant bonuses. And your new Metro PCS phone comes with MetroPlay, an application you can find in Metro PCS stores near you or on the official Metro PCS website for more information.

3. LG style 4

Another free smartphone from Metro PC is the Pen 4 from LG. This smartphone is part of Metro PC’s free phone plan because of its style, elegant design and of course its fantastic features. Manufacturers describe it as more than just a phone. It is mainly a smartphone that comes with pre-installed applications from Amazon, such as Amazon Widget, Shopping and Alexa. With your LG Pen 4 phone you have direct access to Amazon’s services.

Metro PCS Free Phones with activation - LG Pen 4

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It features a large 6.2-inch color screen, so you can watch movies and videos and play games wherever you are. It features a 13 megapixel rear view camera with fast autofocus and a bright LED flash, so you can take photos regardless of speed and light. The Selfies are enthusiastic about the Pen 4 because it even has a Selfie Light camera at the front. Under the hood there is an octagonal Qualcomm Snapdragon processor for fast and reliable operation. It has a more durable battery that recharges quickly. This phone will give you more time to talk and wait.

The price of the LG Pen 4 is about $240, but if you use the Metro PCS offer, you can take it home for free! To receive the free LG Pen 4 from Metro PCS, please contact Metro PCS directly. You have to pay 15 bucks to activate a line. In addition to the general promotion, you can also get the LG Pen 4 via Metro PCS promotions and special offers such as the Instant Referral Bonus, the Instant Phone Bonus offer and their Instant Bonus. Most of these offers are only valid for a limited time and as long as the phone is still available. So don’t forget to check out the LG Pen 4 in the nearest Metro PCS store or on their website.

4. Legacy of Kulpad

Coolpad may not be such a popular brand, but once you’ve seen the specifications and features of Legacy, you’ll want this cool smartphone. Remember that you can get the Coolpad Legacy for free by taking advantage of the special Metro PCS offer for a free phone. There are many reasons why Coolpad Legacy should be your next phone. Above all, it has a sleek and elegant appearance and a large 6.36-inch FHD+ screen. It features a powerful 13-megapixel front camera for stunning self-portraits and a 16-megapixel rear camera for video and snapshots wherever you are.

Metro PCS Free Phones with activation - Coolpad Legacy

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Coolpad Legacy comes with an updated Android 9.0 operating system; under the hood is the Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 processor, which allows you to move from window to window, application to application at the speed of light. There is no delay, no delay in using Legacy. It also features updated security features such as 2D face unlock and fingerprint scanning.

And when it comes to battery power, it gives you the longest performance with a 4000 mAh battery. With a Coolpad Legacy outdoor smartphone, you can expect longer talk and standby times. Qualcomm Quick Charge allows you to charge your device up to four times faster than traditional chargers. It is ready for use anywhere within minutes of commissioning.

The cost of the Coolpad Legacy is about $180, but in the Metro PCS this phone is FREE. All you have to pay is a connection fee, which only costs $15. This offer is limited and depends on the availability of the device.  You can also get a Metro PCS legacy for other offers such as Instant Phone and Instant Troubleshooting. For more information about the legacy of the Coolpad, please visit your local Metro PCS shop or the official Metro PCS website.

5. Two PCS phones in the city haveat the same time.

There are currently four smartphones that are part of the free offer of Metro PCS. Another similar transaction with an operator is their Get 2 FREE Samsung Galaxy Phones only if they transfer from another operator to the subway. Yes, you can buy two Samsung Galaxy J7 Star smartphones, model of the Samsung 2018 smartphone. This phone costs about $240 each, but if you use the Metro PCS offer, you get two for free.

As said, the Samsung J7 Star is an impressive smartphone with a 5.5-inch HD screen. It is equipped with a powerful 13 megapixel main camera with flash and a 13 megapixel front camera for perfect shots. It has an external memory of up to 400 GB via a microSD card. Beneath the bonnet is an efficient octa-core processor that allows you to switch between applications without getting in the way. It is also equipped with Android Oreo 8.0.

To take advantage of this double FREE benefit, you should check out this promotion at Metro PCS stores near you or on their official website. The capital cost of this stock is $15 per line. This promotion is also subject to telephone availability, so you should take advantage of this special offer immediately. And just like with other Metro PCS free phones, you can take advantage of this double offer: Metro PCS Switcher Instant Rebate, Phone Instant Rebate Offer and Instant Rebate.

Important points to remember

The new direct discount line is only available for a limited time. Choose one of the free phones and activate a new line on that phone and you will immediately receive $99.99 of the normal price. A new line is required to immediately redirect the phone. This service is only available for a limited time in certain Metro PCS or T-Mobile stores across the country.

When you buy a Coolpad Legacy, you get an immediate $80 discount on the regular price. Buy LG Pen 4 and get $100 back immediately for the normal price. Buy a Samsung Galaxy J7 Star or Motorola, g 7 engine and get $139 off the normal price. With all these phones you are limited to only 5 units per family or per account.

All these special offers and promotions are subject to change without prior notice to the consumer. This means that the ads you’ve seen can change within a day. To receive information about the latest offers and promotions, in particular free telephone promotions, log on to the Metro PCS website and be informed about the latest promotions by e-mail.


It is difficult to find a good deal, especially when there are many mobile operators on the market. But if you’re smart, you know which stores are big and which aren’t too impressive, especially if you look beyond the free stuff. Metro PCS has an impressive range of free phones with activation. An operator can only have four phones on his list, but these phones are known for their excellent features.

All these phones are smartphones and have been on the market for at least a year or two. Most of them have octa-core processors, which means they are efficient, fast and smart. All these phones are equipped with applications that you will need and applications that are popular with users. And don’t forget that these free phones are operated by Metro PCS and T-Mobile, operators known and used throughout the United States. With Metro PCS you can connect with more friends and family in the US and even around the world.

The free special offer of Metro PCS can be a free phone with the activation you are looking for. For more information about Metro PCS, please contact your local reseller or visit the Metro PCS website.