Tips for Buying Wholesale Turkish Towels

Tips for Buying Wholesale Turkish Towels

A towel is an absorbent fabric and an essential personal care and hygiene item used for many purposes, such as drying the face and body after showering and wiping sweat.

Towels are primarily rectangular shaped and come in different sizes based on their usage purpose. Along with their versatile usage areas, good quality towels’ absorbent material prevents germs and bacteria from spreading.

A high-quality towel should be soft, antibacterial, and highly absorbent as it directly touches the most sensitive part of the body: the skin. So, choosing a suitable towel material is crucial for health. We compiled everything to know about how to buy the best quality towels for the ones who want the best for themselves and their loved ones in this article.

Why Turkish Towels are the Best

Turkish towels are internationally renowned for being manufactured with the best quality cotton: %100 natural Turkish cotton. They are also famous for their rich usage areas and high absorbency.

Turkish towels’ absorbency, softness, and long fibers make them light, soft, extra durable, and quick-drying. All of these features make Turkish towels the go-to in the towel industry.

How to Find the Best Quality Turkish Wholesale Towels

How do you find the best quality Turkish wholesale towels? Below, you will find the best tips on how to find the most luxurious Turkish towels in the market.

1. Search for Premium Turkish Cotton

Search for Premium Turkish Cotton

The towel’s quality comes from its material, so even if Turkish towels are one of the most preferred towels for their quality, you shouldn’t buy a pig in a poke because the material is what truly determines towel quality. The best Turkish towels are manufactured with 100% natural, premium Turkish cotton grown in the Aegean region.

What differentiates Turkish cotton from others is its long fibers, which result in ultra softness, extra durability, and high absorbency. Towel material quality not only improves the customer experience but also ensures a lengthy lifespan for the towels, which makes them budget-friendly in the long run.

2. Choose the Right Thickness & Texture 

Choosing the right towel texture and thickness, also called towel density and weight, impacts towel suitability for different usage purposes and areas. Towel thickness is measured in grams per square meter (GSM), and each GSM range has unique features.

For instance, 650-800 GSM towels are lightweight and easy to dry, so bath towels mainly weigh around this scale. Turkish towel thickness affects absorbency, softness, weight, and drying. So, understanding needs and deciding where to use towels is crucial before buying wholesale Turkish towels.

3. Prioritize Absorbency and Quick Drying

Towel absorbency and drying capacity are measured based on how well the towel soaks up moisture. A high-quality towel should be quick to dry as moisture accelerates bacteria growth, which badly affects hygiene and shortens the product’s lifespan.

Turkish towels’ 100% natural Aegean cotton material and their special stitches make them highly absorbent and quick drying. This is why large businesses like spas, hotels, and gyms prefer purchasing wholesale Turkish towels, as it affects towel efficiency and customer satisfaction.

4. Don’t Forget the Towel Color and Pattern

Don’t Forget the Towel Color and Pattern

Turkish towels are manufactured in various colors and patterns ranging from traditional lines to modern touches, which makes them a profitable purchase for businesses in terms of branding, aesthetics, and ambiance.

Having a wide range of towels with different colors and patterns helps businesses cater to more customer desires and tailor the towels to align with their logo and branding.

5. Ask for Samples to Test the Softness and Quality

Trial and error can cause businesses to lose time and money until they find the best towel that caters to their needs. To minimize this risk, businesses should ask for samples from suppliers to test towels on their softness, quality, durability, or even how their logo looks stitched on the towels.

Samples are also important for understanding whether Turkish towels are manufactured from 100% natural Turkish cotton, as their softness and craftsmanship cannot be determined from only images.

6. Check the Customer Reviews About the Suppliers

The most reliable way to confirm the accuracy of the product description before deciding to purchase is to read the customer reviews who have previously purchased the product.

You can predict what you will encounter by reading user reviews on the internet about the Turkish towels you are considering purchasing in bulk.

We also recommend researching the business to understand whether the potential wholesale supplier is reliable. You can visit suppliers’ websites and check their credentials, such as certificates. MTC Linen is a wholesale Turkish towel company that has been producing Turkish towels for 50 years and has international certificates as well as standard control certificates.

It ranked first on Amazon’s best sellers list with its Turkish towels, combining half a century of experience with 100% natural Turkish cotton. MTC Linen is one of the best choices for wholesale Turkish Towels, with its expert team and quality control policy supporting you during the entire purchasing and after-sales process.

7. Look for Credential Certifications

Towels directly touch the most delicate part of our body, our skin, so towel quality is a feature that should not be taken lightly. Businesses should check whether their wholesale supplier has internationally valid certificates before making a bulk purchase to understand whether they are reliable or not.

MTC Linen has proven its quality in wholesale Turkish towel production with the international certificates it has received, such as the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), and this is why it is at the top of the list for wholesale Turkish towel sales.

Look for Credential Certifications

Businesses should research towel material quality, absorbency, softness, and supplier reputation before purchasing to make good decisions. Choosing the right Turkish towels not only increases customer satisfaction but also decreases cost, as high-quality Turkish towels’ lifespan is considerably longer than others.

Businesses should also determine specific needs to find the best Turkish towels. For example, high GSM Turkish towels are a great fit for spas and hotels with their high absorbency and softness. Low GSM towels can be disappointing for customers as they dry slower and become stiff over time.

Choosing the right Turkish towels