Few Things You Should Know About a Mac

Have you recently purchased a Mac? Then you might be taking some time to shift from a Windows PC to an Apple interface. But, gradually, with time, you would get yourself to figure out the knick-knacks surrounding the core of iOS.

After all, Apple is known for its fantastic output service, fast processor, and a lot more. If you are having a hard time setting up a MacBook, though, then here are a few tips that you can keep in mind as you progress with your new device.

Reduce Resource Usage


One of the biggest drawbacks of a MacBook is its somewhat lackluster hardware. As such, you are likely to run into resource management issues, particularly when running demanding applications.

According to https://setapp.com/, you need to schedule regular cleanups, reduce the startup item list, disable desktop widgets, and quit redundant background processes to free up the memory.

Taking care of these things should also help with the CPU and GPU. In case the performance and resource issues persist, try to free up more storage space on the drive and scan for files that might have been infected with malware. Finally, make sure that the MacBook has the latest operating system installed.

Learn Efficiency

The transition from Windows to macOS calls for some extra effort from you to become confident enough to call yourself an efficient Mac user.

From learning relevant keyboard shortcuts to utilizing integrated tools, try your best to learn or memorize a little bit each day, especially early on when you are still trying to figure out some of the macOS intricacies.

Check Network Attached Storage

NAS will make your work more convenient because you will have all your files just a click away. Especially if you have Apple products all over, it will be quite helpful for you. Because if you are in the habit of creating and editing your files on your phone at times, this option will let you transfer the same file to your phone without an additional setup.

How to map a network drive on a Mac? Well, it’s easy. Just follow these steps:

Apple Menu> System Preferences> User & Groups>Login Items and then find your Network Drive address and add it as an option.

Declutter Your Desktop

As the work area is the primary thing you see after starting your Mac, you should tidy up to make your work more useful. Furthermore, this will make your job simpler, and you will want to discover required records quicker.

A quick and efficient running of a computer is consistently significant for valuable work, mainly while using powerful programming software like Photoshop or Adobe Premiere Elements. Like this, you generally need to have sufficient free plate space for Mac to run those projects without a hitch.

What’s more, if you have insufficient circle space, you can fix it without much of a stretch by utilizing the capacity improvements presented on macOS.

Use Cloud Storage Apps

Source: hp.com

Utilizing distributed storage administrations like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive can be advantageous for your efficiency in several different ways. You can always keep the automatic backup option on at all times. You can work day in and out the way you want to, and you will not have to worry about where and when the backup goes.

Most importantly, it will simplify your record sharing as you will actually want to share documents and envelopes with partners, family, and companions by just sending them a connection or posting their email for access.

As a rule of thumb, cloud services provide a few gigabytes of storage for free. For example, iCloud gives 5GB, while Dropbox offers 2.5GB. In case the amount is not sufficient, you have the option to upgrade your cloud account for a monthly fee and receive additional storage.

Common Issues That You Can Expect

Apart from taking all of these steps to make your Mac run smoothly, you can always expect some common problems. But do not worry as there is not that much that you cannot solve yourself. Your laptop may shut down out of the blue.

So, if that happens, just try to clear the fan via the vent by blowing some air. A possible reason is overheating. Opening RAR/ZIP files. Opening these files is not at all difficult with Windows. But here, you would need to download an additional application to unzip it. Battery issues may happen after quite some time.

If it does, just lower the brightness level, switch off the Bluetooth, and turn the airplane mode on to save a great battery. The speed issues are not just common for a mac device but are universal for any gadget. You just need to flush out all the applications you are not using, free up your RAM, and run a few programs at once. The moment your Mac feels a little lighter, the speed will automatically increase.

Mission Control

Source: powermax.com

If you are new to macOS, you will most likely use your Trackpad or mouse to gradually explore the Exit Full-Screen choice and shift from one open window to the next. Yet, using this Mission Control, you will want to do this a lot quicker and simpler. Furthermore, this is likewise one of the most mind-blowing Mac tips for Windows switchers who have as of late moved to this new operating framework.

In addition, to utilize this component, swipe up with three fingers through the trackpad if you are using a MacBook, and it will show you every one of the open windows on one screen. Also, best of all, you can change to any window whenever you need to slide on the trackpad.


If you use the following tips and tricks with your Mac, then you will be able to sail smoothly for the years to come. Using a new device is not difficult as long as you know what to do and add to make the user experience seamless as ever. So, go and implement these tips for a great user experience.