Enjoy Sex like Never Before: 7 Secrets of Safe Sex

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Sex is a common behavior and it’s perfectly natural. In a survey, it has been found that sex deprivation can push a man or a woman towards depression and mental sickness. Whether you are a man or a woman, everyone wants to engage in and enjoy sex. It is very well known that whenever we get to indulge in sex acts, our body releases the hormone oxytocin. So, besides being natural and a fun activity, it is good for your health too.

The oxytocin hormone that the body releases also helps in enhancing the overall mood of a person. A better sex life also leads to no depression, improves heart rate, and also reduces stress. The sexual act that takes place between you and your partner must be like that you never had it before. Moreover, you should always get yourself indulged in safe sex as it reduces the chances of unwanted pregnancy and various other sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. Having sex without condoms can risk you up to a considerable extent.

Though safe sex is always recommended but still, a lot of people indulge in sexual intercourse without condoms to feel more connected and stimulated. You can undoubtedly opt to caution wear iron grip condoms pack from condomania.com to have an everlasting and enjoyable sexual experience with your partner. With these condoms on, you can enjoy your sex like never before. These are perfectly designed and provide a better and snug fit to slim men.

On the whole, these iron grip condoms can render you a smooth, wild and enjoyable experience with your partner and let you last longer. This post will help you enjoy sex like never before along with the 7 best secrets of safe sex that you must be familiar with. Let us have a look:-

1. Use a condom

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The use of condoms is a must if you wish to have a pleasurable experience with your partner. It not only lets you enjoy the session for a long period of time but also lets you get to indulge in safe sex. Condoms can prevent you from having unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Caution wear grip condoms pack can serve this purpose the best and can let you last longer in bed. Apart from having safe sex by wearing condoms during sex, there will be less stimulation which will let you have sex for a long period of time.

2. Keep getting your sexual health checked time-to-time

Keep getting your sexual health checked from time to time to stay safe every time you shag with your partner. It is extremely important to know your status whether it is negative or positive. So, keep getting your health checkups done timely to enjoy safe sex. Timely health checkups assure you that you are free from any serious sexually transmitted illness. By being assured, you can get into sexual activity and have sex tension-free and the sex that you never experienced before.

3. Try to say “No” to alcohol and drugs

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Alcohol and drugs consumption are seen to have affected the sexual health and restrict you to have an everlasting sex with your partner. These drugs let you go down which restricts you to have control on yourself. As a result, you end up doing a mistake while having sex. Such an act can also make you feel regret later when you sustain consciousness.

Moreover, alcohol and drugs seem to have put a bad effect on your health which sometimes leads to erectile dysfunction. So, in order to enjoy sex like never before, abstain yourself from alcohol and drugs.

4. Some other forms of protection to let you enjoy safe sex

When it comes to having safe sex with your partner, condom is the one and only protection that comes in mind at first. But this is not true since you have other forms of protection as well. Gloves and dental dams are some other ways to practice safe sex. While having oral sex, a dental dam offers you protection when you are all set and ready to go down on your partner.

On the other hand, wearing gloves can help you to prevent any STD’s if you are using your hands during foreplay session. So, protection should always be there even if you are indulged only in foreplay or oral sex.

5. Try being sexually active with the same partner

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Last but not the least; this is yet another great way to enjoy sex like never before. Being sexually active and having sexual intercourse with the same partner every time keeps you at no risk of having any sexually transmitted disease or any other complications.

6. Start with foreplay

Initiating your sexual activity with foreplay is the best way to enjoy safe sex for a long time. This will not only let you have safe sex but will also let you last longer in bed with your partner. Once you get tired with your foreplay session, you can put a condom on which will provide you less stimulation, though but the sexual activity timing will be much more and interesting.

7. Let your partner know your desires and vice-versa

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Initiating sex with your partner just steadily can ruin all your enjoyment. It is always better to know and understand each other’s expectations before starting to have sex. You can start with caressing your partner, cuddling, rubbing, touching and lots of other ways before entering into her. This way by being properly turned on, you can wear condom and start your fuck session intensely and enjoy safe sex.

To conclude

With the above secrets of safe sex, you are sure to last longer in bed with your partner and enjoy these beautiful moments together. This way you will surely end up having sex like never before. Starting with foreplay session, put a condom on and getting tested time-to-time are some of the best ways that assure you safe sex and the sex that you had never experienced before.