Say No To Global Warming With The Sun


The Earth dies…Human-imposed modifications in the natural flow of environmental processes make up conditions for the Earth’s devastation. Excessive contamination of greenhouse gas emissions contributes to global warming – climate change. That is the worst thing that could happen to the planet. Well, we have what we have. But, no need to get upset. There is great news to cheer everyone up – no matter how much harm the planet got, there is a way to fix the situation.

Renewable energy sources like the sun have the substantial power to contribute to the process of renovating Earth. To figure out how solar energy can fix everything, it is necessary to research sectors that emit CO2. The primary ones are the electric, transportation, and industrial sectors. Each of them considerably adds up to the pace of climate change, which needs to be terminated.

Financial-wise, switching to renewables like the sun is savvier for residentials and commercial purposes. So, let’s proceed with the article to see how the energy of the sun can resume the natural flow of environmental processes in each of these sectors.

Climate Change Outlook


Shrinking glaciers, ice breakages, fauna lifecycle shortage – all happen because of the environmental hazard called climate change. What does create all the conditions for climate change? Greenhouse gases! CO2 is increasing in percentages daily. Scientists note that because of them, global temperatures will keep rising for upcoming decades. A decade is long enough to say goodbye to the planet where one lives. To avoid leaving Earth and starting a brand new life on another planet, greenhouse gas emissions should be drastically reduced. How is that possible?

There are 3 sectors, particularly in the US, that emit CO2 the most – electric: 28%, transportation: 28%, and industrial ones: 22%. This much of greenhouse gas emissions are a real danger to humanity and the planet. To solve the issue and prevent the development of really threatful processes, renewables should be turned on. The primary resource, the sun’s power, should start dominating these three sectors and rescue the planet. That is why the solar industry leading companies like LA Solar Group promote advantages of solar panel systems. Click here.

Sector-Wise Solar Energy Outlook


Electric Sector


Fossil fuels – number one creator of carbon footprint. Should it be removed from daily consumption? Of course! People and companies use fossil fuels as the primary source for electricity generation without pondering how harmful their usage can be. Even though solar electricity is a novel phenomenon, researching it and trying it out for a few days will prove itself worthy of the purchase.

For the most critical part, the energy of the sun is emission-free and clean – reduced carbon footprint. Moreover, the solar equipment supplying the power can be of off-grid type. That is, it can be an independent resource designed solely for the needs of the homeowner.

Transportation Sector


Are alternatives to usual vehicles sound familiar? Let me introduce electric vehicles (EVs) and hybrid vehicles. These are the rescuers for the transportation sector. Indeed, can one guess what the major difference between such vehicles and ordinary ones is? Of course, the fuel they use to gain power. If ordinary ones consume fossil fuels and pollute the environment, these ones use the power of the sun through the carport and charging stations. Turns out, a standard household can sustain a sunny house and vehicle without a carbon footprint increase.

Industrial Sector


This sector requires the largest amount of electricity to complete the manufacturing of materials like steel, aluminum, etc. For such a task, the amount of electricity is beyond imagination, so is the contamination of CO2. There are two ways to overcome excessive amounts of fossil fuels for such processes: boiler fuel and process heating.

Boiler Fuel

To put it simply, this is utilized to make steam or so-called heat water. Afterward, steam or heat water gets replaced into a boiler vessel. Easy as pie! Clean as needed!

Process Heating


The energy of the sun can be directly used to the company’s benefit. During manufacturing processes, the sun’s power should be utilized to increase the process’s temperature. In that way, through Process Heating, people get the temperature level they need to complete the project without environmental hazards. Offsetting fossil fuels – what the planet needs!

Life Cycle Assessment


Well, well, it seems like everything is covered on a needed level, and solar power can immediately eliminate carbon footprint from the planet. Even though it sounds nice, let’s be realistic. CO2 has a life cycle, which can never be eliminated. Instead, it can be shortened through renewables. If fossil fuels generate greenhouse gases of an infinite life cycle, then solar electricity shortens their life cycle in double.

There, one may ask, “Won’t solar equipment like photovoltaic (PV) panels increase carbon footprint because of its manufacturing, production, and recycling?” Good question, but the answer is no. Even though greenhouse gases get generated during these above-listed processes, the amount of those does not reach astronomical numbers. Thus, in such a way, the carbon footprint on the planet can’t become threatening.

Government Support


If society is worried about the issue, the government should be, too. Domestic policies like the SEIA got implemented for the purpose of regulating and maintaining the Clean Air Act. Besides, thanks to the solar panel tax credit, when going solar financial benefits overwhelm the consumers. For the most part, in 2023, one has the last chance to be the luckiest solar consumer.

The extended tax credit of 26 percent in 2023 is the best incentive to view the option of switching from fossil fuels to the sun’s power. Plus, each state of the US has its tax policy regarding the power of the sun. So, depending on where one lives, that individual has an additional incentive to use the power of the sun.

Above all, let’s not forget how important it is to maintain a clean, green, and carbon-free planet. The environment where we live is the number one indicator of people’s health, wealth, and future.

Stay safe, go solar!