How to Reset Carbon Monoxide Detector after False Alarm – 2023 Guide


Carbon monoxide detectors are beneficial machines that can save lives. They exist to detect carbon monoxide, a deadly gas that can cause severe problems and potential death to living beings.

And the main reason why detectors like this are essential is that carbon monoxide doesn’t have taste, it doesn’t smell, and you can’t see it. This gas is produced if there is incomplete combustion of fuel. If you use gas, wood, coal, or even oil in your house, it can produce carbon monoxide.

Because of that, it’s essential to have one of these detectors at your home.

Detectors like this can save your life, but they can also scare you when they falsely set off. If you have a detector like this and experienced a false alarm, it is imperative to know how to reset your carbon monoxide detector.

What to do when your carbon monoxide detector goes off?

If this happens to you, it’s critical to follow the protocol. The first thing you need to do is silence the alarm, open all the windows, and leave the premises. It’s vital to escort everyone from your house outside, where there is fresh air. If you live in a building, you should inform your neighbors about a potential carbon monoxide leakage. The next step once everyone is safe is to call 911 or your fire department and tell them what happened.

Tell them that your carbon monoxide detector sounded the alarm. It’s of crucial importance that you don’t go inside before the emergency services responders arrive. Once the responders do their job and make sure that everything is safe, you can return to your home. But before that, every room in your home needs to be aired out good. And remember, never assume that it is a false alarm because you can’t be sure. Remember that a gas like that can’t be seen, smelt, or tasted. So, it’s always essential to assume that the alarm is genuine and not false.

If the responders establish that there wasn’t a presence of carbon monoxide and that it was just a false alarm, you need to check your detector.

It’s essential to have good quality and functional carbon monoxide detector, so you don’t have to dread over and think if your detector is working or not.

If something like this happens quite often to you, you should consider buying a new carbon monoxide detector. An excellent carbon monoxide detector is X-sense, so if you are looking to buy a new one, check them out.


But, if it’s the first time that something like this happened to you, you should know how to reset your carbon monoxide detector so that it can work properly once again.

Why did my carbon monoxide detector sound a false alarm?

It’s not that often for a carbon monoxide detector to sound a false alarm. If it happened, then probably something is wrong. If it’s working correctly, something like this shouldn’t happen. Or there is a possibility that your alarm detected a certain amount of this gas, but by the time the responders arrived, it has aired out.

Also, there are some other possible explanations.

It could be that your detector needs to be relocated. You shouldn’t install carbon monoxide detectors in places like kitchens, furnace rooms, or garages. Also, places that are overly dusty, dirty, full of grease, or humid are not the best places to install a carbon monoxide detector.

Maybe your detector went off because it was in direct sunlight or somewhere where the temperature is high. It could also be near a turbulent ceiling fan, air conditioner, open window, or even heat vent. Those are all the places where you shouldn’t install a detector for this type of gas.


So, if you’ve recognized your detector’s current position, you will need to reposition it. And to do so, you will need to choose the right spot. It’s essential to do this so that you don’t have false alarms anymore. To know where the right spot is, you can check the manual you’ve got with your detector or directly contact the manufacturer. But here are also some universal places where it is good to put a carbon monoxide detector.

It’s essential to put them in every bedroom you have. You should also put one around 20 feet away from the furnace or fuel-burning heat sources that you are using if you have them. We mentioned that you shouldn’t put them in places of increased humidity, like bathrooms, so you would want to install one at least 10 feet away from a bathroom or a shower. If you live in a house with more stories, you need to have at least one alarm on each. And if you have a basement, you don’t want to install an alarm in it, but you would want to do it at the top of the stairs.

Your alarm went off because the appliances that you are using for fossil fuel are not burning fuel entirely. It can be that there is carbon monoxide present, and you can confirm it if you see flames that are orange or yellow. If the flames are blue, then everything is good.

Whatever the reason is for your alarm going off, you should be sure that it was wrong and that your detector is working correctly.

After something like this happens, you must capacitate your carbon monoxide detector once again and reset it.


How to reset your carbon monoxide detector?

To be entirely sure how to reset your detector, you should consult the manual. If by any chance, you don’t have it by your hand, you should contact the manufacturer of the detector and ask them for precise instructions on how to reset your specific detector. If that’s not an option, here is some advice.

Primary, you should do air out of the room or rooms where the detector is located. The sensor needs clear and fresh air. The next thing you can do is push the silence button and hold it for at least 5 seconds. Maybe you will need to do it a few times before your detector resets.