How to Record Game with DemoCreator on Windows 10


Being a gamer is a lovely thing. People that do not consider gaming their passion will certainly not decide to improve financial stability this way. Because of that, we are sure that you are enjoying your job to the fullest.

However, improving gaming skills is not the only thing you need to work on. For starters, you need to purchase equipment good enough for comfortable playing.

But, if you plan to stream your games and ensure passive income that way, you also need to have reliable video capture software. That way, you will get high-quality streams that most target audience members will expect.

One of the options that you have is to use DemoCreator. It is a tool you can use on all the newest Windows versions from 7 to 10 (but, they have to be 64-bit). Apart from that, you will need at least 3GB of RAM.

But, to use this tool to the fullest, it would be ideal to have 8 GB RAM. That will be necessary if you plan to screen HD and 4K videos (minimum requirement). You, anyway, plan to become a pro gamer, so we are sure this feature isn’t unachievable.

How does the Entire Process look?


Recoding a game with this tool is not difficult at all. Best of all, you will get a guideline whenever you use this tool. But, we would like to explain things and simplify the entire process even more.

First of all, you will see a Red capture icon after you double-click on the desktop icon. Apart from that, next to the button, there will be some settings you will have to adapt to your needs.

Some of the options you will see there are target window or Full Screen. Additionally, you can choose whether you will screen yourself or the screen itself. Anyway, after you customize everything, click on the red button, and that’s it!

You Can Also Enable Real-Time Screen Drawing


Well, this may not be necessary when recording games with DemoCreator. However, in case you want to give some additional instructions to the audience, this drawing may seem like an interesting feature.

When you enable this option, a new menu will appear. There you will see different ways to draw lines, arrows, circles, or anything else in real-time. We suggest you do not forget about this!

Magnifier Can Also Help!

Best of all, DemoCreator comes with a magnifier as well. If you have already recorded your games, then you know that capturing edges is a difficult thing. With a magnifier, this task is going to be much easier. Its precision level is extremely high.

Editing Videos Is Smooth


After you record the gameplay, the next thing you can do is edit the recordings with this tool. There will be a menu on the left side of the screen. There are multiple options you can choose from.

For example, you can add transitions, stickers, captions, and other stuff. That way, you will make the content more entertaining for future viewers. The engagement level must be high in case you want to become successful with this type of “job”.


As you see, there is nothing confusing about DemoCreator. With a couple of clicks, you will easily record the screen while playing games. After that, it is up to your creativity which elements you will use when editing content.