5 Things To Look For In High-Quality CBD Products

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Health is priceless, considered more precious than any gem on earth. But this aspect of human life is often overlooked, prioritizing finances over taking care of one’s health and well-being. Nonetheless, things are now changing.

In the midst of facing the current pandemic crisis, people find ways to safeguard their health, and one of the ways is through supplementation. Cannabidiol (CBD) products are very popular because of anecdotal evidence that promises great health and wellness benefits. But how do you make sure that you’re only buying excellent quality supplements?

Learn the important things you need to look for when buying high-quality CBD products below:

1. Check the Company Reputation

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CBD supplements consist of external cannabinoids, including cannabidiol, trace amount of tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, terpenes, flavonoids, and plant materials from hemp or cannabis plants. Because of minimal or zero THC, CBD products don’t make you high. Also, CBD products can be used by consumers without requiring a special permit or prescription, like cannabis products, and they can be legally purchased online from reputable companies, such as populum.com.

Dealing with a reputable company or supplier is important to ensure that they’re legitimate to manufacture and sell CBD products, following industry standards and government laws. In this way, you can vouch for their claim of only selling high-quality CBD oil, tincture, topicals, and other CBD products.

How do you ensure that you’re dealing with a reputable seller or company? Here’s how:

  • Check third-party reviews and testimonials from verified customers
  • Ask to supply proof of credentials like permits, certification, and licenses
  • Check partnership with third-party laboratory or testing services (will be discussed further below)

2. Extraction Method Used

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Cannabidiol oil can be extracted in hemp or cannabis plants using different methods, such as using solvents and carbon dioxide extraction. The extraction method determines the quality of the CBD product in terms of purity and cannabinoid levels.

Here’s how each method works:

Solvent Extraction: In solvent extraction, the most commonly used solvent is ethanol, in which the hemp or cannabis flowers are mixed with ethanol to dissolve and isolate cannabidiol.  Once cannabinoid compounds have been extracted, the solvent is evaporated, leaving behind crude oil, processed further to produce cannabidiol isolate.

Carbon Dioxide Extraction: This extraction method uses heated and pressurized CO2, turning it into a liquid to become a natural solvent. CO2 extraction is very safe and yields extremely pure cannabidiol concentrations.

3. Laboratory Test Results

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Testing the cannabis and hemp extract provides more accurate cannabinoid measurements before a product is mass-produced. Additional ingredients can hide some of the trace compounds that only lab testing can see.

Third-party testing plays a vital role in safeguarding public health because the industry isn’t regulated. The best testing labs have an ISO 17025 certification. Check the following things a lab test result can tell you:

Cannabinoid Concentration: The cannabinoid contents, after analysis, are often expressed in milligrams per unit or mg/ml. In a packaged product, for example, a 30ml CBD oil bottle may contain 300 mg of cannabidiol or 1000 mg, depending on the amount of cannabidiol concentration used.

Product Type: By determining the type and amounts of cannabinoids in a product, consumers will have an idea if they’re buying an isolate, full-spectrum, or broad-spectrum CBD product.

Terpenes: There are different types of terpenes with varying health benefits.

Other Compounds: Hemp plants have other compounds that can be included in the final product, such as chlorophyll. A lab test also analyzes the presence of pesticides, heavy metals, and other harmful substances.

4. Source

Source: health.harvard.edu

CBD promises to provide a wide range of health benefits. But it’s not enough to check the reputation of the seller or manufacturer alone. It’s also crucial to ensure you’re only buying premium cannabidiol health supplements from manufacturers partnered with sustainable hemp or cannabis farmers.

Sustainable farming involves good farming practices without using harsh chemicals on the plants used in manufacturing consumer products. The source also includes the raw material’s country of origin. Verify this information with the manufacturer or seller. Good companies proactively state the source and hemp farming practices on their listing.

It’s also essential to determine the best sources of high-quality supplements in terms of online and offline sources. One example of offline sources is physical dispensaries available in your area. If you’re sourcing your supplements online, then you need to consider dealing with a credible company following the tips shared above when checking a company’s reputation.

5. Packaging Label or Manufacturer’s Instructions

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Consumers should be well-informed of the things they buy and use for health and safety, particularly medications and supplements. Labeling must indicate the ingredients used, including any presence of artificial flavoring, gluten, soy, lactose, or any additives used. You don’t want to end up with allergy problems because you didn’t read the listing or packaging carefully.

A high-quality dietary supplement should always include manufacturer’s instructions, tackling the following:

  • Dosage Instructions: Does the manufacturer provides a clear dosage instruction for a specific sign or symptom? For instance, good companies provide a dosage guide for headaches, muscle tension, or stress. What’s the recommended initial dose to start CBD for a first-timer on the listing or label? Knowing this information is important to ensure you attain your expected or desired effect, maximizing the benefits of cannabidiol and avoiding frustration.
  • Mode Of Administration: How will you take the oil or tincture? Do you need to ingest it or apply it under your tongue? The seller should be able to provide a helpful guide or step-by-step instruction on how a customer can use the product.
  • Warnings: A trusted company should provide the possible side effects of taking cannabidiol such as dry mouth and eyes and recommended solutions.


CBD products come in different preparations, modes of administration, and manufacturing processes. Not all brands offer the same quality, so it’s crucial to know what to look for when buying one, like the ones discussed above.

Using high-quality supplements enable you to benefit from the key ingredients at a maximum level, greatly improving your health and wellness. But, it’s important to note that cannabidiol supplement is categorized as a health supplement without any approved therapeutic claims.