How Is Deviated Nasal Septum Treated In Bangalore?


A deviated nasal septum is a common condition in which the septum is off-center. Some people are born with this. However, others get it by nose injury. A badly deviated septum usually causes breathing problems, headaches, and congestion.

The nasal septum is the cartilage and bone that separates the nasal cavity (inside your nose) into two parts. The left and the right nostrils are equal in size, but due to the deviated nasal septum, a sort of imbalance occurs in their size.

How Is Deviated Nasal Septum Treated In Bangalore?


Several treatment options are there for deviated nasal septum in Bangalore. The treatment of the condition is largely determined by its severity and the patient’s overall health. Before treating deviated nasal septum in Bangalore, the doctor diagnoses the condition to evaluate and understand its severity.

To do so, the doctor first examines the nostrils with the help of a nasal speculum. After that, the doctor checks the placement of the septum and how it impacts the size of the nostrils. Then, the doctor may also ask a few questions to the patient about sleep, snoring, sinus problems, and breathing difficulty.

Once the doctor is done with all this, he/she starts the treatment. Following are the methods that an ENT surgeon uses to treat a deviated nasal septum in Bangalore. Experts believe that in most cases, treatment is not necessary. But surgery is the most common treatment in Bangalore for a severely deviated nasal septum.

Medication For Deviated Nasal Septum In Bangalore


With the help of medication, the symptoms of a deviated nasal septum can be relieved. However, if medication alone doesn’t offer adequate relief, the doctor may recommend undergoing surgical treatment to repair the crooked septum. The medication for a deviated nasal septum may include decongestants, antihistamines, nasal steroid spray, and nasal strips, etc.

Surgery For Deviated Nasal Septum In Bangalore


When your symptoms don’t improve with the help of medications or other treatment options, the doctor suggests a reconstruction surgery. The surgical treatment of a deviated nasal septum is called septoplasty. Septoplasty is the most preferred surgical treatment for a deviated nasal septum in Bangalore. Typically, this procedure is not performed on young children, unless the condition is severe because facial growth and development still go on in young children.

At the beginning of septoplasty, the doctor first gives you local or general anesthesia based on the requirement. After that, the doctor either removes the septum entirely or readjusts and reinserts it into the nose. This helps in straightening the septum of your nostrils. The doctor may also insert silicone splints in each nostril to support the septum. Then, the doctor closes the incision with sutures.

Septoplasty is an advanced surgical procedure that is performed through nostrils. Therefore, it doesn’t result in wounds or scars post-procedure. However, each case is different, special technique might be required depending on patient to patient. This procedure takes around 60-90 minutes to complete and is performed on an outpatient basis. Therefore, you don’t need hospitalization after the surgery. Most probably, the doctor discharges you just a few hours after completion of the surgery.

The recovery period is also quick and comfortable after septoplasty. You can resume your daily routine just after 2-3 days of the surgery. However, it may take you 1-2 weeks to recover completely. Because of its several benefits, septoplasty is considered the best treatment for a deviated nasal septum in Bangalore at Pristyn Care.

In some cases, a rhinoplasty can also be combined with septoplasty to improve the appearance of the nose. This procedure is typically called septorhinoplasty. Not only this but septoplasty may also be combined with sinus surgery.

What Is The Cost Of Deviated Nasal Septum Surgery In Bangalore?


The average cost of the deviated nasal surgery in Bangalore is around INR 60,000 to INR 1.5 Lakh. However, it may vary depending on several factors that may include the following:-

  • Experience of the doctor
  • Hospitalization post-procedure
  • Location and image of the clinic
  • The severity of the nasal septum
  • Medicines after surgery (if needed)
  • Extra procedures such as fees of anesthesia, tests that are done before the surgery, and follow-ups meeting with the doctor.

If you have a deviated nasal septum and you want to get an idea of the estimated cost of septoplasty in Bangalore, you can contact a few clinics, hospitals, and ENT specialists and discuss your problem with them and ask for the cost they charge for the same. Then, based on the severity of your condition and budget, you can choose the best clinic, hospital, or doctor for your treatment.

As we have already mentioned, treatment is not required in most cases of a deviated nasal septum, However, looking at the symptoms the doctor may prescribe certain medicines to improve the symptoms. But when nothing proves to be effective in offering relief, the doctor suggests septoplasty.

Septoplasty is the most preferred treatment of a deviated nasal septum in Bangalore. It’s considered the best treatment that cures the condition permanently. People in Bangalore choose this method of treatment because of the following benefits that it offers to its patients.

  • Improves senses
  • Better sleep quality
  • Improves breathing
  • Involves a small cut
  • A daycare procedure
  • It doesn’t inflict bleeding
  • Results in no wounds or scars
  • It’s a pinless surgical procedure
  • Quick and comfortable recovery
  • Same-day treatment and discharge
  • Reduces the risk of sinus infection
  • The success rate is as high as 90% to 95%
  • No chance of recurrence after the surgery
  • Hospitalization is not required post-procedure
  • The risk of side effects and complications is as low as 5%
  • It’s a short, precise, safe, and successful surgical procedure

A deviated nasal septum is a common condition that occurs due to several reasons that mainly include injury to the nose. If you are a resident of Bangalore and have a deviated nasal septum that’s making it hard for you to breathe properly or live a normal life, you should consult with an ENT specialist and consider septoplasty as the final treatment for your condition.