5 Things to Know About Online Casinos Payback Percentages

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Online casinos are taking over a traditional way of gambling in both the number of players and overall profits. There are many reasons for that, and surely one of the main ones is accessibility. Namely, we are just a few clicks away from and all that’s needed for us today to enjoy playing games of chance is a stable WiFi connection. Furthermore, it’s also about convenience and a much better offer in terms of rewards and bonuses that are easy to claim. Yes, casinos use these types of rewards to attract new players, but if you do your homework, you can use it for your benefit as by reading rules and regulations regarding how and when can you claim these bonuses, you will pick online casinos with the best offer, like the one they have at spy-casino.

On the other hand, even though online gambling is an activity many people enjoy, not everyone is familiar with the terminology, which, needless to say, can be bad. Most players are well aware of certain phrases used in certain games, but what about general terms? One of the best examples for that is about the payback percentage, RTP ratio, and the infamous house edge. Some have probably heard about all of these terms, and some even know the basic meaning and their use, but not that many understand what they mean, how they affect the game, and how they differ if they differ at all. Well, let’s help you with that then, so let’s start with a difference between RTP and payout percentages.

Difference between RTP and payout percentages

Source: pexels.com

Many new players can easily be confused with different terms, and RTP rates and payout percentages are definitely one of them. These are two same things with a different name, and they represent the average amount of money that certain games “return” to the player, or better said, how much players can expect to win. The logic is simple, and the higher RTP means higher chances to gain some profit, and because of that, we need to learn which games have the highest payout percentages before we choose the one we want to play. What this basically means is that regardless of how fun some game of chance is, it’s always better to stick with those with the highest RTP percentage if winnings are your goal, of course.

What about house edge?

House edge works on a pretty similar principle as the RTP, as they both provide an average based on a probability of winnings. But, unlike payback percentage, the house edge is probably of more use to players as it provides insight into which bets and at what time they should place. It actually means that house edge is used in certain games like roulette to better describe to players what they can expect from playing this game in terms of winnings. If we use slots as an example, the house edge can vary from 5% to up to 10%, while the payback percentage is around 90 percent.

The importance of variance

Besides the RTP rates, another term we need to learn and understand is variance because it can also affect the outcome and our final profit. Payout percentages are important when we speak about the long haul, and for short-term gambling, it is necessary to pay attention to variances. Each machine has the expected average when it comes to payout, and the variance represents the way of spreading the random outcomes. Because of the variance, many people visit casinos hoping they actually can win something. So, what is the variance told in simple terms? It is something that allows us to pay the smallest possible amount of money and win the jackpot from the first time, or pay more and lose everything a few times in a row. Because of that, it is crucial to inform yourself before choosing the right game since knowing the variance of each of them can help you play longer and gain some profit in the end. 

It is possible to use bonuses

Even though some of the first things we will hear about casino games is to avoid slots at all costs, this strategy or way of thinking is not necessarily true. Namely, if we speak about the games with the highest RTP rates, we need to mention slots since some of them have more than a 96% payout percentage. It is one of the main reasons slots are extremely popular around the globe, and people choose to try and play them instead of some other game. Another reason is the option to turn bonuses into real money and withdraw it.

Source: pexels.com

It is one of the strategies that many players use because bonus money can be turned into real money thanks to high RTP, and you can withdraw it when you do not want to play more and gain some profit out of it. Simply said, you can use bonuses to play slots instead of using real money from the very beginning. Knowing how these rewards work and how and when to claim them can be crucial, and what those with some gambling experience will always highlight is that using bonuses at the right time can do wonders for your monthly budget.

Payout percentage can be found in the game info

No matter which game we decide to play, the online casino should provide us with information about it that we can read before trying it. Many new users simply skip this step and do not read it at all, but it can tell us a lot about the rules and the game itself. One of the important things we can learn from game info is the RTP rate, which can help us decide if we want to play that game or are ready to find another one. Furthermore, it’s always recommended to read terms and regulations as it is also the only way to determine whether a website is a legitimate one or not, above all other things, and since there are a lot of them, it can be pretty handy.