Bitcoin Ad Networks Reviews and Comparison to Work With in 2023


Being in the Crypto Ad network is a bit challenging due to all the competitive networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, as well LinkedIn since all of them have banned ads, banners, as well as services that are promoting cryptos. You can reach your Crypto Targeted traffic at affordable rates by using a different approach.

Crypto ad networks are the best solution to reach targeted traffic after restriction on Google and Facebook to run crypto related ads writes Eleanor from Coinformant. Crytpo ad Networks will often partner up with famous sites to have their ads run to get their targetted traffic. Most of these networks are based on the cost per click model.

Why is it so hard to choose the best network among many competitors?


Ad networks became popular in the 90s, and they were at their peak in 2007 when Google bought DoubleClick for $3.1 billion, which did speed up the AdSense industry. The process is pretty simple and self-explanatory, where the performance is tracked via a tracking pixel that is placed on the site. An ad network will negotiate buyer schemes with the site. Network ads are different and they can vary, where some can be bought in bulk or individually. You should go for an ad network that has a lot to offer and that suits your style, such as cost-per-click, cost-per-view, as well as other impressions. Luckily for you, we will review some of your best options down below!

Bitcoin Ad Networks Reviews and Comparison to work within 2023: Top 4 options


Source: was one of the first and leading advertising platforms that used blockchain technology. The company has been around for 6 years. It is used for publishers as well as business-oriented companies. Through this network, you can easily find 3,700 crypto-related websites. All of these have around 41 million clicks per day!

What is their minimum deposit like?

The best part about is that they require no minimum deposit, which makes it ideal for everyone and their easy (yet affordable) use. Your bid does have its minimum, and it starts at 0.0000205 BTC for anyone who works with big CPC campaigns. You can go for either the CPC – which is the ad that gets lower priority, or CPM – that has a higher priority.

What are some of the strongest GEOs?

Traffic can vary, and you will find the best and strongest GEO background in the USA, Canada, Russia, as well as the UK.

Why choose Bitmedia?

They have 20 000 ad campaigns and are still counting. With Bitmedia you will have your advertisers + you will feel like you’re exactly where you need to be since they have 1B+ monthly impressions.

2. A-Ads


Another pioneer that has been around since 2011 is A-ads. Most people like it since it is mostly focused on your privacy. If you are a newbie when it comes to ads, you will enjoy this site since it is so easy to navigate and browse through, without the need for Adobe Flash or even Java.

What is their minimum deposit like?

Yet again, there is no minimum deposit. This company has a daily budget goal, which means that you can pay as much as you want each day (it can be flexible). You can work with a different SUM, and the network will give you as much traffic for your paid amount.

What are some of the strongest GEOs?

The site is filled with English-speakers, but the most common users are from the USA, India, Russia, as well as Vietnam. Speaking of its use, at they’ve announced that Janet Yellen will consider limiting the use of cryptos. It is becoming a particular concern, what do you think about this statement?

Why choose A-ads?

It is an old-school advertisement option that is easy to use. You will enjoy the customer support, as well as the average reply time of up to 4 hours.

3. Coinzilla


This is a crypto advertising network that has a different purpose. In fact, they want to expand the use of cryptos onto the market, and they have worked and promoted over 200 brands on their site thus far.

What is their minimum deposit like?

This can vary and it is a lot different on their site. You can go for either the BTC payment, which is a minimum of 0.05 BTC. You can also go for wire payments (a minimum of 5000 euros), as well as Ethereum payments (0.5 Ethereum minimum).

What are some of the strongest GEOs?

You should opt for the USA, Russia, UK, or even Turkey. These are quite high and highly talked about on their site, as well as great for the ad business.

Why choose Coinzilla?

Coinzilla has 700+ active crypto publisher. It has been around since 2016 + it is often promoted with some coupons. You can be a part of Coinzilla only if your site is older than 3 months, so think ahead before making an account.

4. CoinTraffic


Last, but not least, CoinTraffic is digital advertising in the crypto industry that is more-so focused on startups. At the moment they’ve completed 80 ICO projects and have raised around $800 million in the last four years. This Bitcoin ad network is trustworthy, as well as your safe bet.

What is their minimum deposit like?

This is a lot similar to TokenAd, and their minimum budget starts at €$25, and you can make the payment three times a week. They accept Bitcoin and bank transfer payment methods.

What are some of the strongest GEOs?

You will be left with traffic from all over the world. You can explore the USA, UK, Japan as well as Russia if you need higher volume.

Why choose CoinTraffic?

They partner up with Crypto ads and blockchain on a regular + they have different format options that will optimize all the conversion rates. Their commission type is CPM, and they are efficient as well as reliable.

Ready for your ad network?

Are you ready to choose your BTC ad network? These top four crypto ad network options are some of the best on the market. We had to compare and review them to bring you the best solution. In our opinion, Bitmedia is the best due to their reliable background, and because they have more than 20 million unique visits. Find your best ad network, and watch your business grow overnight!