5 Common Misconceptions Gamblers Have About Skill-Based Slots

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Gamblers are a superstitious bunch. You can say this about each and every one of us. That’s the truth. When it comes to gambling you need to be a little superstitious. You can’t go without it.

But, there are also various myths, fairy tales, and misconceptions regarding gambling and various games that we love to play. We must make a difference between these.

For one, there are no fairy tales when it comes to gambling unless you hit a major jackpot. All of the major myths have been debunked by now.

This leaves us with misconceptions. They’re easiest to encounter and hardest to make go away. When it comes to the games that are not computerized it is easy to get rid of any misconception there is.

But, when it comes to computerized games such as slot machines things are difficult. Skilled-based slots are the worst. Players love to go one-on-one with them. Why? Well, there are plenty of misconceptions tied to them, and this makes them an even bigger obstacle and adventure than they need to be. Do you understand what we’re talking about?

If you’re in the dark it doesn’t matter. You’d probably understand more if you tried some of the slots recommended in the Slots of Vegas review which would give you a broader picture without a doubt.

But, if you want to know straight away, there’s a way to do that too. You just need to keep reading this article of ours on the subject of common misconceptions gamblers have about skill-based slots. Let’s see what they are. Be prepared, you’re in for a bumpy ride here. Gamblers are a strange group after all.

1. You Win on The Skill Alone

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This is the biggest misconception by far. Yes, you need to have a certain skill to excel at these games, but when it comes to payout’s still in the hands of the casino. These slots, just like the regular ones have a set RTP number.

Return to the player doesn’t change just because you’re playing a skill-based slot machine. For some people, playing Pac-Man or Space Invaders slot machines is more fun, and that’s a reward on its own.

But, if you think that you’ll receive a higher payout just because you’re skilled at any of these games is wrong. The effect a player has on the reward outcome is minimal. But, if you tell this to payers they won’t believe you. After all, it is the casino’s job to convince them it’s their skill that makes it worth playing.

2. Skilled-Based Slots Are The Norm

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You have various types of slot machines. But, for a while now the skilled-based ones are starting to be more and more popular. It is easy to understand why. It has all to do with the misconception from above.

Due to this fact, many players are seeking to play skilled-based slots. But, are they so easy to find? No, they are not. These machines are not the norm in this department. Up until recently many casinos didn’t have nor allowed skilled-based slots.

Due to this fact, now that they are slowly introducing them, players are starting to believe that it’s because they are beatable by the skill they weren’t allowed before. This brings us back to the misconception from above.

3. Skill Matters From Start to Finish

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When it comes to skilled-based slot games your skill matters. But, no to the extent players believe. New players tend to believe that they’ll be shooting ducks from the get-go, and if they’re good at aiming they are going to get rich. This is wrong.

Yes, your skill matters. But n essence, we are talking about slot machines. They have a set RTP, and your chances to win are based on that. Your skill can come in handy only in bonus rounds. Yes, this is great news too.

If you’re playing a Wild West-themed slots machine a bonus round will pay out jackpots based on the number of bottles you manage t hit, or the number of outlaws you take don in a gunfight. But, we are talking about a high-end bonus round. You need to get there first.

4. Skilled -Based Slots Can be Manipulated

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Having a skill in a certain domain is great. If you’re good at shooting Pac-Man, or Space Invaders, and you can apply it to gambling you’ll get rich, right? Wrong! Skill is one thing, and if you honed it while playing a game at home, that’s fine too. Now, you can apply it to a degree in a casino. Yes, you can.

But, to what degree? This is the right question. Players tend to believe that they can play a bonus round every round. Things are not like that. Sometimes you can play for hours, and lose hundreds without getting a jackpot or a bonus round.

There is no certain way to manipulate a slot machine to give you bonus rounds where based on your skill you can make a lot of money. It doesn’t work like that.

5. They’re a Safer Bet Than Regular Slots

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You could claim that, but where do you get that info from? All slots are the same. Skilled-based ones are no different than regular ones. You need to spin them before you reach a bonus round. In some regular slot machines, you could even get a high bonus without having to have any type of skill.

And who’s to guarantee you that you’ll play the game well in a skilled-based slot when you reach a bonus round? There were times when you were killed in Pac-Man before even eating one frit. The same can happen with a slot machine. You could lose in a bonus round before you even get the chance to show your skill.

Bottom Line

As you can see skilled-based slot machines carry a lot of misconceptions their way. You can’t fight some of them. But, you need to know. Having a certain skill is fine. It can help you beat a slot machine. But, in the end, it’s the same old game, and you can’t do too much about it. Unless you zero out on the bonus round. Now, that would be a treat.