Scholarly Pursuits: A Guide to Master’s Programs and Scholarships at SET University

SET University

Ukraine has an excellent IT future. Various organizations, companies, and entrepreneurs do their best to increase the quality of IT education in Ukraine.

Also, they intend to provide the best conditions for Ukrainian men and women to become demanded specialists.

SET University is one of those projects committed to teaching students the basis of technology and reinforcing the knowledge in actual practice.

The founder of SET University and Roosh, Sergey Tokarev commented on new grants of SET University and what programs they are used for.

The Basics

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SET University is an innovative institution aimed at educating future IT leaders. Students will gain valuable knowledge about technology and entrepreneurship.

They will defend their theses by creating a startup in a university accelerator or developing an IT solution for a tech company.

The institution partners with the best universities around the world. SET University reveals many opportunities accessible to every Ukrainian man and woman.

The university has created entrepreneurial programs along with the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Analytics at the University of California, Berkeley. They are ‘Cyber Defense’ and ‘Computer Science and Innovation Engineering’.

These programs allow students to study cyberdefense, blockchain technologies, and artificial intelligence. Now, SET University has announced five scholarships that will cover 70% to 90% of tuition fees for each program. Such an opportunity is available to submit till September 1, 2023.

A high competition has been created, and Sergey Tokarev specifies who can apply for it.

Representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard of Ukraine, Ukrainian women willing to grow in IT, and internally displaced persons who have left the temporarily occupied territories or war zones can use this opportunity.

Children of combatants are also included in the list of potential submitters.

The Future of SET University

The Future of SET University

Sergey Tokarev has always highlighted that education is the key to a bright future. The entrepreneur noted earlier that he initiated and invested in five places within the scholarship program for students of Master’s and MicroMaster’s courses. Anyway, any contribution today is a valuable effort to rebuild Ukraine.

Also, the university is providing free three-day training for Ukrainian women on business analytics, ‘Leading with Confidence in the AI World’.

This event will take place offline on August 30 in Kyiv. Gauthier Vasseur, a director, and professor at the UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Analytics will conduct workshops on the training.

The project is created solely for Ukrainian women. Women citizens with IDP status, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the National Guard’s representatives, as well as founders of economic or charitable projects, can apply for the course till August 18.

The training in business analytics is the first joint event of SET University and UC Berkeley Fisher Center for Business Analytics. They have plans for further partnership, developing long-term programs on innovation and entrepreneurship and other events.



In the journey of academic growth and personal development, the choice of pursuing a master’s program at SET University is pivotal.

Consider your passions, align with esteemed faculty, explore scholarships, and envision your future impact.

Embrace this opportunity, make an informed decision, and embark on a transformative scholarly adventure.