How to Choose Kegerator Size for Your Bar?


Kegerator is essential equipment that keeps ice-cold beer on tap, providing an efficient way to serve your guests. There are different types of kegerators. That is why it is so important to understand which characteristics are required for your business.

If you are looking for a kegerator for sale, keep reading to know what to pay attention to when choosing this device, as well as where it can be purchased on the most favorable terms.

Kegerator Types and Dimensions


Let’s start with size and capacity, which are the most important features when choosing this device.

Mini kegerators

Such models are popular with beginners, as well as if you are very limited in space and simply can not install large equipment. The maximum capacity of such refrigeration equipment does not exceed 5 liters.

Home kegerators

The most common sizes are 24*24*35″ and 24*25*35″.

They are suitable for barrels: 1×1/2 barrels, 1×50 liters, 1×30 liters (1/4 barrels), and 2×20 liters (1/6 barrels).

These are full-size kegerators with a wide range of models: from freestanding refrigerators to under-counter models.

This technique is additionally equipped with a keg coupler, a beer tower, and a cylinder with a gas pressure regulator.

Commercial kegerators


Such models are similar to the full-size home kegerators, but differ in sizes: 24*31*38″, 19*31*39″, 58 7/8 x 27 3/4 x 35 5/8″, 28*38*96″, etc. They can store several types of barrels, including half a barrel, quarter barrels, and mini-kegs.

Outdoor kegerators

These are specifically built for outdoor use: they are usually installed in back patios, garages, and even basements.

Suitable for barrels: 1×1/2 barrel, 1×50 l, 1×30 l (1/4 barrel), 2×20 l (1/6 barrel).

Such a large selection of sizes allows you to easily choose the device that will be the best option for your needs.

Also, when searching for the kegerator, be sure to consider:

  1. What beverages will be stored in there (beer, wine, etc.);
  2. Which model suits you better (built-in kegerator, device with 1, 2, or even 3 doors);
  3. Where it will be installed (in the kitchen, under the bar, outdoors, etc.).

Additional options that might also be relevant:

  • Working temperature range;
  • Rollers for better mobility;
  • Digital thermostat;
  • Closed or open type doors (in the latest option your guests can see the contents of your refrigerator);
  • Drip tray;
  • Fluorescent lamps, etc.

What Size Kegerator Should I Get?


Still not sure which device is best for your purposes?

We recommend contacting the Beverage Craft consultants.

The company has been known on the market since 2014: it offers a large selection of different models of beer kegerators from the most popular manufacturers (UBC, ASBER, and others). There is equipment for both commercial and home use, designed for different quantities and volumes of kegs.

You will also be helped to purchase other equipment necessary to assemble a complete draft beer system: CO2 cylinder and pressure regulator, coupling, air, and beer line, beer tower, faucet, etc. Prices will please you!