5 Hardest World of Warcraft Raid Bosses of All Time

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World of Warcraft is always coming up with new expansions to keep their players hooked.

While Shadowlands is currently the latest installment, one has to look at the previous bosses to see how the creators changed the difficulty level of raid from time to time.

1. Uu’nat, Crucible of Storms

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The toughest raid bosses in World of Warcraft do not compare to Uu’nat who is hands down the biggest challenge. Unstable Resonance is one of the reasons why the difficulty level of the Battle of Azeroth is high. If the team members have different resonance types, it will trigger an explosion.

While it can be overcome, it still requires practice and acute strategizing. It took more than 700 attempts to defeat this raid boss. Having practice at a good skill level is important but external help does not hurt. You can take WoW Boost.

2. Kil’Jaeden, Tomb of Sargeras

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Kil’Jaeden is worth mentioning because it left all the guild members in a fix. There was a bug in the game which made this boss even harder to defeat. This raid was especially difficult and made the healing virtually impossible. He was eventually defeated but still stayed true to his title of being the Supreme Commander of the Burning Legion. The damage he did and the experience guild members had against him solidifies his position as one of the hardest world raid bosses in WoW.

3. Garrosh, Siege of Orgrimmar

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If we are going by the number of attempts it took before a guild finally took the boss down, Garrosh is rightly included. It took about 640 attempts for him to be defeated. He was especially noteworthy as he was standing up against a 10-man raid. He could hold off unsynchronized attacks which is why the guild members had to be on the same page to launch a targeted attack.

4. Yogg-Saron, Old God of Ulduar

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An Old God in World of Warcraft, this character took more than 500 attempts to be defeated. The raid was meant for Keepers and had the hardest difficulty level at the time.

The character did not use its complete power in this version but still proved tough. It was made more difficult by guild members voluntarily when they refused to take the help of keepers to defeat this Old God.

5. Archimonde, Hellfire Citadel 2.0

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Archimonde was the raid boss of the Warlords of Draenor raid and was defeated in more than 470 attempts. This raid required all team members to communicate extensively and build upon a good strategy if they hoped to be successful. The Doomfire spell is worth mentioning which did a lot of damage to the players in 10 second intervals.

The Takeaway

Each player who has participated in different raids in all the expansions knows the level of thrill it gives. The higher the difficulty level, the better the experience. It not only challenges the players but also allows them to have fun. You may also be interested in the article – puzzles and survival codes.