7 YouTube Trends 2023

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According to Hootsuite (social media management platform), YouTube is still the second most visited website in the world (after Google.com). So don’t miss your chance to become a popular blogger on this platform! Start your own channel or continue to grow your existing one.

What YouTube trends should follow in 2023? Let’s discuss it.

1. YouTube live streaming’s

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According to Truelist (a group of market analysts and professional reviewers), 70% of viewers prefer YouTube over other live video platforms. Video hosting allows you to watch live not only your favorite TV channels but also live videos by bloggers, brands, companies and online retailers.

The advantage of live streaming is that the author gets a live audience: many users are interested in watching live broadcasts rather than standard videos.

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2. YouTube Shorts

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In recent months, there is a violent competition for attention and popularity between TikTok and YouTube Shorts, in which YouTube Shorts has obvious advantages.

YouTube Shorts is part of the large YouTube system. The competition is still small and the potential audience is a whole YouTube. Even beginner channels can get big engagement. And creators with 10-20 thousand subscribers on the channel have grown into millionaire bloggers in just two months of active posting Shorts.

Since the summer 2023, the YouTube Shorts Fund was established to motivate authors of short videos, which rewards youtubers with money. Authors can get from $100 to $10,000 shooting interesting content.

3. ASMR videos

Source: timeout.com

This trend is now on the top. ASMR videos that are shot by professionals. Their feature is the use of sounds that create a visual image and immerse you in a different reality: whispering, heartbeat, cooking, etc. It’s popular because it’s different from typical videos.

According to viewers, watching such videos gives them the effect of enjoying, calming, and relaxing. In addition, these videos help them cope with anxiety, panic attacks, relaxation, and fall asleep.

How do you use this on the channel? You can include ASMR elements in your videos: switch to whispering, insert fragments with sounds relevant to the topic of the video. Combined with normal speech, the video will look quite dynamic.

4. YouTube Search Engine

Source: tuffgrowth.com

HubSpot’s 2023 State of Inbound study showed that 45% of marketers spend more on marketing on YouTube than on any other channel. The influx of marketers to YouTube means you need more than creative video recording skills and recommended video editing software to succeed.

To increase conversions and ROI (return on investment) from video marketing, you need an in-depth knowledge of YouTube search engine optimization. YouTube’s search algorithms are constantly changing. You need to keep your eye on the ball, monitor regularly updates and make changes to your SEO strategy.

5. Documentary series

Source: vogue.com

These are sets of connected videos that are posted gradually. Videos of this genre are trending and are produced by both celebrities and ordinary users. The idea is very simple: an interesting story makes the viewer look forward to a new video.

In this genre, you can tell a long story or a case, talk about your experiences.

6. Immersive Shopping Videos

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YouTube has changed the way that people shop. 80 % of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube.

Shopping videos have always been popular on YouTube. From hauls and “shop with me” to gift guides and product reviews, YouTube creators provide viewers an immersive experience into how to pick and buy clothes.

A haul video revolving around a Christmas sale can help viewers understand what a specific brand has to offer and whether they should buy something or not.

7. Routine videos

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Routine videos show a YouTuber’s night or morning routine, including applying make-up, getting ready for bed, unwinding after a long day, etc. They are a continuation of the “get ready with me” trend from earlier years.

Creators show themselves following their routine, inspiring users to create their own routines or simply watching them to relax.

3 tips for trend-finding

  • YouTube has a feature called “Trending” (click on the Explore tab in the sidebar, then select Trending) which gathers the most relevant videos. It’s recommended to periodically explore this section to identify priority topics and content that interests users.
  • Search for videos by hashtags that resonate with your business. Using this method, you can monitor your competitors and study their audiences and strategies (you can analyze and find popular tags on YouTube search or use VidIQ – special extension for YouTube)
  • Don’t hesitate to ask customers and subscribers what they would like to see on the channel in the near future. Polls can be conducted on social networks, under videos (selecting by likes), on the online store’s blog or on YouTube Community section. By listening to your audience, you are 100% guaranteed to meet the requirements.

Following trends, it is important not to forget the opinions and desires of users: communicate with the audience, give feedback, and evaluate reactions to videos by the views, likes, and other metrics.

If old formats work well and attract new followers, you shouldn’t change them cardinally for the sake of fashion, but you can improve and adapt them, moving with the times.