Tips for Finding Reliable & Accurate Drug Testing Facilities (2023)

Drug Testing Facilities

Alcohol and illicit substance abuse is common among employees in US offices. Drug abuse gives rise to tons of injuries, accidents, and deaths every day. It impacts the organization’s productivity and the security of other employees.

To avoid alcohol and drug abuse at workplaces, employers conduct different types of employment drug screening.

The pre-employment drug, regular, random, post-accidental, and rehabilitation screenings are practiced in drug testing locations.

Multiple drug testing facilities operate, and picking one is a challenging task.

Quality Management System

The quality of a drug testing facility has immense importance. It depends on timeliness, reliability, and accuracy of drug tests.

People expect drug laboratory results to be as precise as possible. Every component of the facility operation should be reliable. Additionally, the reporting should be timely and adhere to public health and clinical setups and functions.

Quality management in drug testing facilities is vital in the procedures and organizational structures of the laboratories, as well as ensuring lower drug addiction rates.

High-Level Report Accuracy

Report Accuracy drug test

When taking samples (blood, urine, saliva, hair follicle, and nail), 100% accuracy is impossible. When employers hunt for reliable and reputed drug testing locations, they should look for facilities that reduce the inaccuracy levels as much as possible.

Given the limitations or restrictions of testing tools and equipment, an accuracy level of 99% is acceptable in laboratory setups according to the international standardization of laboratory testing.

With good lab tools, equipment, and software applications, eliminating false negatives and positives is easier.

Minimal Errors by Facilities

It is vital to execute the step-by-step procedures in the testing facility to attain top-notch reliability and accuracy in drug test reports. The drug testing facility is a complex center with multiple people and processes.

The complexity of the laboratory demands optimal performance of the processes and procedures by people.

It is where the quality management system is vital to consider as it looks after the overall testing process, and it is excellent for the performance of drug testing facilities.

The experience, training, qualification, and skill of laboratory staff are pivotal in the scenario. Process control plays a significant role in quality control for collecting samples, handling, testing, verifying, and delivering reports.

The Right Path of Workflow in Testing Facilities

The right workflow path refers to the complete set of functions that occurs in drug testing facilities. The workflow path in different drug test locations starts with the patient and ends with accurate results.

Drug testing facilities that don’t follow the workflow path fail to provide accurate and reliable reports. It is because of altered or damaged samples due to improper collection, storage, and transportation.

A faulty sample affects the performance of drug testing laboratories. Furthermore, the right workflow path include testing facilities abiding by the information management regulation of keeping patient records confidential.

Quality of Lab Equipment and Tools

Lab Equipment and Tools

The use of the right testing tool and equipment plays a significant role in the reliability and accuracy of drug testing reports.

Laboratories use different varieties of testing equipment and tools, and each of them requires routine maintenance.

Whether there is the maintenance of old testing tools or installing of new ones, optimal operation is pivotal.

The quality and advancement of equipment and tools play a significant role in picking the right drug testing location.

Skills of Laboratory Staff Members

A vital laboratory or testing facility resource is the presence of competent personnel. Experience plays a significant role in the precision and reliability of testing reports.

With years of training and experience, laboratory staff know how to get their tasks done efficiently and quickly.

It benefits drug testing facilities that demand accurate, reliable and timely reports. Often organizations need pre-employment drug test reports in a short span.

It is where the experience, skills, qualifications, dedication, and commitment of laboratory staff members matter.


drug testing lab

Employers encounter multiple drug test locations. It is challenging to assess and pick the most reliable and efficient facility.

A lab’s functioning is easy to understand when there is thorough research on the quality management system.

Testing facilities with good reputations and high accuracy rates are a better alternative. Furthermore, the experience and skill of staff members, the workflow path, facilities, equipment, etc., play an immense role in picking a reliable and efficient drug testing facility.