4 CBD Flower Strains You Should Try In 2023

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If you have been thinking about finally getting yourself some smokable Cannabidiol, then you will have an important decision to make. We don’t know if you were aware of it, but there are certainly a lot of different strains on the market, which might make the decision we have mentioned above a bit more difficult than you might have expected it to be. After all, it’s not like you can just randomly pick a strain and go for it.

Well, you technically can and nobody would stop you from doing it, but the truth is that you might not like the outcome of such a hasty and reckless decision. This is mainly because different strains are of different strength and because their aromas and flavors also vary. One quick glance at CheefBotanicals will help you understand that you need to be more careful while making this choice and that there are some important factors to take into consideration.

Yet, We are not talking about those factors today. We are going to assume that you have already done your fair share of research and that you already know that the CBD and THC content are the two most important things to check, together with the overall quality of the strains you are considering for purchase. Additionally, you probably also know that the aromas are different and that you need to find the one that you like.

So, since we are not going to dwell on those factors, what is it exactly that we are going to be talking about today? It’s definitely your lucky day, since we have decided to give you a few recommendations on some of the most amazing CBD flowers that meet all the quality criteria and that can offer you not only an astonishing experience, but also some great health benefits. After you take a look at those, you might be able to finally make your choice and decide on the first strain you want to try. Let’s get started.

1. Hawaiian Haze

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If you are looking for a combination of an exotic name and exquisite taste, then you should definitely take a glance at the Hawaiian Haze. It has become one of the favorite strains to most people that have given it a try and there seem to be some quite great reasons for this popularity. The leaves of this particular flower can be in different shades of green, with some occasional purple ones. Its aroma is tropical and exotic, which definitely influences the taste as well.

Of course, in order to find the product that will be high in CBD and low on THC, you will have to search for the Hawaiian Haze hemp strain, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to find. There are certainly quite a lot of suppliers that can help you in this endeavor, so make sure that you find the right one and succeed in getting this perfect flower that will definitely have some amazing effects on your health.

2. Harle-Tsu

Source: leafly.com

In case you have heard about the strains known as Harlequin and Sour Tsunami, then figuring out what this one is definitely shouldn’t be difficult. To put things simply, it is a hybrid cross between these two amazing flowers and it seems to have picked out the best of both worlds. There is one thing in particular that makes it stand out from the crowd.

We are talking about the fact that Harle-Tsu usually has 20 times more CBD than THC, which basically means that you will easily get the pain, anxiety or other type of relief that you want, while not having to worry about getting high. This certainly sounds amazing and that’s because it is. Of course, once again, the actual ratio might depend on where you are buying your products, so keep that in mind.

3. Lifter

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This particular strain is certainly high on the list of the most popular ones and there are some great reasons for it. First things first, it contains an astonishing amount of CBD, i.e. 18%, which makes it powerful and strong. As you can see here, there are a lot of benefits to smoking high-CBD strains, meaning that you should definitely give Lifter a chance, especially if you are searching for a product that can ease your anxiety and basically lift your mood up without causing any intoxicating effects.

Its fruity taste and the earthy aroma definitely add to the experience, but those are not the most important factors that people take into account when deciding on the strain they want to use. Sure, the taste is rather significant, but people seem to be going crazy about this particular strain simply because it has such an amazing effect on their mood. Of course, it can also treat other symptoms, such as pain, nausea and similar.

4. Purple Gas

Source: leafly.com

Here is another hybrid cross that seems to be taking the world over. It is a cross between Therapy and BAOx strains and it is known for being extremely high in CBD and containing 0.00% of THC. This is definitely the strain you should try if you are worried that the low amount of THC contained in other flowers could produce some intoxicating effects. The truth is that it cannot, but if you are looking for something that will allow you to play it completely safe, then Purple Gas is right for you.