What Separates the Best Seltzer Water from the Rest – 2023 Guide

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Seltzer – the name may sound very German to you and get you a bit confused, but you shouldn’t be puzzled at all since you’re absolutely correct! This type of carbonated water originates from Germany and it’s often used as a substitute for club soda as a cocktail mixer. Sparkling water has exploded in the 2000s in the United States as a healthier alternative to soda, which made some space for the existence of this beverage to thrive.

When it comes to judging the best type of this drink, you need to consider the two most important aspects – the first one is the level of fizz, and the other is its taste. The best ones should be carbonated enough but not with an overpowering taste – it should be sweet but refreshing, but it shouldn’t contain that syrup-like sweetness. So, let’s mention some of the key things so that you can realize what separates the good seltzer from the rest.

1. Real squeezed fruits

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Real squeezed fruits are low in calories and kick in with the natural and refreshing flavor. These types of seltzers aren’t great only because they’re healthier – they also don’t need any additional artificial flavors. Spindrift is a great example, with its slightly colorful shade that comes from fruits and sweetness that comes from the added juice. Calories per serving go from 0 to 15.

2. Unsweetened and caffeine-free

Many dietitians agree that the best ones are caffeine-free and unsweetened. Bubbly is one of them – similar to all other flavored sparkling waters but healthier. It’s also well known for its compelling packaging which makes it stand out – ‘cause, let’s admit it, we always notice funny cans when we go shopping for groceries and we’re always tempted to purchase them! The Bubbly brand continues to expand its flavor palettes and that adds up to the quality as well. Not much guilt, a better version of the drink…. perfect for situations when you crave a good fizzy drink.

3. Free from sodium

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Ideally, besides being sugar-free, seltzer should be completely free of sodium. According to Seltzer Nation, a super handy review website which rates various types of this beverage, the best choice of sodium-free fizzy drinks would be Polar. This brand boasts numerous and diverse fruit flavors, but customers especially go crazy about their Lime Cranberry – a great combo and absolutely free from the substance you’re trying to avoid. Of course, you can never go wrong with other 18 products from their range – it’s up to you to pick up “the one”.

4. Organic ingredients

Organic seltzer is the one that only contains carbonated water with natural organic flavors. The best pick for organic seltzers is the Simply Truth Organic brand. Their only ingredient isn’t chemically derived but exclusively naturally, and one of the most popular products would definitely be their Lemon Lime water.

5. Budget-friendly

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When discussing the best drink in this type of beverage market, we should also consider the price factor. We should try to focus on budget-friendly ones that are also naturally made products – but it isn’t always easy to find something like that. One of the favorite affordable brands that are sweeteners-free at the same time is Kirkland sparkling water. What makes them enjoy their place among the best brands is the price, as well as the offered variety of flavors. The most recommended options include their three staple unbeatable flavors – lemon, lime, and grapefruit.

Another option on the market with reasonable prices is Poland Spring. Its very crisp taste followed by rather subtle aftertaste makes it attractive for all true seltzer enjoyers, but it also has a flexible return policy, as you can always return the product for free if you aren’t satisfied enough!

6. Heavily carbonated nature…

We all love bubbles, but they have a specific charm when they are in our drinks. New Yorkers may be biased and tell they’ve never tried better fizzy water than Hal’s New York Seltzer Water, but they aren’t wrong – we simply can’t deny or ignore the serious, perfect density of bubbles in it. This beverage is the best for those who prefer heavily carbonated drinks with no sugar, so if you’re one of them…. Why wait more?

7. … but without overwhelming fizz

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Another reason that separates the best from the rest is the absence of that “exaggerated” fizz. As we said – bubbles are absolutely fine and desirable, but we don’t want tears in our eyes either, right? If you’re one of the people that prefer moderately sparkling bubbly juice, you need to go for San Pellegrino. It’s also a natural one with a wide range of flavour options, just perfect for the occasions when you crave something sweet and fruity.

Mostly, this one stands for more fancy beverages, but what makes it so popular is a mild, refreshing taste and the fact that it definitely sparkles with less vigor than other drinks of similar types. With fewer varieties, it’s still a classy drink that has recently expanded its offer even more, so now you can find flavours such as peach, watermelon, strawberry, green apple, in most stores.

8. Free from phosphoric acids

Phosphoric acids are known to add this tangy taste to sparkling waters. What makes a certain type of seltzer better than the others is when it’s free from this substance, as well as from other additives such as potassium. Even though Zevia is best known as a producer of stevia-sweetened soda, it’s also perfect for people who need to avoid all the above-mentioned additives, and one of their most famous products is the Cucumber-Lemon drink.

Seltzers are the drinks that’ll always be present – no matter how everyone’s tastes differ, there’ll always be someone who’d like to sip some sparkles. Not that they have health benefits – but they keep us hydrated, especially during summertime. What is important to realize is that there’s no single, special type of this drink that can be pronounced “the best” or a special recipe for one, as we usually consider a bunch of aspects while choosing our favorites. Tastes differ, and everyone should go for what they prefer – that’s the only way you can truly find the best option that works for you!